Hey guys, To supplement the lack of donations and things, I reluctantly made the decision to put ads on your diaries in the hopes that they will generate enough money to pay for the server or perhaps even a new server (we'll see). Don't worry, the ads won't stay up forever- they will be there intermittently. Hopefully just for like 1 week out of the month. I know that seems crappy but it's the only way that I can generate the money I need to pay for this thing without flat-out charging you guys. I don't want to do the latter. I know a lot of you hate the ads. I do too-- they're ugly. But hopefully you realize how much they help us and you will do your best to ensure sitDiary stays alive. I like sitDiary remaining nice and handsome/beautyful just as much as you do. DO NOT leave comments without reading what I just wrote.
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hello there. i dont mind the ads at all. but i've been getting pop ups on some diaries and therefor my norton popped up to tell me that there was some viruses. to all you guys sending pop ups, you stink. sorry about my franchise but it really sucks. just had to say it. take care ! Jue
Its a beautiful diary site, and I must say I thank you for not getting advertisments that come in the form of pop ups for that is annoying. But no worries, one must do what is needed to get by and well things still look awesomely beautiful! No worries! ^_^
I'm not concerned about the ads at all. They're small, simple and with no graphics or anything, done in very good taste.

A very small price to pay to have the ads - you gotta do what you gotta do, man.

Thanks for the effort you have put in to keeping SIT going - I, for one, appreciate it enormously.

Okay I have been trying to get onto my diary(Shrtcke03)for like two days now and I can't seem to get on and it keeps saying my password is wrong and I know it isn't its Minnesota or at least it should be so anyways since you are the headhoncho I was wondering if you could pleaseplease fixitandthen e-mailme anewpasswordorwhateverbutplease fixit.Ihadtomakeanewdiaryjust sothatIcouldleaveyouacomment.andIreally hateit.
can you please delete my diary?
If that's what it takes to keep sitDiary alive, it's worth the price. No-one wants their laboriously constructed sites marred by profiteering and advertising but in the case of necessity it is a small price for the service we are provided with here.
hi, can u delete my diary...
name: imspent
password: akwynn
Just much longer are the advertisements going to be on the diaries?
sounds alright well i was wondering even tho you have alot of other coments i was wondering why marquees dont work on the entrys ? and only on the titles can you do something about it?
I'm still garbing my offspring in sitD diapers, ads or no.
it's alright. i can deal with the ads. i'm coping...haha. as long as my wonderful diary stays up. :)
I think the ads are great if they will help Sit stay open! I mean, sure, they are ugly. But at least we're not looking at a screen that says the Site is Unavailable! I wish I had the money to donate, but I don't. So, it's great that Sit will remain open. You're doing all you can! Thanks! :o)
hi, I didn't know where to ask.. but is there any way that I can rename or move a diary?
i am cool with the ads.

actually, i think they enhance the look of sitDiary, they give it an extra dimension... extra texture, layering of information. i am always all for an extra layer.

seriously, as long as sit is still here and we are still a little community, you can put anything you want on my page. i dont think you could have picked more subtle advertising, well done.

peace. keep up the good work.
Is it just me or do the ads take text from your page and advertise it?

Well I'm just glad SIT can keep going. If it ever shut down, all my friends would be crying for weeks.

arigato gozaimasu!
I'll live with the ads if it means it keeps us up and running. Thanks for all the time you put into keeping sit up. You rock.
I didn't like the ads at first but you had to do it to keep the site free for us.

I'm happy that this site is still up.

Hopefully everything goes well for you and the site.


Some of the ads are just plain fucking funny. Look at the one on my sis's diary. Hamburgerxgirl. I thought I could have died laughing!

Kari ;p
How long does it take to send the activating link. My email is and my account is imperfectangel i just don't want my account deleted.
u never left an email address to email you so we could delete our accounts...i wanna delete mine and start over...
so could u please delete my account?

username:pinkangel and password: shannon

i'm sorry that you had to resort to the advertisments, but i think it is so much better than if sD just plain didn't exist anymore...
how do you put an image on an entry?
Crap. I forgot what you just wrote.
I was slightly bothered by the ads at first, but now that they've been there, they don't bug me, oh well, what are you doing to do? If you need money, you need money... SD is awesome, except for some flaws...

