The Ads

You can now change the ad colors to your preference of the selection I've given you. I'll add more later, but for now, check out your preferences under "Google ad settings." -Scott ------------------------------------- Ooops, forgot to enable them. Sorry. Fixed now. Enjoy.
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Can I ask you a quick question, How do I delete the rest of my friends it only shows the first 4 or 5? B/c there's a lot of people I no longer talk to and some I don't want on my friends list anymore.--
i diet and i dont ignore any kinds of doughnuts.

nice analogy nick.
hopefully, that'll work, or help, or something. i'd comment you directly, but only your friends may comment, so if this doesn't work, well, then you're just going to have to keep bothering the sitD people about it until it is fixed. or, just ignore those friends like a dieting person ignores a jelly doughnut.
by their fid (I'm assuming 'friend id'), which is the last number that appears on that link, and is assigned based on when you added said friend chronologically. what i would do is go through and write down all the numbers of the friends you want to keep, then type that address i wrote previously into your address bar and change the number (2) to whichever numbers didn't appear on the list of ones you would like to keep. then click 'go'.
zero228, you're right. about the only thing i can come up with to fix that right now until scott amends the situation is to go to your friends list and drag your mouse over the 'delete friend' option on one of your friends that has entries. the description of a link will appear in the bottom left corner of IE ( or something like that. the hard part is that your friends are stored by
I like you comment nick, but I don't think there will be a thing on the web on what I need to do [the whole friend thing I left earlier.]
oh. i forgot to include at the end of that last comment the word, 'lameasses'.

so, people reading that comment, please include that word in your personal renditions.

thank you.
golly gee, that's the snazziest gosh durn thing i've seen or heard of since they invented scantily clad women.

you're the bee's knees, man.

and i mean that in a completely i'm-straight-and-not-trying-to-get-in-your-pants sort of bee's knees way.

also, i get very tired of stupid people complaining about stupid things in comments on here. do a little research, people. it's all html. it's all on the web somewhere. freaking look for it.
Hi, do you you know anyplace where I might be able to find different html effects for my diary? I want to add stuff like spinning cursor text, and that sort of stuff... I don't know where to get the codes though... I tried google... Please help? Thanks.
um, is there anyway to delete a friend who has no entries therefore there not on the friends page..?
Why don't you make a FAQ about how to put pictures in the diary, and about all those other good questions, since they seem to never get answered.
hew, love the new feature, but i was just wondering how i put a picture on the background. thanks much!!!
you know what would be soooo cool? if we could put right pannel pictures just a thought.
can i ask a question... how do you put pictures into your diary entry? any help would be good =D
That's great, thanks. You rock! ;)
this gets better and better
hey. just a question. why wont my diary save any of the html i put under prefs? it used to and then one day when i went to change some stuff around, it just erased it all and now it wont save anything. please help?
thank you.
thanks. :)
hey just a random there a limit to how many entries we can have? :) hope
I would like to delete a whole bunch of my old entries... is there an easy way I can do this?
Oh man I see that Alzheimers is kicking in. other than that. woah! THANKS A BUNCH. nothing better than good old color coordinating

thanks scott!!
Yay! Wonderful!

The ads..match.

'Tis great. Now my entire diary matches..sorta. ^_^;;
ahh the google color schemes are all names of foods...
it makes me hungry
Sweet. Awe-inspiring.

Great job, Scott, and thanks. :D

Amazing. Thanks, scott. =D Now we can have completely coordinated layouts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome! Good job, You made the ad's fun:-p
Uhh.. It's not there..