Happy Day!!!

Happy Fourth of July, to all the Americans on the site. What'd you do today? What's your best memory of Independence Day? Share!
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I have a question and i need to know who to ask. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks!
hmm, best memory of independence day? well, will smith is pretty hot.. so maybe one of the scenes with him. ooh, how about when hes dragging the alien through the desert? man. thats just a good movie.
Okay, seriously....you need ot fricken fix how when you sit stil for too long on your site while making an entry it signs you off and sdoesnt save your entry, either that or look at my last entry entitled i want to punch someone cause i was talking about whoever made this site cause im fricken pissed that my 'memory' did not get the frick saved, sorry, but that was important, and this site sux because of that problem right there, just a complaint
umm its like july 18th..so i cant quite remember..hotdogs..hamburgers..parades...lovely night watching fireworks with the one you love....HAHA

-Ashley x3
The fireworks show in my city was the best its ever been
so... i was wondering... what happensn if i lost the password to my other diary, that I have here? I don't want to make another account b/c that one has all of my important entries on it... my private entries on it... I was just wondering.
the forth of july is kool!!
whoa. the 4th is pretty much done man.
how about top five soccer teams huh!?!?
you better.
last year on the 4th of july- I didnt know it was the 4th because I was blacking out all morning from my od on meth/coke/vicodin/alcohol. so,I suppose that would be my worst 4th memory rather than my best. This year- I was 3000 miles from the hell that was last summer and sober and watching the fireworks on the news. God Bless America
Watching the fireworks while skinny dipping with 3 girls I met the day before. x)
You know, it's almost back-to-school time.

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hey there scott...

well i want this sitDiary account deleted so if u could be so kind as to doing that for me, itd be very greatly apprectiated. thank you very much.
Happy belated 4th of July everyone!
God Bless America!
my mother and i moved out of my step dads house.. then we went to the pier and watched the crappy fire works that you could bearly see.. happy independance day my ass.
Would you believe that I live in the fireworks captial of America and we don't even have a fireworks show on the 4th? We have a Fireworks Festival the weekend after the 4th for our spectacular show... anyway... sat up the firehall by my house and watched all the firemen (lifelong friends) set off illegal fireworks... yeah, PA blows.
I'm Mexican but as a loyal immigrant I will go out and shop. I will take advantage of discounts that only Americans are suppose to.



oh and I might see the fireworks.
Hooray For Explosives!!!
4th of July sucks more so for the drinking + fireworks factor over patriotism. I've never liked it.
Lets see..

Im not a huge fan of the fourth of July.
Sure.. it's our nation's birthday, or whatever.. but I love how people use it as an excuse to get entirely wasted and not even recognize the true meaning of the holiday. I know what everyone is thinking.. sure I can tolerate a few drinks.. maybe watch the fireworks on TV.. even better- stay up all night because of the explosions of the fireworks. But really? It's not that big of a deal..
Yay, let's drink and drive to patriotism.
Stupid assholes.
I worked on 4th of july.
I usally go to the beach and watch the fireworks.
I worked. For the past three years I worked on the Fourth.

Bah. Whatev.

i worked as well. this fourth sucked.
I went to the local community college to watch the "lights of freedom" fireworks show...a name which we made fun of all night. oh and i worked at the street fair all day.
i slept in and hung out in the backyard for a couple hours, now i'm going to work 3-12. fun fun.

my best memories of independence day are going to the baseball game/fireworks show that's every year on july 3. i went last night, it was awesome.
I went to the campground with my family to hear music and watch the fireworks.
My favorite memory of Independence Day was when I was in 7th grade, we went to Ohio to see my mother's family, went to the carnival with all my cousins and watched fireworks. It was special because I met family I didn't previously know I had.
my 4th of july was spent in ohio with a bunch of second cousins and great uncles and people. 'twas okay.
I spent it with my sister running around the front yard and after the dog with sparklers. :)
on another note, london won the bid for the olympics...woohoo!
I watched television and pigged out on icecream sandwiches. And I watched some guys get arrested in front of my house at 1:30-2:00 AM on July 5th. 'Course, I'm Canadian...
I was in France, so it was pretty lame.
My favorite fourth of july memory...sharing a pepsi with my friend on his hills at night.
I love sitDiary!!!

Let me tell you why. Becuase at my school, like every site is blocked because they are filtering out what sites we can go on. But this isn't blocked! Too bad for those MySpace people! Cuz MySpace is blocked.

I am taking computer literacy for a sumershool course because I have to take it to graduate. Well the class is 5 hours long and I'm done with my assignment. I love SD!

hmmmm...WELL...I'd tell you all about it if I was sure that my comment wouldn't be wasted cause I magically got logged off! I just wrote a pretty big entry...I WAS logged on....but when I went to save it, I wasn't anymore. So, in other words, I just wasted a good hour of my life...for jack s**t! You should seriously consider fixing that.