election day

hi guys. happy election day. sarah and i voted. did you vote? did you not? if you did, and you'd like to share, for whom did you vote? talk about it....
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Jeff---I understand your aversion to name calling and such, but when my President says that if you're not with him you're with the terrorists--that's enough of an insult to want to return the favor.
Way down there with a comment about pro-Bush people..

Just because some people like Bush that can't vote doesn't make them stupid little kids. You just look for reasons to insult Bush supporters.
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that last comment was far most the (adjective for stupid) comment I've read
"When I look at him (try not to) he just disgusts me"

yeah... how about DON'T VOTE EVER!
Why does everyone want Kerry to win? When I look at him (try not to) he just disgusts me. How many of you really want him as your president? I know I don't! I wish I could vote! I will next election, and it will be a republican who I vote for!
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four more years. we're all gonna die.
im almost over the election.

but anyone that voted for bush, you are not stupid and you aren't bad...but you've got to see this.


maybe you are bad. bad bad bad.

I can't effing believe, bush won.
It's times like these I'm happy I'm Canadian.
America would be a much happier country with Kerry on there side.
All those that voted for Bush... you obvious forgot to duck when the brainwashing laser went out. I, for one, was sleeping...

I followed the election on TV. My god you people suck. I said, vote for the lesser of two evils, but nooooooo. Bloody Americans, I reckon the UN should do your voting for you.
Whoever left me a comment- This is directed towards you since you can't seem leave your name on your comment. I am mature and I do not support Kerry's opinions like: abortion, gay marriage, and him thinking about having a draft for the war. I think I should be allowed to vote, and I will just have to wait until I'm 18! The NEXT election. We all have opinions, and I was just expressing mine.
That article. Jeez. Talk about right wing extremists!

Ana - Did you read my previous reply. No name calling, especially with no facts to back it up.

Anyway, I think we're beating a dead horse. We all have different opinions and its great we can discuss them openly. Thats why America's great, right?
gos I wish I could vote. I'm too young. But if i could vote I would definately have voted for kerry cause bush is an imbicile and voting for nader is basically throwing away a good vote for kerry.
also, i read this and thought you and beth would think it was funny, too.


ann coulter scares me. shes vicious. i watched her debate a liberal on cspan. it was a good debate. shes like a lion, though.

take care.
i dont watch cnn, i occassionally watch the o'reilly factor because he claims to be fair and balanced and that makes me laugh. i mostly just read the news online. mostly from other countries..its not so biased.
itd be easier to let bush slip up a few times if he didnt always claim to 'never make mistakes' in his career.

about canada, they have dual citizenship so they can vote. but canadas not letting people in that easily. i wouldnt go.
I was kidding about the Canada comment although I read somewhere today that about 1 million Americans now live in Toronto. Its hard to get Kerry elected if 1 million of his supports cant vote!

I do watch Fox News. Its a refreshing change from CNN (for example) that has nothing but negative stories about Bush.

Maybe the US might be more unified if people didnt always for the wrong in everything Bush does.
you're right about the name calling.

the bush family did have vested interest in enron. just like the cheney's love haliburton.

and..should 49% of all american people feel unwelcome and feel like they need to go to canada to feel better? are you serious?

if you, personally, are tired of the complaining then watch fox news. theyre conservative and they love bush. itll make you feel at home. if you dont like the complaining then dont read
I think if you have to resort to name calling, you shouldnt post in this entry.

I only have 3 things to say:
1. Bush isnt to blame for everything.
2. If you dont like it, stop complaining and move to Canada. You can have your high taxes and gov't regulated healthcare.
3. Think for yourself.

Thats it.
i believe my boyfriend was talking about the enron scandals that you mentioned, that were occurring under the clinton administration, not employment.
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Well of course, given the results, America has officially flaunted its ignorance. I forget that I'm from New York, and that most of this country is actually backwoods bible thumping uneducated nitwits.

If this country always voted based on Morality, Burr would've beat out Jefferson in the 1800's, because Jefferson was a Deist, unlike the rest of the nation.

Obviously this country is uneducated and cares nothing for Democracy. Pity.

thinking you're not ignorant is normal. not to say that you are or you arent..but it isnt in good defense to say things like:

'i am mature'
'we arent selfish'
'we arent ignorant'
'im very informed'

thats all just your opinion. its terrible grounds for any argument.

take care.
all right Scott, update because the reminder of last week's events traumatize me.

new entry like: TOP 5 BANDS.
or anything!
Hey, i have a question...

does anyone know how to make their own backgrounds? that would be sweet..
According to Toby Keith, an influencial country singer in the South, Jesus is NOT hip and deters attention. Also, the "Tal-EEE-Ban" needs an ass whooping and Islam is "bad & evil".

