Sorry About The Confusion

Anyone who posted after logging into Sitdiary through the main page earlier today were probably surprised to see their precious posts slipping into the dark abyss. Well, your posts didn't slip into nothingness -- they were held in tact. I had to do some tedious work to re-attach them but they're all there and I'm sorry for your trouble. Regardless, the login problem has been fixed and you can log into Sitdiary from any page, index or not. If you're having any other problems or have a comment/suggestion, please let me know! Going to sleep now, bye. -Scott
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it's amazing what girls actually become seduced by my ways mwahaha. Lol. But yeah, it was awesome I didn't think she was into me as much as I thought. Obviously I thought wrong after last night haha. But yeahhh. I changed my theme. The other one got old and I like to change it up sometimes. You like it? ;D
@likearainbow: That's a simple fix and that'll probably be working today.

@karigurl13: I'll post about this soon but basically, I switched from HTML sizes to CSS sizes and HTML 1 is a lot bigger than CSS 1. The new way is much more efficient.

intricatekiss: You're still missing entries? Please let me know more.

eviesee645: The background issue will also get fixed today. Your old posts still have the old dating format. I'll post on this today.
My Background picture is gone, and all my posts were made at 3:51 PM on August 13th 2008...
may I pretty please have my entries back shortly?
What is up with the font sizes?!
music/mood is still not showing up in the saved entries