What does a "hit" mean, at the bottom lefthand corner of an entry?
hey scott, will you delete the diary xxangelxx for me please? thank you.
hey i read it all, i mean there a little ugly but im sure we will all get over it. im getting a job and i would like to pay for sitd but i dont have paypal. if theres any other way and when i get the money ill donate. sorry about be a cheap teen. -ashley
o and by the way, sitd is 10x better than livejournal or any other online diary at all good job
jeez, i don't care about the ads! i love sitdiaries, and if i had to start paying, i don't know what i would do. this is definately the BEST online diary i have ever had.. and i wouldn't be a happy camper without it! do what you have to do!
Who cares about those stupid yet tiny boxes at the top of our screens...As long as this place still stays a float, I'm cool!
Do what you gotta do to keep this place alive. It rocks.
i not hip and fresh....
does anyone know what happened to htmlandgraphix????? i am so sad...
can you e-mail me telling me how to ad music and pictures and other cool things to my diarie?
i love the ads if they're keeping the site up! you're my hero.. i'd die without this site.. i want to die every time the server's down!
how do you make the font smaller then bigger in some parts, along with bold. and how people have the entry name moving how do you do that? and have pictures in an entry?

leave a comment in my diary with the answers (if you respond)
actually, they are ok.

some of them are reallyf unny to read about.


oh yah, sitd is awesome.

unless the site is down.
but that hasnt happened for while


take the ads out.. PLLLEAAASSSEEE.

il sont tres ugly.
Yo, um... last night I created a journal here. I was told when I was finished that I would get an email that would confirm my email address. My problem is; I never got that email. I don't know how this place works, but I think that I should have gotten that email relatively soon after I made my account. If you would please help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
Sorry in advance if you've already addressed this, or you have to have a special account, or it's a commonly known thing, but how do I add photos to entries?
What I think is this:
If people don't like having these ads, then they can move sites, and I for one will not mourn them. 'Cause they're obviously just not cool if they can't put up with the eye-easy ads you picked.

I love Sit being up and on. Love it, love it, love it. =D

hey umm can you delete my old diary (leriacodes) cuz someone went on it and changed it so yea... i dont know the pw anymore cuz they changed it also so can u please delete that diary? thanks
i think its cool, i mean whatever's necesary rite? we'll all take one for the team, and hopefully one day wen i actually have money i can help too. but urm... i got a question, i'm not as computer savy as most so... how i do i make an entry un-private again? it's not working out for me over here. much appreciated.
i want my diary deleted, and i dont know the place i send the email to, my email is if you need it. thanx
i need my diarie erased so can i have the email adress i need to send to you
well as long as they aren't here forever...I'm okay with it. Especially if they keep sitdiary here!
i dont really mind the ads.. yeah theyre not beautiful, but theyre for a good cause.. so its all good.
I actually like the ads, just because I like having a header on every diary. I really don't mind.
I am cool with that as long as sitdiary keeps going and no charging, thanks for not wanting to charge us.

Luv SitDiary
You gotta do what you gotta do, man.

I do not mind them man. If it keeps sitd going, bring on the advertisements!
i LIKE the ads.
I don't like the idea of having ads, but if it's going to help SitD stay running then I'm all for it.
Hahaha, Im glad they wont be permanent, then. If they were permanently there, I'd probably just find a new diary.

But as long as we dont have to have them impair our beautiful diaries forever... I shall let it slip. xD
i dont mind the ads, i agree with u, its the only way to get money without having to just charge us monthly to have a diary.
awesome, I was wondering why I had penguin ads on my diary, good stuff, i like it, i thought it was cute, but peculiar, i was wondering who did it actually, thanks for letting me know. Good stuff.
what about having an option to either pay or have ads on your diary? i know some people don't have the money, but i would be willing to pay instead of having ads and i'm guessing i'm not alone in this. if you don't want ads, then you can pay.
anyone else agree?
at first i didn't kno why they were there but hey if it help fine by me
I fully understand what you have to do in order to keep this amazing site up and running. And I agree- nobody likes the ads, but it is better for the rest of us who do not have money to spend.

And for that, I really appreciate whatever expense you cut for us to keep this running, because I love sit.

