Hi Diarers, Happy Back to School Season! Summer's not quite over, and its not quite Autumn yet, either. Leave a note telling us your favorite subject in school, or any cute/funny school related story.
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Favorite subject is American History.

My "cute" story about school is how my bookbag was stolen out of my locker only two weeks into school starting. Half my CD collection is gone, cell phone, CD player, $125 graphing calculator. Yeah. You said to speak about a story involving it. I listened.
Let see, do you want my fav. subject or my easiest? haha. Fav. would be Math and history. Easiest is Spanish. lol. I needed a "foreign language" and english didn't count. haha. So since I homeschool it was an option between German, Spanish and French. And I thought I would take a fly course. So I chose Spanish for 2 years. and then to make my credits look good, I'll take German for too. Easy stuff! haha peace and love - char
i like how retarted ventura unified school district is, we started school on august 18th.
but erm yes, my favorite class isssssss
BioScience Survey
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Advanced Chemistry is my fave class!!
How do you delete a diary? I need to delete mine...
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I love the new image on the main page above the list of active users, it's nice and bright!
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hey how can i see my past diaries> they've all like disappeared after the 10th most recent one. i don't want to loose them... someone help! thanks!
School only started this past Monday and already half the marching band hates me.I called this girl a slut, cuz she is and then suddenly it turned into I supposedly threatened her and threw stuff at her. It didn't help that her father had cancer and he was in the hospital. She told them that he was dying, he isn't dying, he is in remission, the cancers gone. She threatened me, and threw bags of chips at me. B ut no...I'm the bad person here.
Integrated technology is my fave..i never knew i even signed up for that class before i went into the room..hah.
my favorite subject is girls!
DUDE what's up with giving some people ads that have to do with their diaries, but i gotta have stuff that has nothing to do with mine.
Yeah, art photo is the shit.
Nevermind, I found out how to solve the problem. It's by removing the code for the words spinning around the mouse. If anyone else is having problems, tell them to delete that code.
School is great, thanks, but I must say, my diary stopped showing up, yet several people's diaries are uneffected. I can get to it, but no entries show. I think it might have been the music I had on my diary, but it still won't show up now. Please help! If you can't restore the problem, can you please let me get my entries back that I have on there, I have over 200 and would rather not loose them.
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Media. is my fav. subject.

Chemistry is my favorite
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If I had to choose a best subject, it would be English.

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
wow! I go back to school this morning... its only 6:15 tho :o) lol... but yea i'm gonna b in 7th grade and my fave subject has to be math or english!
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hi i was looking for an option to delete my diary but i cant find it.. can you delete my account?
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he started laughing, the rich warm laugh tugging at my heart. he walked down and helped me up and didnt let go of my arm. i looked up at him, surprised and, all of a sudden, he was kissing me, on the first day of school back, really early in the morning in that old hallway of mine where i remember him once throwing a shoe at me cause he thought i was a snot.
so well i was walking in my old hallway, i was staring at all the old lockers, remincicing all the fun times ive had with old freinds and crushes (kenny) in that bottom hall... how nothing ever happend between me and ken, and guess who happened to be standing at the door to the hallway... kenny. i was sooo surprised (really early in the morning) that i triped over the steps leading up to it and tumbled down and splattered all over the place
A funny thing that happened at school was when these guys were skateboarding in the front of Davis, and I asked them if I could borrow their skateboard, and they said no, and ignored me. So Andrea and I were hecka making up rude poems about how they suck, and they were all really uncomfortable... It was good. Those silly skateboard sissies stumbled while sloppily skateboarding!!! Ha! I think it's one of those, you should have been there moments..
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we're loud in history and the teacher was like "THREE, TWO, ONE" and we all busted out those new years blowers and made noise. she jumped like ten feet.

yeah we planned it like the first day. ap kids are tite like that.
do you delete diaries that havent been updated?
School is something else, grade 12 is scarier than I thought...theres nothing to do!! and then I have to graduate. I love band, lol...and grade 10 art, because they all look up to me!
Stupidest person at school: "If people keep having babies, won't the earth get too heavy and fall out of the sky?"
my favorite subject in school...
well last year it was media and history cuz i had kick ass teachers
but this year
iunno yet...haven't had enough school to decide.
the only good thing about college is you don't have to be in class if you don't want to !
My favorite class was "spotrs"
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haha stupid americans
i get more holidays than yoo!
have a nice day
My favorite subject would have to be lunch. You can eat food the whole time during that period and its just great. I love food. mmmmm pbj
Any class...Part from maths and evil,evil PE =)
I like history even though its really hard...mainly because ive got matt oberst as a teacher.
language arts is cool too. im reading the time machine. its cool.
I ran out of my english exam last year. That was kind of funny.

