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Hey Guys, Halloween is almost here and the election is not far behind. With that in mind, tell us what you'll be doing/dressing up as on Halloween. Will you be handing out candy or egging houses? Ah.. the good ol' days. And with the election coming up, who seems like a better candidate? Sarah will want to know you're supporting Bush and I will want to know you're smart enough to know that both candidates are idiots. Will you be voting? Whatever, just COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Scott --------------------------------------------- Oh, also- visit where I'm starting up a new collection of fonts for download (PC -AND- MAC). Ooooo babeh.
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siamese something, the whole point of the entry was to discuss. so dont attempt to 'hush' anyone.
both are dumb.
but, bush.

and im being a bum.
just because i can tease out my hair and wear cut off gloves.
I don't understand these people that support Bush. What does he stand for? A degredation of the separation of church and state, absolute oblivion to the world around him, fiscal irresponsibility and a growing national debt, imperialistic and inconsistent foreign policy, failing credibility on science and research fronts, a closure of social programs for those who need them, and benefiting corporations which victimize american citizens! Vote kerry
I am dressing like it's the 80's for Halloween. My sorority is having a party on Saturday and we'll hand out candy on Sunday.
As for the election, I am voting for Bush yo.
i agree with what 'almost' said down there. why vote for nader or other unimportant candidates? it would just take votes away from kerry. gore could have won in the 2000 election if all the people that mindlessly voted for nader would've voted for him. think about that. i'm not pro-kerry i'm just very anti-bush. be smart about it people. nader's not going to win, so just vote for the lesser of two evils. if i could vote...
i'd vote for whoever would get bush out of the white house.
I was wondering what are the perks of having a paid diary
if i was american, i would vote kerry. john *arse licker* howard will do anything george w. bush tells him to do. such as going to war.
i'm 16. I am a teenage republican in school tho. bush deserves 4 more years. he's put up with a lot during his presidency. I saw him at a rally this past thursday and he was excellent. Everything Kerry promises contradicts another one of his promises. He's not cut out to be the president of the u.s. sorry but vote for bush. 4 more years.
If I could vote it would be for Bush without a shadow of a doubt.

God help us if Kerry gets elected...
Bush has put up with a lot during his presidency because he's done a shit job.

Am I the only one that thinks that Kerry is actually good? (as opposed to the lesser of two evils)
dear korex,

i think kerry is good, but it'd be idealistic and unrealistic to think that he'd be able to actually carry out all of his plans. hopefully he can do the majority..but just like clinton and his healthcare plan, he'll probably fail at it. that's just one example. he's good, but really, if he was really good, he wouldnt be a politician.

take care.

ew u tell sarah that she is sick and an IDIOT to suport Bush. You can also tell her i am sorry that she is so uneducated and fooled into liking that murdering bastard
dear nodignity,

i am sarah. it was sarcasm. also, im glad you aren't allowed to vote yet.

be well, you little rebel, you.
im voting bush. and i think its rather rude to say someone is stupid for there choice or opinion. they both suck anyways.
voting = kerry
i dont wanna hear anyones bullshit about politics so just hush. whatever you vote on, thatsno of my business and it's better that way.

dressing up as = a cow
what's better than a cow? only 16 so i cant vote, but i really wish i could...Bush is an idiot, i would definatly vote for Kerry.

hmm. cool story. i wasn't trying to "hush" anyone. k thnx...
"i dont wanna hear anyones bullshit about politics so just hush."


well i hate both political idiots... but im democrat so if i were going to vote which im not... but if i were it'd be kerry.
and trick or treat night over here is the 28th.. same night i turn 19 ha.

so im going out with a friend and walking my sister and brother around (ill be dressed as a cat) thats the only thing i could fit my pregnant belly in ya know. lol and my baby sister will be a princess, 2 cute.
i agree with shadowflare.. definately bush as president.. kerrys a risky choice..

as for halloween.. im going to be trick or treating in a hotel.. no dressing up though :(.. next year im going to be a giraffe though :)!

-random noter-
:-) beckie :-)
Going to a Halloween party this year...going to be a fallen angel, figured that'd be fun. As for the election, I see Kerry as the lesser of 2 evils, but I do agree with you, buth pretty much suck.
i think i'll just walk around with a large group of people and be the typical asshole teenager.

or a ballerina.

and as for the candy... "borrow" from my brothers...sharing is caring.
OBVIOUSLY TRICK OR TREATING AND EGGING HOUSES! I think polotics are dumb. It's all propoganda. I may change my mine by the time I am old enough to vote but what ever, otherwise I am Pro-Bush... Edwards (VP candidate) is a hipocritical moron.
I'm being a Hogwarts student! For the fifth year in a row! Because I'm just messed like that! And I've already got my outfit! (And the groovy wand)!

Personally I say screw both candidates because they all suck! I'd to like to see a girl run! Wait.. wasn't the class discussing an issue on- nevermind.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!.. in 6 days!

Cheers :D
I will be either egging and TPing my dad's shop or doing the same to a bitch in the neighborhood
dear swallowed,

hopefully you will learn to spell by the time you can vote.


also, how is bush not? oh yeah, you dont care but you know that much is true.

well done.
egging isn't cool. it's rude and it sucks.

toilet papering is equally lame.

after if happens to someone in the neighborhood what's the first thing you think?

'damn, that sucks'

so why, oh why, would you do it to anyone? even your worst enemy? there are better things to do. if you need suggestions on how to use your time to do something less retarded, just ask.
for halloween i am going to wear parrot wings and a whip. a little casual drug use. it'll be a grand ol' time.

as far as politics? "won't get fooled again." pretty much states my philosophy. i don't really know how much better off we'd be if gore was president. the democratic party stands for something closer to what i believe in though i guess.
for one thing, i find the bush campaign tactics embarassing.
1. perpetuate fear of terrorism. a commercial featuring a pack of wolves will do wonders.
2. create flip-flop image of john kerry. perpetuate that too.
3. "all hail king george."

