Hi, Just so you don't freak out-- Scott is implementing and testing some things out for a little while so don't leave notes about how you don't like something, it is probably temporary. You CAN leave notes about it if you feel the need to but we will just skip over them. Anyway, Top Five HOLIDAY Songs wins this week. This isn't limited to Christmas songs.
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HEY I HAVE A ??!! if i like didnt want a single person reading my diary? could i like block just her ... instead of making my diary priv.. or.. friends only could i just block that one sincle person? PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!
1, Rudolph the deep thoart reindeer
2, Be Claus I got high
3. Ho Ho Fucking Ho
4. I farted on santa lap
5. Frosty The Pervert
and if I may include a 6..
6. Who put the dick on the snowman!?
1.Im gettin Nuttin For Christmas
2.The Christmas Shoes
3.Carol of the Bells
4.Dominic the Donkey

Those are the only songs i like basically...

1) Mary, Did You Know?
2) Carol of the Bells
3) White Christmas
4) Leise Nacht (the German version sounds better)
5) I'll be Home for Christmas
Last Christmas by WHAM because my friend Gerri says so! ...well i say so but she told me so in an email. ha!
1. All I want For Christmas--Mariah Carey
2. Rudoph the red nose raindeer
3. Joy 2 the word
4. Here Comes Santa Clause
5. Silent NIght
1. santa baby (any version)
2. the angels cried - alan jackson & allison kraus
3. let it snow
4. silver bells
5. carol of the bells
ANY Trans-Siberian Orchestra song, I love them:O)

These definitely should count:

1. My December, Linkin Park
2. Long December, Counting Crows
3. The Hanukah song, Adam Sandler
5. Jingle Bells, THE BATMAN VERSION!

Come on, hasn't anyone ever sung the batman version?
five ways to drink eggnog!

!!! :)
1. Mary Did you know? (ppl joke me that the only reason I like it is cause I'm catholic. haha)
2. Santa Baby (the Madonna version)
3. All I want for Christmas -Mariah Carey
4. All the Christmas songs by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
5. All the Christmas songs by Manheim Steamroller
im not complain'n but if you leave it the freind thing i have a question how do you delete ppl fromyuor freind list?
Number One is definatly Santa Baby - Madonna. heh
oh man!! i love how you can view your "friends" entries when you click on friends!!!

thats awesome!!!

also...can wait for communities eh?

lj: die!!! muhahahah
That comment by me allllllllll the way down there. It was 'East 17'.
See how crappy I am with spelling? I cant even spell Rodolph for god sake!


1. the new year- death cab for cutie
2. alone in decemner- underoath
3. santa baby - marilyn monroe

this is good enough for me
so much for a holiday spirit
Hanukah song by -Adam Sandler

Christmas shoes (by who? i don't know.. they play it all the time on the radio)

Riu Chiu -the Monkees

Christmas Time is here - A charlie Brown Christmas

Santa Claus (I still believe in you) - Alabama
hi, what do i do if i forgot my password?
i love all the new features. i just figured out the friends list this morning and it's awesome.

is there any way to keep a running tally of stuff you add, because i'm sure i'm missing some cool new feature. :)
Definately, above all, "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses.
All other songs are just insignifigant in comparison.
Also, "Father Christmas" by the Kinks is what I grew up listening to, so I have to say that too.
thanxz 4 taking the tip
hi. do you know how to delete friends that you accidentaly put there. the surver is different. thanks!
Just the one..

The Pogues & Kirsty Macoll - Fairytale Of New York
My two favorite holiday songs are
::Christmas Shoes
::All I want for Christmas is You

Happy Holdays all.
hey, how do u delete a friend?
aren't the ads suppose to be gone since sit has a new server running?

just asking. thanks
I love all the new things you did to sitd.
Just one tiny thing that you could help me out with? One of my friends have gotten a new diary, but I cant delete his old diary, I cant find the delete button :(.
Maybe its just me being retarded.

I like everything you've done so far, including the friends page. Its more like livejournal - execpt sitd is and will always be better. As long as the link to their diary is there... I'm happy.

I can delete people of my friends list anymore. Why can't I?
1. I Wonder as I Wander, John Jacob Niles
2. Burl Ives Most Wonderful Time of the Year
3. What Child Is This? Renee Fleming
4. Auld Lang Syne, The Beach Boys harmony
5. Best of My Love (Holiday Version.. GAP commerical ?)
santa baby AWESOME SONG!!!
sorry..i also love love at first fright for halloween.,.,hell.halloween is way fun comprared to xmas.i always celebrate halloween on xmas. I get to dress up!
I cant get enough of E-17's song.
I think its called 'Stay another day' but Im not completely sure.
I like this other christmas song too, but it acually mentions christmas in it.
I like Rodouth(cant spell) the red nose reindeer because its the only christmas song I can sing without going amazingly high-pitched in voice.
But I HATE Frostie The Snowman. Which isnt anything about the name. Id still hate it even if it was Bert the Snowman.