I hope everything works well.

in the q and a you say to email you to delete a diary. what is the address?
i really hate this crap with ads and shit...ill put up with it as long as this dairy doesn't turn into sumthing ill have to pay for...
the adds are ugly.. but as long as they help the site up ..its ok.. i would donate.. but.. i'm poor..flat out broke :X

sit diary up = me happy.
The ads arent that great, but if it helps sitDiary stay alive without charging us money, then let there be advertisements.

The ads aren't even that whatever you must to keep sit diaries alive...this is what I do all day...
I don't even mind them that much. It's not like they're overly huge or ugly, so I don't notice them too much unless I'm LOOKING for them. Besides, they're not pop-ud ads, at least, because those are the worst. With pop-up ads, you actually have to DO something to get rid of them, but those ads... Eh, they're just there.
the adds are ok, its cool that u make such an effort not to charge us :)
however i think my diary will never be beautiful again co shtmlandgraphix diary seems to be gone :'( and i cant do html!!ooohhh noooo!!!oh well i will have to make the effort and learn i guess.
thanx 4 the great diary site btw :D
u know wat.. i love it. becouse i depend on this site.. more then anything. i honestly don't mind the ads.. lol they match my coulours. i hope it works out... thank a million!!
The ads arent that bad and youre doing a fine job running this site for us.

Also, what is the email address that I send my username and password to, to get a diary deleted?
thank u very much i dont mind the ads that badly
HEY!! i spent like 20 minutes the other night just click on those stupid ads for u. haha, i even signed up for the true thing--all the true story things. haha--just for sitDiary. and once i collect some money i will donate/get a paid account--because i honestly cannot live without this site. bye!! *Tam*
i need help. i can't get to my old diary. whenever i try to go to it, all that comes up is a blank whitepage. my user name for that one is xaceofspadesx. if you think you can help, leave a message on my new diary. username is aceofspades.
dude..not a problem at all..sometimes the ads even match my sit colors! :)...and by the way..I'm studying web design and multimedia..I really hope I can be of some help in the future Sit out because I just love it... and I know ur the only guy working on this..:( good job though
It's cool... it's a smart move really... and it keeps the diaries free so it's no problem... well at least for me...
i hate to be so there anyway to choose what ads are on your diary? because i dont like the john of god thing...or the moral education..i like the starbucks one though.
i hate to complain and what not, but those advertisements make me sad =-(

they're not very attractive and in my opinion they make our diaries look goofy. i think we should be able to choose wheather we want them there or not ...

thanks *
personally--i despise the ads, but i cannot live without my do what you need to! I WILL try to donate if i can--and possibly even get a paid account. it's only like $3 a month, right? i dunno--thanks for doing what u can, and rock on!
Hmmm. Got to admit that i'm not overly keen on the whole " Google ad's " but i suppose if the do help SitDiary stay allive then thats all that counts.
Couldn't live without it to be honest.

Joanna XxX [Fadedsoul]
I think that was a good idea to put the advertising things up. I dont like them much, but hey! Lifes goes on! I know I can live with them!

~* Frostie
The header... hip and fresh?
oh my you might want to change that...
awww man, you're fucking awesome!!
Yeah. I think the ads are great.
You probably dont know how many people actually depend on this site. Its such a stress reliever...

Thanks for your time that goes into this!
Same here I don't like to listening to links. Anyway the links are fine. They match the colors of my I like this diary site. This is the only one that I like. Even better than livejounal. I like the people here and as soon as I get a job I'll be donating to this site. Thank you very much for the site.--
Same here I don't like to listening to links. Anyway the links are fine. They match the colors of my I like this diary site. This is the only one that I like. Even better than livejounal. I like the people here and as soon as I get a job I'll be donating to this site. Thank you very much for the site.--
The ads aren't so bad... What's really bugging me is the LINKS in LISTENING TO:

It bugs the hell out of me, after all I usually don't list a single artist or song, if I'm listing an actual song at all...

Often it's just something like "The silence of darkness" or something like that. If people want to look the music up, let them take the time to go to google and do so...

Who's with me?

~ Beth
Yeah...I was wondering about those ads! But that's okay...they're not taking up that much room.
Yeah. I was going to join livejournal. But I love SitD, and since the ads aren't permanent, as you say, I'll stick with this site.
Can't you at least throw them at the bottom of the page?