Sitdiary Is Now Virtual

Hey guys, I just did a bunch of updates so if you experience any problems, please leave a comment and I'll get to them as soon as possible. There's also the Sitdiary Forum if you want to see what other people are reporting. Currently known issues that I'm working on: - Preferences are slightly broken - Image Manager - Down for updates Everything else should be working smoothly.
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i updated my dates from august 13th to whatever they were and it made all the ones i updated move to the bottom of my entry list.. i can't move them back up in chronological order...
hey scott.. i remember when you made some updates the dates all changed to august 13, 2008. now about 80% of my entries have the correct old dates.. but some stayed august 13, 2008.. and so the order is a little messed up (i.e. entries i made a long time ago are listed as the earliest few). just letting you know!
thanks for all your changes and updates! sitD is lookin' awesome
i edited two entries because i cant spell upon viewing them i noticed all the formatting (breaks) had disappeared :/

they were flashing up as there on the bbcode page but once the new flashy editing thing loaded i couldnt see the code anymore but the formatting was there so not sure how to edit it correctly

cheers man
All my dates have changed to the 13th September... same time. Obviously not useful at all.
Although I see you have already been made aware of this...

Keep up the hard work Scott. We do appreciate it! xxx
hi. sorry i know your real busy but could you please try find my old diary. its from about 2004/5 my username then was blulu I think.
Ta :)
You're the best! Officially on my Christmas Card list now.
the date on really old entries appears at august 13th 2008 for all of them. and choosing friends just bring me back to my diary.
The only thing that bothers me is when I edit the "header" and etc, save it, then go back, the box in blank, so you have to start over. Frusteratinggg.
all entry dates are the same and user info when deleted or edited keeps going back to how it was before edited.


sirdiary is a lot better now though :) love the chat :)
nevermind. forum = "forum" = cannot post.

also, if you use the apostrophe in your preferences page, every time you go in to edit a slash mark "/" is inserted before the apostrophe.
kudos on the celebrity gossip feature. i was gravely concerned i wouldn't have anything to do at work today.

also, i noticed in comments that if you go back to edit a comment (using IE), the comment box defaults your typing area to the end of your comment, regardless of where you may have put the cursor to type. i'll throw that up on the forum too. mainly to get me closer to that glorious second star.

you can cut and paste an edit in, but you cannot manually go back and type anything in.
please get my old dates back, its one of the most important parts to keeping a diary!
the dates from all my previous entries have changed to all be the same date and time.
when you add friends, this funny bar pops up near the top of the screen, with an html message under the announcement friend added
It actually shouldn't be much longer.

What's making it worthwhile is how easy it will be to modify in the future.

Also, the site is much more secure now. :)
Yes, I have noticed that I can't update my font face in my Preferences. But it seems you're already up to par with all of this.

I honestly didn't mind the way SitD was before all these updates...-sigh- Now it's just making the site frustrating to work with.

When will you be done?

Although, I do like the new comments stuff. lol.