Happy Thanksgiving

It's Turkey day again! (Tofurkey for you veggomatics). A time to be around family and friends. A time to love and to be loved. A time to be thankful. Thankful for all you can remember to be thankful for. Thankful for all of God's children. Thankful for the grace of others, the smiling people around you, and most of all, the merciless slaughtering of thousands of native Americans. Thanks, Abe Lincoln and God Bless America!
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this entry blows. mine are much better.
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stop allowing comments. It will probably open up your bandwith and stop the flow of retarded comments like the ones below. My own included with any of the lifless sponges that decided to input their worthless two cents.
I have a suggestion.

Perhaps there could be some way to search past entries, without having to repeatedly click on the 'back' link, or having to guess which number entry it was?

Or is that difficult to do? I don't know. It's a suggestion =)

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how sentimental. mmm turkey.
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I'm an idiot and you're all proud that you celeberate killing natives? I can totally understand why the native people would love this day, hey maybe it would suite tradition to give them pox ridden blankets. I'm such an idiot, I should too. I mean, who cares that you americans used Darwinism to justify your exploitation of the native people and just about everyone else? gee what a great holiday to celebrate.
Thanksgiving. Something I've never celebrated.

Being typically British and all.

And, wow, dontsniffpaint, aren't you an insightful little chicken? The statement you made is almost as powerful as the one in the entry.

The only flaw in your argument is that you're talking utter crap. Both literally and gramatically.

Well done =)

And if it is meant to be sarcastic, then that's some pretty sick sarcasm you've got there.
Dude, Abe Lincoln?
i think some people need to learn the meaning of 'sarcasm'
u r an idiot my family is half native american i hope somebody can give you what your thankful for u r own death
Happy Thanksgiving!
Gag me with a spoon

I'm sure you would feel very different if the people slaughtered were your friends, family, and loved ones.

Who knows. Maybe someone will shoot you and everyone you know. It can be Thanksgiving Part 2. =3
what i'm wondering is how can you be so heartless as to not care that 1000 lives were lost so we could have a day to eat?

does it not matter to you that those native americans actually helped us start a life here?

or are you just so stuck in your own pathetic little life that nothing else matters but yourself?
wow it might be you or s.o else who just left comment on my site :-*. By the way I'd like to thank Kate & Beth who've been nice and helpful to me since I started my blog. Have a great thanksgiving you both, friends!
what a lovely statement, Scott! I'm Vietnamese and living in Vietnam ;). We also have our thanksgiving day around the beginning of each year according to lunar canlender. On this special occasion of urs, I'd like to express my thankful words to you for creating us such a lovely place to play, share, and make friends.
It's very very nice and generous of you, Scott. Wishing you & all others here all the best! Rose
what the hell are beeds and why do native americans want them?

good point. thank you for pointing out why no one should ever sniff paint.
ooo boo hoo, what a powerful statement your making. As if 1000's if native american lives were important. Bah! If they're lives were important they wouldn't have been stupid enough to sell their country for beeds.
no, youu got it wrong. turkeyy dayy is a dayy for the obese people of america to gatherr around, pig out and comment on how skinnyy everyone is. (=

clickyy here!!
happyy thanksgiving. (=
Happy Thanksgiving! (:

Happy Thanksgiving Day...or...whatever. o_O haha.