Merry Christmas

This is Scott reporting from northern California. I'm at my parents' house for the holidays, with great hopes that it will snow. There's really no news, I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Or .. if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope your vacation is tops. That's all for now. Still no snow.
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be happy. theres so much snow here in quebec.
hey i was wondering how to delete friends?
it's doesn't snow in northern California. lol
Hey, Scott...

I was wondering if you've figured out how to delte friends yet?

i'm in charge of this mishap where neither scott nor nick are getting their snow. but it's not my fault, SOMEONE is just not listening to my orders. this isn't a one-woman show, this is more like a circus and i'm the ringleader. i'm sorry, guys. i hope you get your snow, eventually.
hello. i'm the former user: HOLLYGOLIGHTLY.
I changed by password like long time ago. Kind of never remembered it. Please, if you could help...
If you think i'm some imposter, test me and ask a question or somethng. I sent emalis, but you never responded.
IM me about the password: renatasalllike
No snow here in Scottsdale, Arizona either. What the hell? I want to talk to the person in charge of all of this.
Merry Christmas to Scott and Sarah and everyone at sitD!!!

hope you all have a happy time with your families and friends and new pressies!
I live in Brownsville, Texas where the first time it ever snowed was in the 1800's but guess what? It snowed early morning. MIRACLE!!!!!!
mur krizmis!
you think you're cool because it snowed in texas for the first time in ten years? :P thats cool, but it also snowed here, in NEW ORLEANS. . .REAL snow, not just icey sludge, for the first time EVER! we had FLAKES!!! sure, 15 years ago we had ice shards that we CONSIDERED snow. . .but this stuff was real! AND! it was coming down all DAY! :D i have a snowpimp and a snowhoe in my back yard with mardi gras beads on! haha!merry christmas!

I've never seen snow in real life, only on TV. I dont think I could go without a nice hot aussie Christmas day.

Merry Christmas! Even if you're not Christian. I hope you get your snow.
happy festivus!

and i feel like such a loser for asking this, but does anyone know how to move the entries to the side of the screen, and what do i need to do to get a comment picture. thanks for helping the pathetic!

Happy Birthday Jesus!
We have snow!

It's snowed all day here!

It's all deep and snowy =)

So fnahh =P

Have a wonderful Christmas =)
merry christmas scott and sarah!!!!
It snowed here, in Texas! WOO HOO!

Sorry.. it hasn't actually snowed here in over 10 years.