New Server / Down Time

Okay guys, Last night at around midnight, I decided to purchase a dedicated server for sitDiary. Here are the stats: - Intel 2.4GHz Celeron D 533MHz FSB - 512 MB Dual Channel DDR400 - 80 GB Hard Drive It will be running off of an OC-96 SONet ring. (Fast, SONet = Syncronous Optical Network .. basically that's fiber optics). This also means that there will be downtimes starting sometime tomorrow night until thursday morning or possibly friday. We want to do this slowly and methodically so that none of your information is lost and everything is kept in tact during the transfer. Don't panic, your entries will not be lost. You just might not be able to write for a copule of days. When you are able to write agian, hopefully you won't experience any downtime. Support sitDiary, people! This is a big step for all of us.
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Awesome. You guys/gals rock.
the new server sounds fair top :)
sucks about the downtime abit - but it has to happen, so its allrite.

im well gonna have a need to write in here this week hehe
hot damn! bout time this diary got back up to working order!
Yeah! Go, Scott, go!

I am excited. I support you.

I am sending lots of support bras your way.

well, it's some kind of support, anyway.
what if we're not cool enough to have pay pal? fuck, should i like send money in an envelope because i've been wanting to support this site since i joined even if it does mean giving up my lunch money :]
I'm glad to hear that you were able to get us another server. I'm willing to go without updating for a few days if it means that these problems will be solved once and for all. Thanks =)

Thanks Scott :)
You are amazingly awesome to be doing all of this.
so does this mean it's not going to be down as often? or what?
god that is so good i think i might kiss ya !!!
I'm diggin' that new server

keep up the progressive work Scott!