^that was the jist of the RNC.

not to mention his public speaking ability, his sides on everything... urgh it makes me sick.

i'm relatively neutral on kerry and i hate bush.
"Bush vs. Kerry. There's just one question you have to ask yourself...
Who would the terrorists vote for?"
Yes, they ARE idiots. Anyone who doesn't realize that, is one too! Kerry has plenty to say about what Bush does wrong, but apparently has no plans for himself. WHAT a loser. Bush sucks too- I don't like the things he does. Neither of them can talk to us straight. I hate politician bull worse than regular bull. The only candidates who sound honest are third party- and they're inevitably fruity. Vote Donald Duck!!!

I'm either going as a '50's girl, something scary, or making a haunted house. I think I'll go trick-or-treating. I agree with you all the candidates are idoits but, really, if you have to choose one, vote Bush. Bush looks more like a grandfather type figure, and Kerry ...................................................................................................................................................................................
Yeah! Screw political views! I want the most powerful man in the world to be like my grandfather!

(Last year, I went as a pez dispenser. I am undecided so far this year.)

No, not really. I wouldn't vote. They both seem like retards and now that Nader's off the ballot, what's the point.

I'm gonna be a vampire!! WOOT!
They're both idiots!!! I agree!
LUCKILY, i know the "news" password so i can change your shit.

VOTE FOR KERRY!! sure, he looks like frank..but bush...please kids.

VOTE FOR KERRY OR DIE. or be harrassed by me. the latter is worse.

also, if you're going to vote for Bush, just dont vote at all.

ill give you a dollar. or something i was going to sell on eBay.
Salad fingers. WHAT WHAT!

pfft, yeah :)
Kerry, of course. I actually care about protecting this country, our constitutional rights, and keeping the government out of my bedroom and religion.
Bush will attack Iraq with absolutely no incentive, but won't send military aid to Sudan? Gee, I wonder what that double standard implies.
Frankly, Bush can't do anything about abortion, our taxes are being raised anyway, and Kerry can read and write. I prefer the obvious choice--Kerry/Edwards.
ill just put my chearing out fit .. =) kerry


and I don't think I'm gonna dress. I'll probably be an emo kid or something.
boo hoo
Hallowe'en has always been sucky. Annoying little trick-or-treaters knocking on your door every five fucking minute so you have to get up from your nice comfy chair, only to have some spoilt little brat shrieking "trick or treat" at you in the most annoying way possible.

They come early, too! We got two lots last night. I slammed the door, telling them to piss off 'cause they were early.

Fucking nonces.

I find the activity of scooping out raw pumpkin seeds and eating them nice because it feels as if I am eating human brains. Which, incidentally, is also nice.
Halloween...hmm I'll probably watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. Equally depressing and nerdy.

I'll be voting for Kerry for the simple fact that Bush is a puppet. :-)

I'll be voting for Bush and my twin sister is going to vote Kerry ...
I am going as a female japenese samari. I am gonna kick butt!!
dear lady,

go here to see what john kerry plans to do. not that he'll most definitely stick to his plans, believing that is just gullible, but at least you wont speak about what you dont know anymore. or at least i hope not.

take care.
i'm gonna be a geisha with her wrists slit...*sniggers and slinks away*
In Australia we dont really celebrate halloween... BUT I'm still going to a Halloween party! I cant think of a costume, so I'm going to be really unoriginal and go as a witch... Or maybe, the devils ex-wife.. *bwuahahaha*

George Bush is a simple minded, shit eating moron, and if you actually did try to understand him you would become so lost in his dead-end mental pathways that you would give in and vote for him simply to escape the horror.
I'm going as Karen O haha.... Even though my body is absolutely nothing like hers...

And on the presidential thing..... GO NADER!!!

kerry. i think bussh is an idiot and doesn't understand the american people. taxes, forgein affairs, pro-choice...all of it. i don't see how anyone in the right mind can vote for bush.

btw...for halloween...a bumble bee!
forgien**** :)

but that was good effort.
there both idoits, therefor vote for the Nadar dude. he likes trees? so eh. OH WELL! Halloween... Dressing and Egging. Bride of Chucky. yeah. ta ta my love
I'm aware both candidates are not the brightest (one more so than the other) but I say vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. Seeing as voting green party is kind of a wasted vote, I think we know who to vote for. Who wants a president who has destroyed our foreign relations!?

PS. I'm gonna be an angel for Halloween and my friend is going to be a devil. We're hoping we can go trick-or-treating successfully!
i know i've posted the most. i know i need to get out more. but consider this:

'politics isnt good versus bad. politics is bad versus worse' - Prof. Kirby Matter

both people arent that great. both have their own agendas they'd like to play out, but just consider who is the better of the two 'bad' ones.

nader is good, but considering he wont be on the majority of ballots, dont waste a vote that couldve gone to kerry to get bush out.
yeah bush and kerry are idiots but i'd rather vote for bush if i could because kerry is well scary ...oh and for halloween i'm going to be a black cat !
bush, please
Both of the canidates are horrible, but bush has done many things i don't agree with, so i'd rather vote for kerry since he is so much more intellegent then bush.

For halloween i'm going to be marilyn monroe :-)
cool fonts so far.

Yes, I will be voting, and no it won't be for bush. But that doesn't mean you know who I will be voting for. heehee. I don't tell people.

I will be working this halloween, so I am dressing as a kitty (katie the kitty), and taking some of the kids trick or treating.