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without ANY suggestions from korex, i thought of making this post. :] so...what's your favorite thing about summer? [note: i know that summer doesnt officially begin for another 13 days]
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Ewww, summer.
Obviously, no school.

No school = no 'tards at school to deal with. Also, no homework, which is also good.
even though summer allows me to get new SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS I would love to move below the fucking equator where it will be winter.
hott weather, driving with the top down and blaring taking back sunday with my BEST FRIEND
What? You all hate summer? Do you also hate new england clam chowder, puppies, and happiness?

Other sweet summer happenings:
capture the flag
my nephew's and my birthday.

i hate summer!

i wish i lived up North, in fact!

summer is HOTTT!! =D

Easier work schedule, beach weather, little tank tops, flip flops, vacation time! I love love summer!
I enjoy not being tied down by school to be able to work more hours get more jobs and thus, make more money!
I verily despise summer.

Have a great day.

Flip Flops
Swimming Pools
The beach
No school
My birthday
Summer storms

I love summer...
no school. no teachers.

but summer is too hot... oh well.
I like the excuse for eating more ice cream.

But that's about it.

The sun gets too hot and it doesn't work with pale english rose skin.

Bring on autumn cloud cover.
Summer is fun..

But I'm in winter.

Winter is good because you get to wear more clothes, and more clothes = bigger statement.

I actually fucking hate the summer because the sun is intense.
But I'm looking forward to school and I guess water fights and stuff I've mentioned with other people like going out on a shooting rampage.
I guess this summer is gonna be lots of fun then...*cough**cough*
p.s: leo doesnt need a gf to do all of that with. leo, just come and hangout with me if youre not too cool. yea?
i hate summer. it gets too hot :(

but i love
* the beach
* time off school
* hanging out with friends
* being with my brother ♥
-Talking with my ex
-Finding myself
-Having time for myself
favourite thing(s!)

koolaid ;D
sticky clothes
films/books; amazing
summer-time checklists
new polaroid stories & summer-time dates with cory
Be off of school and spending a lot of time with my greatest friends
i'm taking summer sessions throughout the whole summer, so that sucks ass... its all good though cause i chose to do this to finish college faster... its mad hot and sticky... i miss 70 degree weather... not too hot, not too cold...
Lies! All lies!

By the way, my favorites are:
Sleeping in boxers + with the windows open.
No school.
Staying up late at friends houses and such.
traveling but jacking software sounds fun too,
and If i have a gf by summer I will do the following things with her:

-water fights at the beach.
-sleeping summer nights over at her bed.
-taking cold showers together..hahaactually NO.
-going to soccer games for the US iNTERNATIONAL 2005 Summer Tour.
-holding hands under the burning sun so our hands will be all sweaty.
-(something really cool)
_(something really sweet)
-(something really cute)
also..going to HARDCORE shows and polling all the fucking hardcore boys and asking them if they can do the things I can... my friend and I are putting bets that no kid who wears girls jeans can do the other things I can because they are so fucking generic