I'm so glad so many Americans actually listen to this guy. He says that his arrogance about America "kickin' ass" is good; that it makes others fear us. This from a man that says graduating college is unnecessary & overrated. This is awesome.

Jesus come quickly
What has happened to the USA? We are supposed to be a strong and united democracy. There is no democracy here. All we have now is an conservative republican running us into the ground. Sure it may have been other presidents setting us up in debt, but Bush is literally drilling us farther into the ground. We need a savior now. Where is Jesus? He's still in my heart!

you're right. i couldnt think of a good way to word that thought earlier. well done.

i dont get why its only hardcore christians that fear gay marriage and abortion and lowered penalties for drug laws. sometimes i think they are afraid of what, themselves, will do if these things are legal...not to say that the fact that things are illegal will stop anything. it just makes it less structured and more harmful.

live and let live.
And here's what I meant by you not understanding the concept of Democracy--
And no, we do not have to wait 4 years. Why should I give up more rights to the Patriot Act when I can speak out? Why are you trying to say "he won, its over" when that's not the end of things?

Yes, he won, but I will not give in! Your willingness to do so because that's that is not displaying your 'knowledge' of Democracy
Ok, then the facts that my taxes are being raised, my rights to choose as a woman are being threatened, my place as a non-christian in this country is being threatened, my tuition is getting higher, gas prices are rising, we're slaughtering innocent people in other countries, I'm in danger of treason because of the Patriot Act, my right to be gay is being trampled, our pres has the IQ of carrot cake, and my patriotism means I can't vote for Bush.
Just because you're not bringing in $300,000 a year doesn't mean you can't vote for Bush. I'm not saying my family makes that much either! I do know what a democracy is and don't try to tell me what I do and do not know.
It's selfish to make other people change to suit your needs, and that's the case for about every social conservative view, whether you admit it or not.
sportqueen, the people that voted for Bush did so regarding money and morals--how is that not selfish? I'm not bringing in $300,000 a year, so I didn't vote for him because I'm not going to get a tax break--in fact, my taxes are being raised to fund his plans. My morals are not in line with the Christian Right, but why am I being punished for that?You obviously have no idea what you're talking about, nor do you understand the concept of Democracy
I'm from australia but if i could vote there is no way i would even consider voting for Bush, he's a war hungry person and from an outsiders point of view doesn't deserve to lead america. you deserve better from ur president as we do from our prime minister, John Howard YUK! but as i said im an outsider wat would i no
The people I know that voted for Bush are NOT ignorant NOR selfish, so don't label people you don't know. Bush is in the office for four more years and there is nothing that we can do about it.
Actually, sportqueen03, the point of the U.S. is to establish the citizens right to act and be involved in government. I will not be quieted, I will not acquiesce to Bush merely because 59 million people are so tragically selfish and ignorant.

Alexander Hamilton once said, "The government that governs least governs best". This used to be the point of the Republican party.

I want the government out of my bedroom + womb + personal morals.
I don't see why everyone is still debating on who should be elected president. Bush won and it showed he had more supporters than Kerry. So move on cause Bush won.
I love how most(pretty much all) Bush supporters sound so ignorant when they try to come up with reasons why they support Bush. It truly shows the level of intelligence the citizens of this country actually have- slim to NONE. I am shamed to live here, and ready to pack my bags for Canada.

One last note, let's just hope none of the Supreme Court justices die or retire in the next four years...
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Yeah, seriously. Bush & Kerry support only civil unions, and Bush can't abolish abortion unless 2 senate justices are replaced with pro-lifers, and a case against Roe vs. Wade FINALLY makes it to the Supreme Court, which has been tried about 40 times in 2 years. And as for the Iraqi war...read a history text and think about the U.S. soldiers vs. a neverending supply of insurgents. We cannot win, and that's not just something liberals are saying.
Kerry and Bush have identical opinions on gay marriage.

