Font Issues?

If any of you are having font issues, just let me know. I changed the styling of a lot of the fonts last night from a regular font tag to a style. In styles, '1' is '1px' so it made everything really small. So instead of everyone coming back to really small text, I updated everyone's text size to '11px' so it would at least show up and you can change it from there. That's about it. Take care. -Scott ---------------------------------------- Allow me to ellaborate further. If you're having font issues, don't just tell me and expect me to know what the deal is. If you're having an issue, try and describe it to me and then I'll try and help you out based on that. Like, if right now your font looks way too small, you're probably using your own style/font tags. I tried to fix all the crap I messed up with the change. The change was necessary though because the old style was cluttered programming and if you know me, you know I hate that. -Scott ---------------------------------------- Arright, to the best of my knowledge, the problemes you mentioned below are fixed. If there's anything else, let me know. Going through your diaries, it seems as though some of you are leaving because of this? Insanity. Oh well, nice to have you. Take care. The diary's yellow color was the result of an uninterpreted variable, for those of you dying to know. Soooo sorry.
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Some people are retarded. I mean, how hard is it to change thier fonts size themselves??
For some reason, the background behind my Entry List is bright yellow. I can't figure out how to change it. I looked on my preferences page, but there doesn't seem to be any inconsistencies from what the codes were before.

::HELP:: ~*Kristina
why is my entry list background yellow? i didnt change it like that and i cant fix it.. can u help me with wut im supposed to do... cuz its not even labeld that its supposed to be yellow in my prefernces
thank you
People are leaving because of this!? Are they stupid or something?
Just wanted to leave you a hello Scott... seeing as i never have. :D Sites looking great with the improvements. I was hoping you could tell me how to make my diary page look cooler... i just know the basics... any ideas?
*kiss* Later.
ok..wen i click "new entry" the too bar things that u type in something...i cant read wut i am supposed to write..its like its the same color as the backround or something..plz help.

Thnx for fixing it scott. You're awesome. Don't let ppl leaving get to you, their impatient losers. We all love you. -kuntrygurl
yeah, pretty poor of them to leave. that's stupid. thanks so much for all of your work. it's really appreciated!!!
My font is waaay too small in my entry and the top bar menu...can you please try and fix it? Thanks a whole bunch.
thanx for fixing things scott!
Scottie boy, i need help with making my layout.

If you can help out, leave a note.

Thank you, and have a good day.
the changes were nessesary, scott, were nessesary. was nessesary?wtf
hey bud. my diary wont let me change it back to a public diary. its like..being uber retarded. whats up with this? it keeps changing back to 'friends only'
thanx a bunches.
hey scott,
my diary won't let me put it in friends only mode, any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong?

i'm having a problem with choosing who can read my blog... i select friends only and i'll say update and the page will refresh with the option back on 'private'... leave a message on my blog or something
sry that this is not the subject but can u change ure username and still have ure site?
I'm not having any font issues but for some reason when I try to make a new entry it won't allow me to. My diary is at:
the error stated on my diary is : Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 [673]
um...for some reason when i go to create a new entry i cant read the text which says 'Title' 'Current mood' etc. its there but in black, how do i change this because it was white before but has suddenly gone black and i don't know what to do. thanks for fixing the text sizes.
haha i figured it out!
the numbers in parenthesis on the main screen are the number of times the entry has been viewed, correct?
it took me two days to reach that conclusion.
scott, your genius suprises me sometimes.
i like the little info link next to the logged in users, too.
I got the font problem, thanks anyway.
your doing a great job on the site, but ihave a small suggestion. haha. smiley faces? haha.. okay maybe i'm the only one who wants them. but yeah.
the main page looks nice. i like the option that i can look at the person's info.
why is the entry list backgrounded with a color newly instead of the my_background ? arrrrgh.
please let me knw when you get the template thingy workin..:-D
this isnt about the fonts. actually...ive been trying to make a new diary. but it wont let me sign up. whats up with this?
is it just my computer .. or does the majority of people's diaries font color match their background color..

i can't read most of them. including this one
it may just be my computer, but the numbers on the comment pages at the top are in a huge font. is there a way to make this smaller?
Yeah, I have the same problem as the [beth] person.
im having font problems!!!!
on the comment pages the page and page number are really big can i make those smaller
grrrr what are you thinking~? I liked it before *sighs*
Thats okay.. i guess its fine the way it is now
ok i keep trying to do a new entry but this:Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 [695] just pops up. what the heck does it mean?
i have reallllly big comment page numbers
im having fot issues..
I wondered what was happening. 'Tis all alright now, actually. I like my new size. :o)
My Entry list has a yellow backround. How can I make that go away? If it can't go away, I'll live, it doesn't look that bad. hehe. But I would like for it to be gone. Gracias Scott. Your the best. ~kuntrygurl
my fonts are looking good now :o)

thanks for the clarification
my font is way too small. im using my own font and style tags so do i have to take that off?
hi how are u? my name is adriana. i'm having color issues with my diary. one day it just showed up. there is yellow on the left side of my diary and i dont know how to make it go away. can u please help me?
yeah my entry list is yellow.. idk how to fix it and it makes my journal look very ugly
Hey scott!!! once again somethign has screwed up on this site! heres the deal, just like evryone else, my entry list is YELLOW! My font on my entries is too small. I had everything the way i wanted it. My diary was actually working because i got that stupid .jpg thing worked out. AND NOW THIS?!?!?!? PLEASE FIX IT SOON!!! i know you had to change the style tags thing, but please fix this! HELP ME HERE MAN!!!!???!!!!
(sorry, ran out of room) then hit ok at the bottom of the window. This will fix your problem. make sure you hit the clear storage button at the bottom of the window first before clicking, do not store web pages. and thats it! its fixed. Leave me comments on my diary and let me know if it worked for you!
The Dude
my left bar is yellow when it's set to have the graphic background in it. not a big deal, just wanted to let you know. thanks for all your work!
God bless,
erin :)
Well... i woke up this morning and looked at my diary and the side by where my entrys list is is bright yellow... I looked at my preferences and it doesnt say that the color is yellow? I dont get it. So i tried to change it to white and it went to white. But then when i make it blank it goes back to yellow??? Do you know why??? Its just soooo strange.
i seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. the background of my entries list is yellow.
the font on my comments, friends and "add entry" page is huge. couldja help me with that?