... for a while.
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i dont like school itself, but i like the PEOPLE in it
I like my Mythogy class (7th hour what's not to love?) cause it just rocks. Also I like my frist hour P.E class.
i like any class where i sit next to a BOY
My favourite subject, without question, is Band, but Jazz in particular because anything goes. It's creative and spontaneous, and It's the only subject I'm actually good at...
hey, i asked if you could delete the diary xxangelxx, but i know you havent yet, can you please disregard that i asked? thank you. :)
by the way
im part americans
i love americans
keep rockin
i always enjoyed chemistry and astronomy and biology and all those other science classes, but now i'm out of school and i don't know when i'm going back. drat. how about yourself?
I have always been good at math. It's very concrete and reasoning-like. However, I think Art Photo will be extremely awesome, because photography is the cool.
i like....drivers ed. yeah its stupid, but we do nothing. and the things we so are funny because the people in my class are kind of weird. and we get to drive. yeah. and language. thats good too
PS my favorite subject in school is guyz
hey i want 2 diaries deleted and i think i remember u saying we need to email u our password and username...if thats what i have to do can i plz get ur email address?? thanks so much.
favorite class this year will be yearbook. haha yeah i know i'm a huge dork.
i've been at my school almost every day this summer.. driver's training.. working out.. schedule change.. things like that. when i go back to school, it will honestly feel like i was never really gone for summer vacation. sucks, really.
My gym teacher Coach Grosso has a classic goes something like this:

"Boys don't like girls, all they want it Bam, Slam, Thank you ma'am."
[Anonymous] fave fave class was 11tha grade us history...MR Kaplan was the teacher...and he use to say "Kids care more about a spot on their white tenis shoes than writing a complete sentence"
what a classic!..he is God!
My fav. subject is english, since gr.11(last year)ive been taking advanced english,ELA. But what is really nefty is next semester i have MrineBio15 and psychology20
Well, this year I'm going to be in seventh grade, and I got in to Algebra 1! Yay! Lol.
**Frantically clicking**

school sucks...but i'd have to say either english, art, anything with photography, and music.
my favorite subject would have to be english...cuz thats where ig et the best grades. i hate math, science, and PE but im DEFINATLY looking forward to Drivers ED cuz that just means im closer to my drivers license lol
Haha ainslie thats bullshit... i changed his password so he cant go on it ne more ...n he told u i changed y do u have to say he forgot it... and o yeah u cant delete any journals and u cant find out the passwords either!!!so haha
a good time in school was my freshman yr; on april fools day the seniors had taken grasshoppers and thrown them down our hallway (where the freshman lockers are) and the sophmores had thaken their disected grasshoppers and threw them down the hallway too.. the school had to be evacuated adn everyone had to wait until it was all clear
how do u delete a diary...? friend doesnt use his diary anymore and he wants to delete it but doesnt remember his password..his diary is skaterdick
the janitor always looked at me oddly when i changed clothes in the hallway.
hey! school is cool except for when u have retarded people on your team or mean teachers! my school is made up of..losers,smart people, ghettos, punks,goths,jocks,preps, and normal *a mix of most* which is me..:) thanx
here's a cute one:

on the way home from school last night, my tire fell flat on a really busy and dangerous bridge. Yaaaay for school.
Please delete this diary/account. Thank you so much.

hey. wut im writting has like nothin to do with the topic. but im having a problem. i opened another diary, but you know how it says that an e-mail will be sent so your account doesnt close? well i ahve a validad e-mail accoubt but the e-mails hasnt been sent. and i dont want to start writtin cuz it might then get erased. and i wasted my time for nothinhg. well please help me and write back thank you.
Heres a story. Least year, I was a Freshman in Highschool and I became friends with alot of the senors, well one day I took this kids Hat, and he picked me up, and put me in the garbage can, it was sooo embarassing, but funny at the same time, because when I tried to get out, i just fell. thank god there was only 3 empty bottles in there.
okay...funny story...this one girl who was in my class last year was trying to do chin up and she accidently kicked the fire alarm, setting it off...and this was, like, the third day of school. i have one more day until high school. fun fun.

My favorite subject in school is Social Studies/History. & Even though my teacher says I have accelerated work, I still get iffy grades in my class. Oh. No.
My favourite class would be anything to do with computers.

I don't start school for another 9 days. :D
here's a free lesson:

school is fuckin easy days, enjoy it while you can.
photography = the best
a really hot guy named andy!!!!!!!!!1
2 of my teachers were the teachers i had in 6th grade so its kinda cool to have them back now that im older
This doesn't have to do with me but...a cheerleader was doing backhand spring thingys and she fell flat on her ass in front of the entire school..god and nobody even laughed. It was sorta disappointing cuz it was really funny. Okay so she might have gotten hurt...
I don't have a favorite class but myone teacher this past week is teaching us on how to study. He feels that it can improve our grades- it's really sweet.
choir is my favorite class...:)
My fav subject would have to be Physcology.I dont think they do it in HS.But in College its great.If you like reading.:)
my health teacher from freshman year was like 90 years old

and that was cute/funny

ol' mr hughes.