Breakfast of Champions

Hi, Did everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving have a good Thanksgiving? What'd you do? Also, Top Five Breakfast Cereals. Hot or Cold, your choice. Take Care, Sarah
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1. Captin Crunch
2. Cheerios
3. Cocoa Puffs
4. Shreddies (i know its weird but i like them)
5. Lucky Charms
1. honey bunches of oats with almonds
2. quaker oatmeal - apple cinnamon
3. quaker oatmeal - strawberry
4. frosted flakes
5. honey nut cheerios
1. Cheerios (any kind)
2. Rice Chex
3. Coco Puffs
4. Apple Jacks
5. Kix
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks :)

1. Lucky Charms
2. Frosted Flakes
3. Corn Pops
4. Captain Crunch
5. Rice Krispies
i was in denmark for thanksgiving!
1. luckey charms
2. honey bunches of oats
3. cinimon chrunch

and yea thats about it

just make rice krispies treats and pour milk on them.
i only have one cereal that i ever loved and it is no longer being made and hasnt been made for years and that is:

1) honey bunches of oats
2) cookie crisp
3) Lucky Charms
4) honey comb
5) oatmeal, any kind. lots of sugar.
1. rice krispies TREATS
2. honey nut cheerios
3. lucky charms
4. raisen bran...well i think its good :-
5. golden crisp, with that big bear on the box and the old granny...a little old school...i dont even know if they make them anymore...

oops they aint cereal!im sooo dumb!i dont eat cereal (see previous comment)
Toast (did i say that?)
Crossants (cant spell or pronounce that in french)
1. hunny nut clusters yuuuuuummmmm
2. pop tarts yumyumyum
honey nut cherios
the new mickey mouse one that tunrs the milk blue
frosted flakes
1.Lucky Charms
4.Corn Pops
5.Cinnamon toast crunch
number 2?
frosted leos!
yes thats the one that i was talking about! those are delicious!
honey bunches of oats.

all the others make the inside of my upper mouth hurt. and of couse honey bunches of oats are the shit
1- normal oatmeal totally loaded with brown sugar and some cream (ya ok dont hate me for saying that lol)
3- Special K with strawberries
4- honeycomb
5- nestle quik (u know that makes the milk chocolate...)
1. cinnamon toast crunch
2. cocoa pebbles
3. honey bunches of oats.
4. fruity pebbles
5. weetabix with cut up fruit and maple syrup.
1. cinnamon toast crunch
2. cocoa pebbles
3. honey bunches of oats.
4. fruity pebbles
5. weetabix with cut up fruit and maple syrup.
lucky charms
cracklin oat bran
cinnamon toast crunch
honey nut cheerios
Cocoa Puffs
5. Lucky Charms
4. Kix
3. Rice Krispies
2. Cornflakes
1. Count Chocula
Like candy ... like CANDY, I tell you!
"2. the one that has strawberries"

you mean FROSTED LEO'S anette!!!!!
i went to my friends house for thanksgiving dinner and got shitfaced.. i'm thankful for tequilla + martinis!

-captain crunch
-fruity pebbles
-berry berry kix
-honey bunches of oats w. almonds

damn, now i'm hungry
1. honey nut cheerios
2. fruity pebbles
3. cocoa pebbles
4. life
5. kix

i had to put kix b/c i saw someone put on their list...i love that stuff...i need to go to the store and get some asap!
5. kix
4. cheerios
3. special k
2. frosted flakes
1. honey nut cheerios

i love hot breakfast when its possible. Whether it be french toast, eggs, pancakes, waffles, the list goes on! But as far as cold bowl cereal goes, I like chocolate cocoa pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charm, honey nut cheerios, and donuts..ofcourse. haha.. I just love breakfast in general!
1.the no name brand of trix
3.lucky charms
4.frosted flakes
5.peaches and cream oatmeal
One..toaster pankcakes with loads of butter Two..Toasted rasin bread Three..some sort of Banana cereal Four.. Captin Crunch Five.. Pop Tarts
1. Oreo O's
2. Resee's Puffs
3. Frosted Flakes
4. Lucky Charms
5. those square ones with the white frosting on one side and no frosting on the other
1. Oreo O's
2. Resee's Puffs
3. Frosted Flakes
4. Lucky Charms
5. those square ones with the white frosting on one side and no frosting on the other
1~Count Chocula
2~Cap'n Crunch (original)
3~Lucky Charms
4~Quaker Oats oatmeal slow cooked w/ raisins
5~Grape Nut O's
1~Count Chocula
2~Cap'n Crunch (original)
3~Lucky Charms
4~Quaker Oats oatmeal slow cooked w/ raisins
5~Grape Nut O's
1~Count Chocula
2~Cap'n Crunch (original)
3~Lucky Charms
4~Quaker Oats oatmeal slow cooked w/ raisins
5~Grape Nut O's
1:: luckey charms
2:: frosted flakes
3:: fruity pepples
4:: cherrios
5:: "fake" lucky charms
1. Honey Nut Cherrios.
2. Honey Bunches of Oats.
3. Honey Combs.
4. Cap'n Crunch (?)
5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
I adore these top 5's...
and I adore cereal...
so here it goes:
1. Lucky Charms
2. Fruity Pebbles
3. Count Chocula
4. Raisen Bran
5. Kix
Captain Crunch
Lucky charms
Fruit Loops
It sucks that we cant celebrate Thanks Giving here in England. We dont have enough celebrations in my oppion.
As for my favorate cereal...
But I do like Sugar Puffs, CornFlakes and Honey flavoured porriage *drolls*.
Yummy huh?

