i love the enthusiasm

thank you to those of you that responded to the pie entry. for those you of that did not like pie but still responded...you weren't supposed to. pie loversss only. anyyyyyyyyyyyyway, what're you guys doing for thanksgiving? hopefully some are volunteering as well as being gluttenous with the food. tell me. now.
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you know what i realized? most of the diaries that are having anniversaries today haven't been used since the day they got it. why do people even bother?

but happy thanksgiving&all that jazz anyway
I plan to eat lots of food, then whine about how I shouldn't have eaten so much.
how do i delete my diary?
my thanksgiving consists of watching gobs of football, awesome turkey and stuffing mmm, watching my relatives get smashed, and just having fun!
Unfortunately, being of the English persuasion, I don't really do anything for thanksgiving.
i'm staying home and eating lots of thanksgiving food :)


gcroxgotit is coming to visit.

=O my thanksgiving has already passed because i live in canada


we did what we do every year

went to my trailor and ate mounds and mounds of food and OMG sweet potato pie i swear its like dessert its the best thing ever... and then me and my cousins go up on the hill and play football and get yelled at because we are really close to everyones car...

yeah fun times.
my canadian thanksgiving was spent with my dear family. we had turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

twas superb&loverly.
I am spending thanksgiving with dania and her family. Her mom makes like a hundred pies every year.



my dad will likely make us get up bright and early,

go to pantries

then drive around skid row so

we can

"appreciate how good we have it"..

cause you know,

its not thanksgiving if you dont

drive around observing
the homeless
the druggies
the prostitutes...


Heh heh, thanksgiving is already done here in Canada. XD
I see you made the friends only entries show up. =)
mm. thanksgiving.
Out into the middle of nowhere to see my grandparents and cousins on my moms side of the family.
wheeeeee..Im from scotland..So..Kinda..Don't..Do...It. Haha..
<3 Chloe.
well, australia is so good we dont need thanksgiving. we all know we have it better than you guys anyway lol
I get to pick out a diamond =)
going to my boyfriends house and meetin family....eeesh.... then off to go out to eat with my gramps ...case were to lazy to cook..lol...hope everyones holiday is super kickass!!
i love pie pie is good...

im helpin out at the homeless shelter for thanksgiving W00T!!!!!!
Thanksgiving for the past 3 years has been in our neighbors backyard where we have a bondfire and we have about 20-30 people over and we have tons of food, and we get a lamb and we tie it to a stick and spin it around the fire the whole day and we all take turns spinning it, and the deal is if you spin it, you get to eat some lamb. after eating lots we drink and play guitar and then we get the potato gun out and piss off the neighbors who aren't
...we piss over the neighbors who weren't invited. and then after all that stuff, every year we watch monty python and the holy grail and spinal tap.

yep my family and our friends are insane.
definitely eating tons of food with my family and my boyfriend's family. duhhhhh, what else. :)
I get to go to my father's hometown, without him, sit and talk to rlatives I barely know. Then I get to go sit in the cold to work on a Science project. Great fun.

At least I get good food.
hey i had a question ... how do i delete my diary?
je mange le diner de thanksgiving.

that is all.
and would you like to email my friend her password yet?
or change it for her?
her diary is lalalaemily.
her email is emortsmit@att.net.
Thanksgiving x2 for me! First, with my friend's family on friday, and then with my brothers, mom, moms husband, and step brothers. and im soo looking forward to it- i would rather sleep outside then eat with one of my stepbrothers and his girlfriend.
staying home to eat loads of turkey and other foods and PIES with my grandparents. oh and the Thanksgiving Day Parade is fun to watch.

happy thanksgiving everyone
Sticking to my Britishness and completely disreagrding it.

Despite being slightly, if not completely, envious of it.


We don't celebrate it.. but i'd like to :)

Damn being english!
i dislike thanksgiving food...
but i always contribute to food drives and things anyway.
hmm, maybe i'll donate $60.00 worth of top ramen again? just like last year. but who knows? maybe the needyy are tired of top ramen now.

i don't reallyy like turkeyy. because i alwayys end up thinking of the turkeyys that wander around myy neighborhood. but mashed potatoes are alwayys awesome.

I am going home to good ol' SC for Thanksgiving.

By the way, thanks SO MUCH for the friends only friends on my friends page thing!!! ahhh you rock.
I will be at work on Thanksgiving -
no rest for the hospital workers. I will, however, get to eat delightful "hospital" Thanksgiving turkey - BLAH.
But I plan on doing the stuffing and pie thing at my parent's on Friday.

Happy Turkey Day!
I will be at my aunts house, consuming the 4 delicious pies I will make.


I will be with my mom and dad on Thanksgiving. I'm going to ask them this year to see if I can work at a shelter thingy. :D
i'll be with my mom's whole family eating a HUGE meal :) yay.
i'll be watching the parade...and my whole family is coming over (hopefully our house is big enough for all of them) and then we're going to eat a lot of really good thanksgiving foods...and then we're probably going to play pool or some other random game. maybe i'll have some friends over too. and then i'll give all of the bajillion packs of ramen i have to the hungry peoples. YAY FOR RAMEN!
I'm having the normal Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but before I go home I'm volunteering to feed the homeless with a fraternity of mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Your questions are awesome......I'm probably staying home. I would love to help out at a kitchen for the homeless though!
making some turkey Ya'll and put up christmas decorations!
Its A family tradition. one of the only ones we have.
i'm going to my aunt's (new) house and having thanksgiving there, i think she's happy it's so much bigger than her old one.
AND for school i shall be donating various cans of food. =)
oh you know.
dinner with the fam.
and i'll probably be on the phone with someone who calls me mhmm
uhh, HP:GOF.
& not celebrating thanksgiving.
eating... duh.
a HUGE turkey
well, i live in canada so you know its over, but i dont really celebrate anyways. we have ham, but thats as far as it goes. i dont like turkey
Agian, the hangman game is broken. I miss it very much.
i plan on going to my aunt's house like my family does every year and eating really good free food. i will get really blazed before and/or after.
More than likely I'll be sitting at home, eating a bunch of food i hate, though I appreciate, and hanging with family...

By the way...is there anyway I could get my password for my account: Ffffalling23 emailed to me at irishbaby223@excite.com
I've forgotten it and have no way to get back into my account that's been idle for like 8 months...Please and Thank You...

I'm driving to Vegas with my mom and her friend guy bc he's never been there. annd we're styaign with my uncle and aunt and and and it's going to be fuun =)

i have to run when im there too, which will be fuuuuuuuun. w00t. not really. but yeeah. i haev to since im in XC and track. rawr.

what abotu youuuuuu??