February 9 1895 - The first college basketball game was played as Minnesota State School of Agriculture defeated the Porkers of Hamline College, 9-3. That was basketball at its finest, folks... 1932 - America entered the 2-man bobsled competition for the first time at the Olympic Winter Games held at Lake Placid, NY. 1942 - One of the all-time great moves in sports took place on this winter day. The Philadelphia National League baseball team decided to change its nickname from the Phillies to the Phils. The name, the Phillies, had been in use since the 1880s. We know the team as both the Phillies and the Phils. 1960 - A verbal agreement was reached between representatives of the American and National Football Leagues. Both agreed not to tamper with player contracts. 1963 - The very first Boeing 727 took off. It became the world’s most popular way to fly. 1,832 of the aircraft were built before production stopped in 1984. 1964 - Several days after their arrival in the U.S., the Beatles made the first of three record-breaking appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. The audience viewing the Fab Four was estimated at 73,700,000 people in TV land. The Beatles sang She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand. One could barely hear the songs above the screams of the girls in the audience. 1966 - Liza Minnelli brought her night club act to the Big Apple. She opened in grand style at the Persian Room of the Plaza Hotel in New York. 1969 - The Boeing 747 flew its inaugural flight this day. The milestone ushered in the age of the jumbo jet. 1969 - A young lady named Roslyn Kind made her quiet TV debut this night on The Ed Sullivan Show. Ed said she’s “...America’s teenager who wasn’t protesting or playing a guitar.” She only appeared once. Her sister appeared many times. Roslyn Kind is the sister of Barbra Streisand. 1970 - Sly and The Family Stone received a gold record for the single, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin). Sly (Sylvester) Stewart was a DJ in Oakland, CA. 1981 - Bill Haley died on this day in Harlingen, TX. He was 55. Haley, with his Comets, recorded what became known as the anthem of rock and roll: Rock Around the Clock, from the movie, Blackboard Jungle. The song turned into a multimillion dollar hit and one of many hits Haley and the Comets had, including: Dim Dim the Lights, Razzle Dazzle, Crazy Man Crazy, Rock the Joint, See You Later Alligator and Shake Rattle & Roll. Bill Haley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. 1984 - NBC Entertainment president, Brandon Tartikoff, gave an interviewer the "10 Commandments for TV Programmers. Number 1: Never schedule a show because you like it. Number 10: All hits are flukes and never forget it!" 1987 - Twenty years after the first woman was admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, the Exchange Luncheon Club decided to install a ladies rest room! Wow! What did those women do for twenty years? Walk across Wall Street? No, actually, the women had to walk down a flight of stairs. 1996 - Broken Arrow opened in the U.S. The thriller stars John Travolta and Christian Slater in a “a no-holds-barred race to recover a lost nuclear weapon -- a broken arrow.” 1997 - The Simpsons became the longest-running prime-time animated series. The record was previously held by "The Flintstones". 2001 - These movies debuted in the U.S.: Hannibal, with Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore, continues the story begun in The Silence of the Lambs; and Saving Silverman, starring Steve Zahn and Jack Black as buddies conspiring to save their best friend, Darren Silverman (played by Jason Biggs), from marrying the wrong woman. 2001 - A collision between the nuclear submarine U.S.S. Greeneville and the Japanese fishing vessel Ehime Maru sank the fishing boat in a matter of minutes. Nine of the 35 persons aboard the Japanese vessel were killed in the collision. The Pearl Harbor-based nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine, was surfacing when it struck the Japanese ship. [taken from]
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