Captain Crunch Oops All Berries
Oatmeal squares (the cereal)
Honey Nut Cheerios
Rice Chex
Not a breakfast cereal, but I think it's a good idea to change the friends list thing from saying "This User Has No Friends" to like "Click here to add some" or something. Because this user has no friends is sort of sad.
* I don't have a 5th one *
Corn Pops
Reeses Puffs
Captin Crunch
heyz my name is livi! my thanksgiving was hell. lol uh my top 5 fav cereals are

1. frosted mini chex
2. frosted mini wheats
3. coco puffs
4. resses peanut butter cups (cnt spell)
5. fruit loops or fruity pebbles! w/e

i`m canadian.
so thanksgiving was last month !
1. apple cinnamon cheerios
1. honey bunches of oats with stawberries
(tied! i couldnt decide!)
2. honey bunches of oats with almonds
3. honey nut cheerios
4. lucky chamrs.
I meant to say i had CEREAL for dinner!!

see!! it's a morning institution!!!
oh Gosh.. I haven't answered any untill you mentioned cereal. I loooove cereal!!!!!

1. Cinanamon Life
2. Apple Jacks
3. Froot Loops
4. Honey Combs
5. Honey Toasted.. That Bee food.. Uhh..
Yup. We ate. A whole lot.

1. Fruit Loops
2. Granola with the honey crunchy clusters
3. Grits with cheese and butter [which I realize might not be considered as cereal, per say]
4. Honey Nut Cheerios
5. Blueberry Morning

Reeses Puffs
Lucky Charms
Special K
Peanut Butter Crunch
Raisin Bran

I actually didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving this year. We had mexican and peruvian food instead...lots of food, and we made gingerbread houses..It was fun..I liked it.

I don't know what order but these are the cereals I like..
Lucky Charms
Honey Nut Cheerios
Apple Jacks
and I can't remember what else at the moment..

2.honey nut cheerious
3. fruit loops
4. frosted corn flakes
5. rice kripsies
my thanksgiving freakin ROCKED :]
1.reeses puffs
2. fruity pebbles
3 rice crispies...

i dont know any mroe really. yumm
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Reese's Puffs
Capt'n Crunch
Fruit Loops
mine was great i guess my family was split tho :( oh well we took care of it and made it fun! how was urs?
I win.

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2. Frosted Mini Chex
4. Oreo O's
5. Cocoa Puffs
i agree with deadpoetic WHOLEHEARTEDLY
on everything. <3
thanksgiving consisted of me working for 8am-12n and 4p-12midnight. u decide if thats good or not.
1. fruity pebbles
2. smart start
3. frosted flakes
4. cinnamon life
5. honey bunches of oats
I had a raw hot dog and worked all night.

But I beat a 12-year-old non-english speaking girl in pool on yahoo, so that was pretty cool.

I think a question about the best things to eat in the morning is just asking for trouble, but maybe I'm just immature.


No no. I am.

And I'm thankful for that.
that is true. I had breakfast on saturday when i had nothing "good" to eat. then I woke up extremely hungry the next morning. meh.

How about top 5 Mickey D's breakfast??


cereal was made for EVERY meal of the day.

i only eat breaksfast a few times a week but sometimes if im too lazy to cook then i have cereal for dinner.
did you guys find out what the top 20 books were yet? i am interested in what the outcome was... anyways, top 5 breakfast cereals.