Oh, and voting for whichever president looks better is the most retarded thing ever. That's like saying you're a republican because red is your favorite color.
yes. it actually DOES make them stupid little kids.

just do our research and then support your opinions beliefs whatver..but if you only say "im not old enough but if i would've voted for bush cause he makes me feel safe"...or because kerry makes you barf or something???

all i ask is for the young kiddies to read so they don't sound ignorant..becaues they honestly do


it was bush that warned of a possible draft, but as soon as it became public, he denied it.
he is going to begin drilling in alaska's wildlife for oil. and not allowing gay marriage is alright, i guess, but trying to amend the constition is a bit unnecessary. if you dont like gay marriage because its against your religion then dont do it, but dont prevent others from living freely and happily.
I'm too young to vote but I would have voted for Kerry.
I'm not old enough to vote, but I have supported Bush since the 2000 election. He's got a lot to offer, and I feel safe with him as our president. If Kerry were elected, who knows what may have happened, but I wouldn't have felt as safe as I should. Bush's fight was one that resulted as it should of, with a win. Kerry conceided because he knew that in three weeks when it was all settled, he would have lost anyway. GO BUSH!! And in 2008, Hilary!
Bush all the way.. Bush won and it shows just how lame Kerry is that he just conceded.. what a pussy. anyway.. BUSH is re-elected and I will support anything he decides!!.. :-) YAEEEEEEEYYYAH!
This is a bleak day for the American people....

And I have to get a job in the economy he's creating for me.... suddenly, canada doesn't seem so bad!
lets all say goodbye to any chance of things changing.

a list of things we must deal with:

-privatized social security
-repeat on vietnam, except in iraq
-god being a part of government and funding
-less rights for women
-a depression that will come soon enough
-the world thinking we are stupid
-more made up words on behalf on bush
-higher medicare premiums
-rich people not paying rightful taxes

Well Im too young to vote, but I woulda voted for Kerry. But he just conceded, so that really sucks. I cant wait for Bushs four more years to be up, so we can be rid of him!!
I'm too young to vote, but I would've voted for Bush. I agree more with his views and what he stands for.
the long were long as heck!

voted = kerrryyyyyy!
i voted for bush. i know i'm the minority on here, and that's okay.

i support bush because i agree more with his views, and because i trust him more than kerry.

it's over now anyway, kerry just conceded.
I vote Kerry. And he won here in NJ so I did my Job. But Bush has won basically, so we are all gonna die, boo.
I'm not old enough to have voted, but I was cheering for Bush all the way. He seems like a good person, along with a respectable career of choices behind him. I also think that his victory speech was most diplomatic. If I had voted, Bush would have had my vote.
In our schools mock election i voted for Kerr cause he is the lesser of two evils,besides, bush is a frikkin weine i hate himhe cant even speak english properly and if he does evr other word is um or uh
blah blah blah

my hommie kerry of course.
all you bush supporters go read some Howard Zinn or something!

kerry is not looking so good right now though :(

9:31 pm
Why am I posting? ...I am not old enough to vote...BUT I do have an opinion.(Who doesn't?) I would have voted Kerry if I could have voted. I think he will do better to help the economy and clean up the mess in Iraq. Plus, he isn't going to take away our civil liberties like Bush will given the chance. I'm too tired to really get into it, but I think Kerry is a much better candidate.
yes. Paul and I voted Kerry all the way.
I voted for Bush. I don't trust Kerry. Besides I like Bush, enough said.
Kerry. You can be a Republican and want to save your country, and these little things called...jobs, lives, fiscal responsibilities, civil rights, and the environment. Anyone voting for Bush has officially lost me. Let's relect the man who devotes billions to Iraq in order to take over 100% of their natural resources and citizens (and we cannot win there, btw), but won't help in Sudan? Democracy my ass. Anyone heard of this Constitution lately?
Since I am a year too young...I couldn't vote. I would have voted for Kerry...

I'm Nothing...Kari
I did not vote because I'm under 18.

I don't think Bush has done a good job, and I don't think Kerry will do any better.
But I would vote for Kerry if I was able because I agree more with his views.

Though the Republicans will still control Congress, so a huge change won't happen no matter who gets elected.
I forgot to register in Victoria county becuase of being overly busy, so, needless to say, I could not vote in this election. I think all candidates involved are going to be bad for the country, but I probably would have voted for Bush. I think Kerry looks funnier than Bush, and that makes me uncomfortable.

Bush. You can still be a democrat and want someone who can stand up for America.
Technically, Kerry could have won with the provisional ballots, but well over 90% of them would have to vote for him.

