Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Index And Preferences

For those of you who hadn't noticed, yesterday I debuted a couple of new changes: - New index page (speedier/friendlier) - New preferences page (actually works) Please test them and let me know what bugs you find, if there are any. Be prepared for more changes like these in the near future. Thanks! Scott
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please let me know where the option to change my password has gone. thanks.
please let me know where the option to change my password has gone. thanks.
My page still looks weird....?
Yes, with scumbag...but I miss my top left pic. Scumbag, you could go to xanga layouts and find one you like and put it in your header area in your preferences. =]

That's what I did.
Is the image manager still down? I miss my background :(
uhhh. nix my last 2 cmmts. bccc it fixed itself. idk maybe the server was going weird. butttt yeah. sorry! or if you did fix it, thanks a lot!
oh and one more thing, on the side where all the entries are listed, those are allll out of order too.
uhm, so when i click "all entries" it jumps to a random entry and not the most current one i posted up. why is that happening?
Ack! Well, I found that they are all there, but they are definitely out of order. D: My diary hates me. lol
comment test.

looks good. yay typo correctability.

also, happy 100th post. 113th technically, but the little thing in the right hand corner says '100 post(s)' so i'm rolling with it.
Yes, some of my entries are still not showing up. D:
all of my entries say August 13, 2008?
and i've had this journal since 2004.
good luck, senor scott.
Hey scott, could you please just delete my acount, id really appreciate it.

thanks, i think so too. :)
Wow, that was fast. Thanks!

That was about the only thing about the whole "sitdiary change" that slightly confused / bugged me. I like the new look of the front page, by the way. Even though it hasn't drastically changed, it looks more aesthetically pleasing.
Yeah, I was missing the font element to the user stylesheet. Sorry about that. :]
oolongtea.. i was gonna ask the same thing but it works fine now!
I'm confused.

I've looked at my page through mozilla, ie, and on my mac. The font is currently set as verdana (size 12 on everything, if that means anything), but it's not showing up as that on my screen in any web browser. Am I missing something?

screen capture of what i'm talking about:

How can this problem be fixed or are you still working on the font area? The font right now is fine although it's not what I prefer so it's not like this is a big big problem.