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Okay guys, I decided that Sunday would be a good time for a chat session since that's the only day I have off. So here's the time and place: Time: March 6th, 2005 @ 2:00 PM PST Place: sitDiary AIM chat room You're all invited to join and talk about whatever you want. If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger, you can download it @
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Hey idk what to go to to delete a user name i made and dont like any more. please tell me what to do!leave me a comment Please!Thanks!!Amanda
hi scott,
How do you get cursors that have words going in circles? And how do you get those information things to pop up when u first go to a site....
i really need some help!,
dear scott,
i can read other peoples' comments even if they are set to friends-only. sometimes it is very personal and maybe those should be friends-only, too. could that work?
yeah, like [shatteredangel] said, if you are ever overwhelmed with stuff, and want me to make you some quick little system for sitD or something, I'll help. =)
I'm not the best with php, but I'm pretty sure I can help with some stuff if you ever need any.

Oh, and the chat was awesome. *thumbs up*
Thanks for the alerts on the evil music diaries. Every time I clicked them they'd messed up my computer badly.

representing straight from 2003!
woop woop
nothin' beats the oldskool diarists.
Hey Scott! That chatroom meetting was a good idea. Loads of interesting topics lol. Take care.
haha scott darlin hey, im jus puttin in a good word for robbie (firestormx) coz he has expressed his luv for u and sit n said how much he would like to b able to help u with things so, to keep him happy i am just prompting things...:p cyaz

if someone is leaving some not so nice "anonymous" comments ( i say "anonymous" because i know who it is ) how can i find out if they have a diary here???


PLEASE get back to me at my diary..

thanks :)
how do u delete friends like I tried to delete htmlandgraphix but they don't have a delete button for their entry on my sitD

yea i kinda got kicked out! : lol i feel loved...


that day I'm gonna be at my uncle's house!!!!!!!!!



more people should go in the chat room not just at that specific time!!
no, it doesn't delete randomly.

some people don't seem to read the Terms of Service before joining. it pretty clearly states that you agree not to post inappropriate content or i will delete the account.

the last thing i need is everyone all up in a stir because of some controversial b.s. being posted on my little website. so i'm avoiding having to shut the whole site down by deleting offensive content.

i do give warnings though, so it's not like i just say "you fucked up, bye." i would say i'm pretty fair.

so there you go.. hope i tore that gossip right up and threw it in the proverbial pit of hell.

what time would that be in eastern time? thanks...laters -kim-
hey i heard that sit just randomly deletes ppl diaries, is that true?
Wow, that sounds exciting. I'm always on AIM and SitD so I'll probably be in the chat.

SN= babedizzle

Talk to you then.

hahaa. :[

it's ok anette. I'll try to carry my pc to my uncle's home!!
sounds like fun

too bad some people are gonna have to miss it

oooo. okid doke. :0=]
you can always go in the chat room, that's just the only time *i* can make it during the day time.