Sorry about the recent downtime, it was just a glitch with one of the tables I was optimizing but the good news is-- the user table is optimized! Also, I plan to back the whole site up once a week (probably Saturday night/Sunday morning @ 12:00AM). This way your things will never be TOTALLY lost if things do go to hell in a handbasket. However, that also means that the site will go down for about a half hour every week at that time. Also, while I'm here, I was thinking it would be cool if we set a daily meeting time on AOL Instant Messenger, for all you geeks who use the AIM messenger service. Let me know what you think and it (might) shall be done! Peace out homies. Scott
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man screw the eastside!!



*throws a mean old gangster sign*!!!


so calm down thurrr!!
omg! I just realized i accidentaly gave the wrong email adress for my validation!! is there anything i can do fix this??? I did not intend to put a fake adress but my internet service was recently changed! PLEASE HELP!
Yay for the spiffeh AIM idea. It seems like a realy cool thing to do.

...I might not participate myself though, since I' But I still love the idea. ^^
i use both msn and aim so i feel lucky.

good idea,bro.
that aim thing will be a superberb things. hmm sence i do spend most of my time talking you people on sitd and its looks like most do the same.

p.s deadpoetic you know you wish you were on the eastside. we know how to party naked in the snow and what can be cooler then that.
So, I've got the same trouble as some people here... a diary mess up...?
my diary is still not working it says like line one does not match up with column (285) or something like that
just say when with the aim thing.
sounds like a party. :D
: P
hey, i know you had that downtime thing, but my diary is still messed up. it says something about the column count not matching something. I just signed up yesterday. Please help me! I don't know if i am the only one afflicted, but i made my sD as a place to showcase my poetry and i'm sad that it isn't working. Thank you for your time.
AIM would rock. i also need TONS of HTML help on my diary, so if anybody can help that would rock.
hellz yea AIM.

you know how we do
yahoo has the best yellow faces. go yahoo.
sure y not
like some sitD chat room..that sounds fun.

all the lamers that use msn will be left out though. hmm.
sounds cool
Better safe than sorry, eh? I'm all for the making of a backup. And, heck, what's half an hour, an hour even, when it means that our diaries are safe?

And the AIM thing is an awesome idea. Because I'm totally a geek. :P

Have a great day.

oh like u dont hav AIM!

its a good idea :)

that's some tight shiznit hommie g dawg!
ohhh i would love to do the AIM thing.. it would be great.
that would be great but what about the people in the eastern time zone? there's like a 3 hour difference...i'm sure u'll be able to work somethin out...laters...-kim-
AIM sounds good too me,geek haha
*sweet!* like Napolean Dynamite would say it...
can you delete my diary? password is caligirl

so, i just started on this diary thing, but every time I go to add a new entry, I get some weird message about column something or other. what's going on?