The Massage Table really, i'm just using this so google maps this web site in its search engine. --- the chat went well. i got some good suggestions. i must say i am proud of the little sitdiary community we have here. it's excellent. thank you for cooperating. next time, however, the topic will be more concrete and i will be asking specific questions. that should make the meeting shorter. over and out. -scott
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fo sho 24.
Sorry I could join this chat. I had work:'(
i too am proud of this SitDiary sit. it fucking owns
i love sit diary :) it's the best.

i was wondering if maybe you could tell me why the pictures aren't showing up in my entries??

hopefully you can help.

-holly brooke
im sorry i missed it too
i also had work........
do u know when the next chat will be? cause i missed the last one because i had an event for my color guard...
I lost my password to my other diary (treggy) and I was wondering if you had a 'lost password' thing.
Scott! The IWeb Music popup notice!
You are beautiful.
Hey Scott, I have a question. Could you help me with making the side panels clear? I don't have the slightest clue on how to mess with the color or opacity, what have you... Well, thanks I appreciate and help you could give me. Keep up the excellent work, just don't work to hard. See ya!
Oh, yeah... The AIM chat session was awesome. Hahah, I guess we really did chat it up... lol! Stay cool.

couldn't make the chat...

will there be another???

oh and,



there is no greater