Blue Christmas
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Jingle Bell Rock
Rocking around the Christmas Tree
The entire Snowed In CD by Hanson.
The chimney song
I want a Hippopanamus for Christmas
Dominic the Donkey
Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer
and Feliz Navided
5. the original Baby It's Cold Outside
4. Carol of Bells
3. The Christmahannukwanzaakkah song on that cell phone commercial
2. Bright Eyes' Blue Christmas
1. Adam Sandler's Hannukkah Song

I guesssss. I don't really know; I'm not so good with the whole holiday song thing.
hey, do you know how to delete my diary? i want to start a - new....please tell me!

best xmas song..

Carol of the Bells..definetley
1. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy
2. Carol of the Bells
3. All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
4. Monster Mash
5. Littler Drummer Boy
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Adam Sandler's Hannukah Song
Christmas Shoes
Christmas Song
Any Trans-siberian orchestra song.
can't forget Jingle bells!

oh..i wrote more than five. Ohh well. Happy Holidays!!!!!
(in no particular order)

5. The Little Drummer Boy
4. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
3. Joy to the World
2. Angels Heard on High
1. Carol of the Bells

I like the changes...
showing the entries of the Friends.
Links would be even cooler.

1. Jingle bells (Punk Version) by Sex Pistols
2. All I want is you this Christmas- NSYNC
3. Grandma got Ran over by a Reindeer
4. You're a mean one Mr. Grinch
5. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
[1]Trans Siberian Orchestra-Carol of the Bells
[2]Amy Grant-Grown Up Christmas List
[3]Reba Mcentire-Mary Did You Know?
[4]Vanessa Williams-Angels We Have Heard On High
[5]Mariah Carey-All I Want For Christmas Is You

So far I like what's being done with the site, especially the option to delete comments that you've made.

"since i left you" by the avalanches, (that whole album), always reminds me of being on summer holidays.

i am going to throw in an australian christmas carol here -

"christmas in australia's hot/cold and frosty is what its not/when the bloom of the jacaranda tree is here/christmas time is near!".... thats a good one.
ok,my diary is fucked up..anyways..
Top Five Holiday Songs:
1. The Hanukah Song by Adam Sandler(I'm not even Jewish, but its great.)
2.Anything by above artist
As you can see, mostly anything by Adam Sandler is good..later..oh,and Scott, don't try anything like this again, my diary is fucked up now.
1. Jingle bell Rock
2. You are a mean one Mr. Grinch
3. All I want for Christmas is you- Marieh Carey
4. Let is Snow- Jessica Simpson
5. Frosty
yay 1rst comment
jingle bells!
Alone in december-underoath
ahhh i can only think of that one..heh oh well.
I love what you did with the comments and being able to delete them. I have another suggestion about those too if it hasnt already been suggested. Perhaps being able to make the private to the person? I think that'd be cool. Oh and the friends thing is cool too. -heather
It's hard to come up with five but I ♥ the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, especially their rendition of Carol of the Bells =D They're just awesome!!
bright eyes - little drummer boy.
that's all i got.
happy holidays!
hanukkah song-adam sandler (haha i'm not jewish)
father christmas-the kinks
merry christmas i don't want to fight tonight-the ramones
zat you santa claus-louis armstrong
yeah, that's it
1. "All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan"- Kenny Chesney
2. "I Ain't Gettin Nothin for Christmas"
3. "Santa Baby", the Marilyn Monroe version
4. "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"
5. "Mary, Did You Know?"
1- Alone In December by underOATH
2- Jingle Bells
3- White Christmas
4- "El Burrito Sabanero"
5- My December by crappy Linkin Park

oh yes.. and if for some weeeerd idea you wish to know which holiday song you are..check out my sit.
ummmm omg things are like so messed up on here. omg my life is ruined because sitd is different.

actually i haven't noticed anything. :)

my favorite christmas song is "tennessee christmas" by amy grant. i love it, it's on an album that came out the year i was born (1983) and i grew up listening to.

happy holidays everyone!
I, also, am freaking out.
I am old.
Remind me of what I am freaking out about?
detour everyone... check out my hot new background. i swear, you will see it and your eyes will pop.

come pay your respects.
-All is Well
-Sleigh Ride
-Jingle Bell Rock
-Nutcracker suite
-The chestnut song