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As some of you already know, the new server has been purchased and is working but I still need to work out a few things before I do the transfer. The transfer itself will take anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day but I will give you fair warning as to when that will be and on what day. I'm thinking, when it's through, I'll just have forward to just so none of you are severely confused. This has to happen soon though for various reasons. The new diary URL format will be: (For free users) (For paid users) Let me know your thoughts. I'll try to respond in the comments section. For further details, I'll keep you posted.
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cupcake6246- there's no way to change the name of your diary yet, but i'm considering making that a part of sitDiary 2.0, so .. let's just hope that all comes together.

enjoyincubus88- where did you get the image from? did you save it as .bmp originally perhaps and then just change the extension to .gif or .jpg? that won't work.

reallyrandom- IM me: decyphex about the wallpaper. About the long-entry issue, I haven't heard of that being an issue yet, no. I'll have to check that out. Thanks.
please delete this account (metabolic)
all ive got to say is that you havee done a good job making this site alright later
Hi diary hasn't been working. is everyones liket his or no..i log in and it lets me on but then it will say server not working if i try do to something. It's ok if i go to someone elses but it won't work at mine. I haven't been able to update or anything. i went to change my header settings and it deleted all the codes. i hop you understand what i'm saying. please help me if you can. -Heather
sry...ignore my last comment. i am able to write entries and stuff but it won't let me change the header and put in codes. I know i'm doing it right b/c i've done it before. tell me if you no or have an idea of whats wrong. thanks soo much!! sry again for my second stupid comment. -heather
hi, im kind of new on ere, although not entirely, i was quite happy wif a plain dairy so just sort of left it simple. Anyways a privtae entry, who exactly can read them????? And mine just wont let me put pictures on :( by the way i am crap wif computers so bear wif me lol
craziecutie xxxxxxxxxxx
heyz can u delete my appledumplin site plz thanx vey much
how do you become a paid member, and how do you delete members from your friends list?
I lost the password to my account, [xinsidexoutx] can you please create me a new one so I can use it again? I would appreciate that very much. Thank you.

please please help me!!!!i made a really cool background pic but it keeps saying "failed to upload" :'( please please help if u know whats up with that :) thanx xx
i realise that you have probably been asked this a million times. but could you please tell me how to do a background pic or a wallpaper or something like that? i am technologically inept and need help!


can you make a way to change the name of your diary without having to get a brand new diary? because im content with my entries and stuff i just want to change the name..
ok so i saved my picture as .gif and again as .jpg and neither of them would work. why not?
Hey, I'm a dumb kiwi who wants to put a wallpaper background on her diary and some Maroon 5 pictures on too.
Please help.
Gotta go shear some sheep now.
Also,I've noticed something when you write a long entry,it doesn't save.
Alot of other people have noticed it too.

What can u do?
endlesslove- i'm not quite sure why that happens but it probably has something to do with your header. try deleting everything in your header and see if that helps.

esther- thank you!

pinacolada0029- you can't delete ANYTHING out of your header? that's very weird. no, that doesn't happen a lot. you can IM me about it. sn: decyphex

craziecutie- no one can read your private entries but you. as far as pictures, you have to upload them in the image manager from your computer and then reference to them in your entries using .

appledumplin- i'll delete your account asap.

hotelchic- paid member accounts aren't available yet (dumb, i know), but they will be soon. to delete members from your friends list, just go to "Friends" at the top of your diary while you're logged in and you should be able to delete from there.

roxysurferbabe92- IM me on AOL IM: decyphex

rasmusskate- same as roxy, IM me.

moshimoshi- same as above.
dude what the hell. i've tried getting to my diary on various computers and i can always login but everytime i am not able to see any of my entries on my diary page. i have no way of reading my comments or reading any past entries but i can styill write new ones. HELP?!!
Hey, im not sure if your the right person to ask this question. But I will ask anyways. Is there anyway to move all your old entries from a different diary to a new diary? thanks.
sitdiary is awsome... how long did it take you to build it...??
hey i don't know what's going on here but when i come to save my entries i'm automaticallly loged out and my entry's lost. I've just write an almost 5 pages story and i lose it .. lil frustated about that .. wanna why ? plz ?
how do i put pics in my entries?
uh how do you upload a picture? i dont get it. im so out of it
it keeps saying "unable to upload file" when i try to upload a background. do you know why?
can u please delete this diary due to no usage, and security problems. thank you and i love this site. u are doing a wonderful job. thanx again!
can you delete this diary due to security problems as well..thank you!
how can you fix the friends list? like take somebodys name off? thanks :)
i have three questions, everytime i try to upload a picture it says "unable to upload file" and i also wonna know how to transer for all my entries to a new diary and how do i put in a layout and get all my entries to be on the right with the lay out picture on the left? please comment me back to help! thanks tons! your site is AWESOME!
well on my site all my words arre realllly tiny and i cant exaactly make them bigger soo umm yea what do i do ive put it on like 3 and like 5 but there still at a well 0 but anyways if you dont exactly know what i mean you can just go and see for yourself thank you.
i have two diaries that i don't want do i erase them or is there a way that you can erase them for me? can you let me know...leave me a comment on this diary. thank you
hey i was wondering you know liek when you leave a comment it tells you like at the top how many letters you can put in that box well in this box it says 450 and in mine it only gets 150 so i was wondering if i can put like more like 450 so ppl can leave more coments hope you can help thanx!! -esther -
i have a question: have you disabeld sounds on these diaries. i tried to use the code so that when you come to my diary it would play a song and it wouldnt work. please leave a message on my diary's most recent entry
im having MAJOR problems.i have NO idea how to get this thing started. i NEED help.please email me the instructions:

please include:
how to make your first entry
how to make the background
how to get the font
how to put pictures on it
and other information

PS- ive seen other diaries-they're AWESOME...nice job scott!!


