i would really like to be able to retrieve a lost password.
Where is the Image Manager?? =/
i'd really love to delete this diary. . .please help?
Question! I've been trying to figure out my password, and I'm still confused on using the Forum. Would you please help! I still can not figure this out for some reason, Sitdiary was always easy for me! Now i'm having issues because it's not located in preferences anymore. Thanks!! -Stephanie
Where has the image manager gone? I want it back.
Scott..we need the ability to change our passwords back, haha.

Please please please!!
the google ads look much better now!
you just blue yourself.
old news, but i'm lame and didn't realise it at first: my ambient diary's entries are out of order. no rush on fixing it, but if you could, that'd be swelllll. (=
Oh, and my dates are out of order. xx
Hey Scott, I'm missing some (well, a lot) of my recent entries. I got an e-mail about a new comment on one of my posts (which I'm guessing is missing), and the eid is blank (http://sitdiary.net/firestormx/?cmd=view_entry&eid=#comment-833071)
how do you delete comments? o_o
I can't edit the date on any of my blog posts. :S xx
hey scott, i'm having some trouble
with editing my profile, i was just
wondering if that was something in
the works or if there's a bug? thanks. :)