Kerry conceded because he had already lost. There was basically no way he was going to win. He just saved us two weeks of arguing.
ideally america would unite, but realistically, beth, it will only divide more and more. soon bush will privatize social security, amend the constition a bit (or try) and spend more and more money that we dont have.

the people that realize this have a hard time accepting the 'grin and bear it' motto. the others, those that voted for more of this shit, are happy.

ps, tell your boyfriend that the administration does effect employment...
the simple fact is that bush is our new president, like it or not. he got more votes than kerry, both electoral and popular. you can complain all you want, but it won't change anything.

kerry said today that we need to go forward as a united america and support the president, whether you voted for him or not, because he is our leader now. keeping america divided serves no purpose.
bush is a moron. i have never seen someone say such stupid things in public. hes embarrassing.
I think that saying I voted for Bush is an understatement. I supported, I cheered, I prayed and I waited in line for two and a half hours to vote for Bush. I am so glad we have a democracy. I am too much of a logical critical thinker to ever be a mindless drone and vote for Kerry. I am so tired of young people thinking they have to be wacked out to make a difference. Sorry I'm a little more direct today. I'm sure all you democrats mean well. ha!
i couldn't vote because i'm not old enough but if i could vote i would have voted for bush. he is pro-life and that is one of the best things. If u don't want to have a kid then use a condom or don't have sex. or just put it up for adoption!thats not illegal! He also isn't for the draft and he has been here since the beggining of the war. Kerry jut wants to stop it. You can't just leave in the middle of a WAR!thats so dumb! does he want us dead?
GO BUSH WOOP WOOP i think a lot of ppl voted 4 kerry just becuz they dont like bush im not old enough 2 vote but i thought id share my opinion!!1 GO BUSH!!!
Bush is just a puppet. He doesn't know what hes doing. He is being told that what hes doing is right by his advisors. The damned idiot doesn't even read the news. I'm not sticking up for him what so ever. I'm just saying that it's practiclly the whole system thats corrupt. It didn't really matter who won. But with Kerry it might have started to get better. With Bush still in office this country is circling the drain faster than ever before.
PS, I agree with pinkkitty... canada sounds REALLY good right now.

Since I was 2 Ive wanted to be a meteorologist in the US Air Force.

But NO WAY will I EVER be stupid enough to protect a country that elects the most IGNORANT person to run it. How can you say that BUSH is in ANY way better than KERRY?

Someone said that Bush was the best debator ever. Wasnt he the one that stood up at the first debate and studdered than said the wrong name?

Yeah Great. He doesnt even know the name to our biggest threat.
If I was old enough I'd vote for Kerry..Most of the kids who said they would've voted for bush because they 'thought' he did a good job..they need to do their homework. But I'm just waiting for Bush's four years to get over..even though probably with his new "plan" with college money..I'll probably be living in the streets when I turn 18 turning to stealing for food and then becoming a convict so I wouldn't be able to vote. all thanks to BUSH.
I definitly voted! I exercised my right! ^_^ And I am Dem all the way! Get bush out and get Kerry in ( Not that he is my fav but he definitly might clean up the mess this man made!
Ok another thing, why aren't pictures showing when I post them? I put the code in and it doesn't show the picture or anything I wrote after the code. Am I doing something worng? It usually works. Thanks for your time
kerry conceded beause he couldn't win ohio. even with all the provisional ballots counted, it couldn't even make up the difference. and it WASN'T LOGISTICALLY POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO WIN THE ELECTION WITHOUT OHIO!

well in the next 4 years ill be able to vote, but i'll probably be dodging the draft, or i'll be on the streets in a cardboard box because, hey, i can't afford the bills with a deficit this high.
im amazed to how many idiots we have in this country. honestly how can you be stupid enough to think that bush did well as president the last few years? i dont think there is a drug out there that can do that to you
i agree with deadpoetic :D
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I'm nothing...Kari
I couldn´t vote, as I am not american.
And considering the results, I am really glad about that.

there were no write ins here i feel cheated.
kerry conceded when the votes were 246 to 242 or something like that. It was too close to tell. Then later, the votes went up with bush having 274 and i believe it stayed the same for kerry. my point is, he conceded before all votes were counted.
To me, kerry conceding with more votes to count, makes him look like a puss. Like he was running from it to seem like the better man. Like he always has.
shut up you retards

and by retards I am referring to pro-Bush.

If you can't vote and you're for Bush...mmm..news flash: you don't matter so shut the fuck up!

stupid little kids
go do your homework!
My non-views problem with Bush was that he DID NOT TAKE THE BLAME FOR HIS MISTAKES. JFK invaded Guantanamo Bay on faulty intelligence and said, "The buck stops with me. It's my fault, and nobody else's."
Bush couldn't even name one mistake he made, and he made plenty.

With privatized social security, now old people will lose their money! And it's their fault because, A, they invested it poorly, and B, because they voted for Bush.
I researched this election and thoroughly reviewed the candidates, and I must say that Kerry was the better choice, for multiple reasons. I would have voted Kerry. (and I did in our mock election) I almost volunteered at the city democratic office downtown, for multiple reasons, but decided against it in favor of laziness.

By the way, the losing candidate is supposed to concede. It makes the election two weeks shorter.