AIM SN:xiixbrunettexiix
**if anyone else will help, IM me
ok, that helps alot. ^^ (beats having to remember to copy and paste) :P
Thanks a bunch.
It sounds all good to me, unfortunately i couldn't donate any money because I'm abit of a poor bastado, have a good day!
I think it all sounds quite rad.

And I like this persons idea... "....and can you make an option be only logged in users can read your diary? I don't want to make mine private, or friends only, but I don't like the fact that any completely random person can read it."

But you're busy now.

Thank youuu Sir.

hey guys-

as stated before in previous entries, there will be both Reader Settings and Comment Settings (who can leave comments) for each individual entry.

Both include (Private/Public/Friends Only/Logged-in Only).

I still wanna donate some $$$. I'm in Cancun Mexico... any ideas???
hi is there any way possible for me to retrieve my password for my other journal? (Madi) i cant remember it for the life of me. coment back in this jounal (hiddensparkle) if you have the time
to donate money, you can send it (via PayPal) to scott @, or e-mail me at that e-mail for an address you can mail donations to.

as far as lost passwords go, e-mail me at the above e-mail using the e-mail you signed up for the account with. (the one you can't remember the password for). i'll reset your password once i verify you.
this is the only thing that confuses me:
"The new diary URL format will be: (For free users) (For paid users)"

does that just mean if i'm linking to my diary, If I'm paid, I put my account name in front instead of back?

just wondering.
what's "Connection Failure (111)"
mean? got that when I put in an entry a few seconds ago.
hey i know this is weird but my ex got into my diary can you erase it please
please erase this diary
erase this one too. please
"connection failure" was probably due to too many people accessing at one time. the database i currently use only supports a limited amount of open connections or "children" at once.

if one of your entries ever doesn't get saved as a result.. just press back and hit "yes" if it asks you to submit the data over again.

in the scenario that you hit "Save" on your entry, and it goes to a blank page because it logged you out, just log in from there and hit back and if it asks you to resubmit the data, say "yes" and it should save.

i hope that helps.
it better work ahhaha
do you have a target date for the switch
my lost my sister can you help
her name is katie harris
her screename is lilmonkey127
I like the idea, except that you said the only way to get a paid account at the moment is by paypal, and some of us don't have credit cards....and can you make an option be only logged in users can read your diary? I don't want to make mine private, or friends only, but I don't like the fact that any completely random person can read it.

Have a good day/night...

hey, so just wondering, but is there somethin goin on with pictures? i was tryin to upload a jpg picture but it said sorry, only jpg and gif are allowed. is it just my diary? thank you muchly!!
I just wanted to ask if the new server was going to keep our old entries?
i wanna delete my account too . so how do i do that?
Hey on the new server could you maybe have like a search option so i can search for people w/similar interests or whatnot cuz right now the search only allows you to look for specific users...
is there somethin goin on with pictures? --plaidcadillac
no, but you can only upload .gif, .jpg, .jpeg

I just wanted to ask if the new server was going to keep our old entries? --thedoors
The new server will keep your old entries, yes, if it's the last thing i do, YES.

what's your e-mail address? --usedsilence
just email scott @ for account delete requests. include your username/password. make sure you send it from the email you signed up with.

will there be a search option for similar interests on the new server? --annabananaqt
yup. that's in the works.
I went to and nothing came up except for some annoying javascript saying how great sit diary was.
the "annoying javascript" is actually flash! i made it, and its all thats on the new server for now. its just there to show that exists. thank you very much!
if you are having problems saving a pic that is a .jpg or .jpeg or .gif, it is probly because the picture format has errors. This means open it in paint or photoshop or something and simply resave it. then upload it. that will work. questions? AIM sn: jaredtwagner
i have a free diary, but i would like more, without having to pay.. how can i do this? PLEASE HELP!! thanks.
id also like to delete my account, but how again?
Sorry to be a bother but I have a quick question. I was wondering if u knew how to get entries to show. iwas just changing things under my preferences & when i went back to "All Entries", none showed.The only time they did was when the title showed when I went back to preferences. I tired to refresh the page but that didnt work.I asked a friend to see if they showed up & he said no.So do you have any ideas by ne chance?(or does anyone have ne?)
Hey, I was wondering how to put a picture at the top of your diary. I don't it one on the top left, or as a header picture for each diary entry. I just want it at the top of my diary. How do I do that?
confusednoggin- you probably messed something up in your header. you should delete whatever is in your header, save it and try to do whatever you were trying to do over again.

dressedtokill- to put a picture at the top of your diary, you should reference to it in the header like such: <img src="your_header_picture.jpg" align="center">
umm i am tryin to delete this account but i dont know where to email u sorry 4 watin ur time but could u plz help me out