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If you're reading this message, the move has been successful so far and I welcome you to the new location of sitDiary. By now, you've noticed the website address has changed from diaries.suchisthis.com to www.sitdiary.net. This is a giant leap for this website and I'm glad you're here to witness it and be a part. If you notice your diary isn't here yet, don't worry. It's probably still in the process of being copied over. Now, one thing I'm bound to get asked despite its obviousness- How will I get to my diary now? It's simple.. If your username is jblow959 and your sitdiary was http://diaries.suchisthis.com/jblow959/, it is NOW http://www.sitdiary.net/jblow959/. That should sum it up for you. :) Thanks for being patient, Scott
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I like the new site.. it's nice, but some stuff on my diary changed.. like.. my codes for header text.. and some of the entry titles that I had were in cursive and now they aren't. I thought that the move wasn't going to affect our diaries..
I guess I'll check my sD when I get home to see if it's just my school's cruddy computer doing it. Byes.

Keep Going!
good job scott, youve been talking about this move for a while and im glad every thing went so smooth.
agree with pinky panther
rawkx0r 0n sc00t!

looks like sitdiary hit the bigtime. mwahahaha!
i deleted my old entry, and put in a new one... yet it wont show the new entry... do you know what's wrong? i tries it twice and had a friend look at it, but neither of us could see it. much appreciation, bloodthirst
you should definetly post all the logos you got and let us vote on the one we like:)
on my friends page, there is a problem where after one friend i cant go down any more.. yet i cant delete them

Please help me outt! thankss =) ♥
lovin it!
What's this new logo that you speak of? I see no logo.
My diary background and icons wont come up whats up? Thanks!
i like the new logo. and btw i think its really awsome that you do all this for people you dont even know. wow. thnx. also, i'd like to know how much a paid diary is and if i can upgrade. i think that you deserve to be [paid for what you do for all the sit users. >ariel<
Updates in sitLand.

Life is good!
Okay, so I have a problem. I have three journals on here. Epiphany, which is private..just for me, Dreamsofmisery, an update for friends and such, and Wickeddreams from like a year ago. Problem: I can't remember my password for Wicked Dreams...is there anyway I could find it out again?
Just a question, If you wanted to delete a person off of your friend list ... how would you go about doing it?

Thanx, P.S. the logo's are so funky!, awsome-ness, good stuff.
I liked the old url better. I think I may be the only one, but the "suchisthis" where SITdiary got its name adds character for me.

Such is this is a cool phrase because it's a play on an old phrase, so yeah. I liked it.

Anyway the content is what counts, and the content and community here are awesome, so keep up the good work and I suppose I'll deal with it ;)

~ Beth
hahaha. who the heck is BLOWJOB69?

it feels so weerd that after writing the same page location for more than a year, i will now type something completely different!

it's all good though!
i love it!


Bout time. :)

Keep up the good work. I love sitdiary.net better than diaries.suchisthis.com!

Keep up the good work! <333
wOw, a big step!
It's a good thing you do, Scott. Keep it up. I've enjoyed penning my life here.
w00t w00t!!!!
You are great, and a genius.
you know it only lets you log in on the main page? byE
I actually like this site better, mainly because my school server won't allow me on the old site anymore. Maybe I can out-smart it & log on from here?

epiphany- yes i did and you're welcome.
Did you invent this entire website yourself? If so, awesome job. I love writing in my journal on here. :) It's so much fun. Thanks.