WE ARE FINALLY ON THE NEW SERVER!!! It didn't go as smoothly as planned but it did happen. Thanks to Marin for staying up until 4:00AM making sure everything transferred. I don't know if it's all in my head but the new server seems tons faster. Let me know what you think. Also let me know if you get any funky errors and paste them into your comment so I know what to look for. We finally made it, guys. Thanks for your support! Let's keep it going strong. -Scott -------------------------------------------- Hey guys, If some of your friends still aren't seeing this page, tell them to do the following (windows users only): 1. Go to Start>Run and type in cmd 2. Once the command window comes up, type in ipconfig /flushdns 3. Reload sitDiary That should fix their problem. Otherwise, the DNS update hasn't propagated all the way and it will take a day or so. Hope that helps. -Scott
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Hey, Umm. I have the thing where the links glow up when your mouse is over it. Well, when you updated it. The color changed, and now I can't get it back. Have any suggestions?
can you ask him to email blankies4 her password she cant leave a comment herself because shes so cool and cant log in.
the e-mail she register with is:

Wow, you guys rock my socks! I am so happy that SD isn't always down. Good work everyone, and thank you!

Umm.. But I do have a little problem. On one of my diary entries, not everything is showing up. I go to edit my entry, and it is all there, but when I save, it doesn't show up. Weird. It's not that important, but it was just a little problem.

But thanks again! SD rocks!!
Hi :) I was just wondering if you could delete my diary from this site.. Thank you so much. I was told I needed to leave a comment here to do this.. if not im sorry.. but thank you so much.
I can't seem to get a side pic to show up. It keeps saying this...Warning: filesize(): Stat failed for top_left.gif (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 198
...This sux! I have lost two pics now...I can get them back, but it will take some effort...

I'm Nothing...Kari
ya i juss wanna kno y our name thingys are up there with our diary entry? but other that that everything is all good!
sitDiary owns all other diary sites' asses.

That's right.
And I have accounts on two other diary sites, none of which i have updated nearly as often since I stumbled luckily across this most awesome webdiary site.

Thank you, so much, for all you've done to keep sD up and running. Yay!
hey scott,
i am new to sitDiary and was wondering if it was possible, could you please tell me why i am not able to upload pics from my computer for my site? It just says it is unable to upload the file. Thanks so much!
Yay ♥
The site does seem to be running much faster and I especially like the fact that I can get on without having to worry about the server being down all the time =)

Glad this worked as planned, SitD most definitely kicks ass now. Thanks!

eek that sounded kind of mean..sorry :-(

Great job with the new server & everythingg :-)
when are the ads leaving?
Yay! could you email me the address of where i can send donations? ( i don't have a paypal account) i'm baby sitting tonight, so i think i'm going to donate half of what i make, because i love sitdiaries, it's the only diary website that i haven't gaven up on, so thanks so much for everything you've done.
Yes, I did notice it was faster.. Specially at saving my entry this morning..

Sit Diary is now even better :)

I'm holding on to my socks cause it's soooo freaking fast!!!
props to the hommies marin and scott :)
woohoo!! go Scoot...and everyone.

oh yeah.

I've activated my account and can get on the site
okay. But when I click to try to set up a diary, it
says I'm using the wrong password. Help!
i was wondering why it seeemed faster.

i dont think its just you.
thats so cool that did not take much time i thoght it would take like 2 weeks to do but wow man i got to give ya props!!!
Everything's going great with me, but some of my friends, both users and non, still aren't able to even view the site. They still see the transfer message. Just letting you know.

Thanks for everything you do. It means a lot to a lot of people.

I don't know if this is a problem, but now when you goto a diary, it says the username in the title bar at the top next to the user's diary name... (wasn't there before) new feature?

Mega yay.

SitD is pure pwnage.

Yes Yes. It does seem faster!
i know it does seem totally faster i like the improvement so thanks for using your time to quicken itsd pace

Thanks guys :)
I do agree, it is faster.