sitDiary 2.0 (beta)

Hey guys, We're officially beta testing the newer version of sitDiary MAIN. Next up is the beta testing of the sitDiary diary code (available for preview in the news diary). Anyway, that's about it. Let me hear about bugs and things. Good reviews, bad reviews, suggestions, etc. -Scott
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Where in the hell is the search button?
wow scott, wow. nice MAIN page. wow..
Well, I've never been one to complain, This new beta is quite nifty, but a little confusing at the same time.
Maybe you can tell us when most of the bugs are fixed that way we can actually start getting used to it the way it's supposed to be.
Much props though, I can hardly figure out how to play solitaire on a computer. :]
you should do something about PRIVATE ENTRIES showing up on the main page...
i dont like the new thing. i liked the old one better. im sorry.
whoops sorry. that anonymous comment was from me
the image manager wont work either.. it shows up you just cant delete/upload an image.
i liked the old one better. D:
I think you should the login window right on the main page like the old one... since it makes logging in so much easier =P
omg i hate the way u guys have it set up now. i dont know how to use it at all and i liked the old way sooo much better i dont know how to do my entries anymore... im gunna deleate my sit diary if it doesnt go back
the click to a ramdon page doesn't work.
good job;
i think old sit looked a little better though
it wont let me change my
Hi Scott, its me again ! I was wondering if you were ever gonna write back to let me know if I'll ever get my old entries back ... Please let me know !!!

Thanks in advance, Julie
Hmm. I like the new layout. :)

When is the Image Manager going to be up and running again?
personally, i hate this. i liked the other version better. maybe its because of the technical difficulties?
the new layout isn't bad, but it is frustrating because nothing is working properly. personally, i liked the old diary, before the preference page was changed. everything worked fine then.
I like the layout but the colors are ugly. and i liked the pictures that changed at random no likey the new beta thing.
it wont let me delete comments!!!! aaahhh!!!
I agree with breaks.
hey buddy,
my diary won't let me edit any entries and i want to get changing a few things. just thought u should have a heads up on it.
i just want to be able to use my image manager and put code into my header.. it doesnt even let me write in it. it just shows up as blank when i go to save the changes. all in all, i like sit now. it is changing and that is nice. =] keep up the good work!!!
ahhhhh i dont like it scott. i dont deal well with changeee

Tssssght... wow.
i think you should work out the buggs and fix the problems before you start changing things. but its just a suggestion.
Well, to be honest. I really dont like it...Ive had a sitdiary since early 2004. So it seems like forever with havin the original screen and all. Just doesnt seem right to change it, especially not to something thats not quite attractive. Any way you could update without changing the original feel of it? ♥Kelly
no, that's not the question- to change or not to change. the question is how to improve. stop being so negative, peeps.

besides, the main page updates without refreshing. really, you should check it out.
i still can't see any other entries except for the last one i wrote. does that mean they are deleted altogether?
no, your page is just a little messed up. once you're standardized on the new code, you'll be able to see all of your entries.
Hmm, well, it certainly is different.

I'm sure that with some getting used to it will be great.
Anyway, it's not the layout, it's the people...right?

Ohhh I liked old Sit
i can't leave comments on any of my friends' diarys....please fix

it looks real good scott!
i like the old sit a lot better.-monday
Unlike the rest of these commenters, I really like this beta. Of course, I like the old school sitD more better, but that's just me being sentimental. You're doing an awesome job with everything, Scott, I'm serious. When you get all the bugs fixed and everything settled, it'll be awesome.


PS. I still can't delete comments and I'm getting that spam crap. That's the only thing that bothers me.
PSS. Yay! We can use apostraphes again!

hey Scott... the colors and the layout are great... but i really don't like how we have to click on a link to sign in... i like everything else though...
Hm, I have to disagree with 2scoopsofcream. I like the front page layout minus the colors. Maybe make the brown tones blue? It's just a suggestion. I love how the comment is above the entry and the other comments; you've put a lot of work into this. Thank you. :)