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sitDiarians, The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Okay, as you all know, the last switch we made went over without a hitch. This server switch is turning out to be expensive. We're going to need another $300.00 to cover this one, folks. Donations in any amount would be awesome.
Donation Amount
Once we switch, then the downtimes should decrease dramatically. I think we're all tired of it. For any questions, IM me on AIM: decyphex ------------------------------------------ Update. So far, we've received $15 in donations from two people (Beth & Ashley). There's still $285 to go.
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Give me a few days for my payment to reach Visa central and I'll pony up a few shares, man.
Hooray for sitD! Yay, sitD!

Is there somewhere we could send money? I'd give you some, but don't have a credit card...
after we switch to the new server, is that when you will make paid accounts available?
I will so try to donate.
I don't have AIM
Everytime I Log in and click "My Diary" a screen comes up that says 'Page had been moved' and there is a clickable that says HERE...and i click it and is does not work. Can you tell me whats going on with is. Or what i can do?
angelwalk- if you can contact me via AIM at 'decyphex' i can give you an address to send money to.

beth- yes, and thank you tons for your donation.

sayitlikeyoumeanit- try to describe the problem a bit more in depth please. where is this occurring?

xxinsecurexx- thank you so much.
Almighty Scott-

My friend (yourwordskillme) can't sign in on sitDiary. It won't let I'm being nice and leaving a note for her. She tried IMing you but of course you're idle. Yeah. So she just wanted to know if you thought it was sitD or her computer.

Hey Scott is there anyway we could mail you donations? Because I don't have a credit card.
Hey Scott, as soon as i get my paycheck, i shall donate to SitD again.
Thank you for making such an awesome site,
Man! I wish I could donate! I need to get a checking card first!