1. bananna nut crunch
2. special k
3. honey bunches of oats (with peaches!)
4. oreo o's
5. cap'n crunch

meh. the only ones that I like are:

Honey Bunches of Oats
Frost Flakes.

but seriously, I barely have time to have a decent breaksfast.
1. frosted flakes
2. cocoa puffs
3. honey nut cheerios (quite cheery)
4. reeses puffs thing
5. theres only four.

1. honey nut cherrios
2. captain crunch
3. fruit loops
4. raisen brand
5. frosted flakes
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Froot Loops
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch w/berry's
Corn Pops
any soggy cereal.....
thanksgiving.... lets see....
we went out for over priced crap cause my dad wanted to and then i went pigeon feeding.... good ol' pigeons....
i like soggy cereal.... :)
Typical, my annoyance passes in minutes.

Anyway, thanks Sarah for the heads up on the abuse reporting.

Also, when are we planning on getting to some of my Top 5 lists? I put alot of thought into them.
I'm British. I don't have Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for it. 'Cause I'm an ungreatful wretch. =D
lucky charms
coco puffs
reeses puffs
ciniamon toast crunch
honey combs
i had the most sad day ever. all i ate is extra chessy lunchables pizza, cold too. but i am SO thankful for everything i have & had.

1. lucky charms
2. the one that has strawberries
3. apple jacks
4. cocoa puffs
5. captain crunch
1. Lucky Charms
2. Frosted Flakes
3. Captain Crunch
4. Cheerios
5. Apple Jacks
whats thanksgiving?
1.hash browns
froot loops
1. Cinamin Toast Crunch
2. Captain Crunch
3. Fruit Loops
4. Rice Krispies
5. HOney Nut Cherios
1. Cinamin Toast Crunch
2. Captain Crunch
3. Fruit Loops
4. Rice Krispies
5. HOney Nut Cherios
i dont really like cereal, but here goes...

1. porridge with milo
2. coco pops
3. rice bubbles
4. special k
5. corn flakes i spose...

1. rice bubbles
2. sultana bran
3. weet bix
4. porridge
5. i cant think of... not very much variety to my cereal.
Leo, if I had any idea what you were saying there about the whole apple thing, I'd probably agree whole-heartedly. Did it involved anything carnivorous?

I like how we've turned the sitDiary news page into its own little sitDiary forum. Very nifty.


I'm tired.

I'm not even signed in as me, but as another me. But I have a feeling you figured that out already. If not by now, then umm .... yeah.
I had a good thanksgiving! hope you did too!! lets see..cereal..don't eat much of that...

'`lucky charms!! (deff. #1)
`'fruit loops
'`oreo o's
`''s a cereal if you imagine
'`does oatmeal count??

lol not big with cereals...


OMG! what sinned apple has been fed to our innocent SIT???????

you should shoot that refresh him/her Nick.
well, crap. that's too much work. ah well. i hope the child enjoys themselves.
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1. ask enough times.
2. say something lame.
3. bother me, sarah, a lot. then i beg scott for a few weeks and relentlessly keep asking until he deletes someone.

yes, it really is this corrupt here.
I'd rather not. If I wanted a private journal, I'd write it on paper and keep it in my underwear. However, when some kid discovers the refresh button and chooses my journal to exercise his/her new found button several hundred times, I think I have a right to express some aggravation.

Oh well. I have a feeling the poor kid is just sexually frustrated. His/her hand probably doesn't like him/her either.
Is Nick complaining about comments!!'s your rule/protocol: make it private! muhahahahaha
The last two aren't cereals sorry... I guess then I would make them...

4. Honey Nut Cheerios

5. Honey Bunches of Oats
Normally for breakfast I like something non-breakfasty... like steak and mash potatos. Nice tasty steak and really whipped mashed potatos with bearnaise sauce. If I had to choose breakfast foods they would be the following:

1.Cream of Wheat with tons of Brown and White Sugar and Cinnamon and Butter

2.Oh's (The Cereal)

3.Apple Jack's (because they don't taste like apples)

4.Chocolate Muffin with Milk

5.Strawberries and Sugar

Do me a favor? Look at the comments on my journal and let me know what the protocol/rules are for having someone deleted for abusing the site. Thanks.
5. shredded wheat (frosted)
4. Lucky Charms
3. Honey Nut Clusters
2. Rice Krispies
1. Cheerios
I had a great Thanksgiving, the whole weekend was awesome! I hope everyone else had a good one!
1. Maple and Brown Sugar hot cereal
2. Cream of Wheat Strawberries n Cream
3. Sugar Puffs (the cheap Sugar Smacks)
4. Lucky Charms (I just eat the marshmallows)
5. Cocoa Puffs