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As many of you are aware, I have teased for daysmonthsyears now about paid accounts but I believe I can put a solid effort into making some substantial improvements to the accounts of those wishing to donate to the sitDiary cause. Before I make such a large jump into uncharted territory, I am just curious to know which of you would like to upgrade. Also -- if you would like to upgrade, what would you like with your upgraded account? Any related information is good too. This should be good for everyone. Please comment. --Scott ------------------------------------------- justaminority: great suggestion and i'd already thought of that. paid diaries will NOT have ads. --- Everyone needs to relax about the deleting of friends fiasco. We realize that you may want to delete them. Calm down. Scott will add it soon. Forty-nine million people asking it over and over again will not solve the problem. Thanks.
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Mr. And Mrs. News,

Yesterday, I donated $10.00 via paypal to the email address Also, if paid accounts were available, I would get one. Please drop me an email at to confirm you guys got the money etc. Also, sitDiary is the SHIT! =D.

Thanks so much,

J.D. Tadlock
haha to you blast. Thats what you get for being annoying! lol! Does it really matter that bad if you diary doesn't get deleted the instant you ask? geez....
That was really rude. I didn't know that you people are allowed to cuss at people and tell them to choke on corroded cow poop. Yeah, you have a great life too!
no. just to bother you. suckah.
Can you please delete this diary?
Not sure if this is feasible, but it would be cool to save color schemes for easy switching.
by the way, I love the new friends page.
I just look forward to the deleting issue being solved.
I would perhaps try and get a paypal account if I knew the cost, I love sitD, at first I didn't because it was so different from LJ but now LJ seems so second class in comparison!

I'm all for calendars because it's good to keep track of the months/days/years, but i'm not digging the idea of diary templates like someone said below. The layout is nice even for diaries that aren't wrought with html. yay for no ads, too.
i would upgrade
i think the new freinds thing is bad because it allows strangers to read entries in your freinds only diaries.
suggestion for paid accounts.. being able to write your own mood.
i'd want one. i've been with sit for awhile now and i love it.
id like it if with paid acounts you could upload different images extension not just .jpg&gif's
Well that was really rude.
dear Blast,

just fucking relax. scott will delete when he has time. you may find this hard to believe but he actually has a 60+ hour work week and a life. hard to fathom, i know. just relax. or dont sign into your diary and itll get deleted automatically in a lot of months.
Hey. Please delete this diary or help me know how to delete it. It is a waste of space and I want it gone. I left you guys a comment before, but it seems like no one reads them. PLEASE RESPOND!
My opinion:

1) Upgrade would be wonderful but for the fact that I don't have a credit card and therefore can't do paypal.

2) The worry of knowing that I have to owe however much money to keep my diary intact and going would slowly drive me mad.

I would love to sign up for a paid account cause I ¢¾ sitD, but I don't think it's gonna happen unless more easier ways of paying come about (ie paying without credit card) and such like.

happy 2nd anniversary, mr. and mrs. news people.

celebrate kinky.
i agree w/ pinacolada i get so cunfuzzled w/ all the times!!!
i think that it would be nice if, like the private entry thing, there could be a friends only entry thing.
more space for pictures maybe?
Is it possible to delete a friend who has no entries?
thanz 4 adding the delet button props!! =)
how much are those paid accounts per month again? i'm definately interested but, i want to make sure i can pay for it.

Scott, I have a question. Its happened from day one. How come everytime I change my comment pic I have to have a huge struggle to get the one I want? It always shows the one I use to have. Then eventually after major struggles I get what I want. I've always wondered why that is. And right now I'm having that "fight" again, so I was wondering if you knew why. Thanks. peace out -char
well ill just suggest stuff and im sure u dont need my excuses for why i cant pay for an account..anyways

there should be an option to only let logged in people read your diary..and to block individual members from reading it
well thats bout it..kingothehills good
I would upgrade as well. I think I could convince parentage it would be worth their precious credit cards. Not sure. I think saving colour scemes, private comments (eg only for the person to read), more image space, no adverts (they aren't that bad) and I did have other ideas but I can't think of them now.
hey hey.. luv my diary... been here forever.. anyway.. i'd love to get rid of ads.. only b.c they don;t match my theme. if they did i wouldn't mind em that much... hey maybe you could let people who have donated in the past get a free month or something nice for being there before ya know? idk.. i;d upgrade.. this is the only journal i keep up.. luv it!! =)
scott this site is the best. I will be buying a payed account. I would be heart broken if we ever were to lose it AHH! keep up the good work!! Ima buy 3 payed accounts one for me the whip and a extra one just to give you the $$$ !!
okay if you lost your password to like another diary and you have a new email how do you find out your password?
and i wanted to know if you know any places for sit for like cooler codes besides htlmgrapics?
whoooa! theres a delete friend button now. :0) Oh yeah..i have a suggestion..perhaps changing the times for where people live? Happy New Year!
the option to remove comment features from individual entries
and backdating entries
and forwarding email addresses.
and the "delete this journal!" button.
and "search your entry for this term" form thingies. those are spiffy.
and putting images in the user info.

i will be so sad if people could easily put music on their diaries. like xanga. that's just bullshit!
I think it is cool how when you leave someone a comment, you can delete it now. I don't think it has always been around, has it?
just tell me where to send the money order, check , or cash cause i dont own a credit card yet

to the comment below:

i totally agree. scott is going to fix that sometime before we all die.
I would like an upgrade... But I can't, my dad said a definate "No". But anyway. I like the idea of more space in the image manager. And Private Messaging sounds good! More comment space. Oh and do what Xanga diaries do to get music on the site, where all you do is type in the address. I'm not a html person, so I can't figure out how to make it play on my site without going to one of the sites that give you a code... That all sounds good. -char
yeah id love the upgrade... i only wish i had more money to do so... and also i have a question if anyone can help me, is there anyway we can delete friends off our list? cus we used to be able to and now i cant find a way! help!
I would be interested in upgrading. But if it is going to be a by-the-month type of thing, you should make it so people can pay for more than one month at a time, instead of worrying about paying every month. Also, the option of being able to make certain entries friends only would be nice.
It would be nice if paid users had more comment space, if you could block some IP adresses, buttons on an entry to do colored font, bold, italics, underline, and strikeout (because I'm too lazy sometimes to type things in) and maybe an option that only users could view a journal. Even without those things I still love this site, it's the only diary site i haven't gave up on.
i would upgrade if its not too expensive, its possible to do it in the UK, and if i get my debit card in time. If possible, i think upgraded accounts should have all that have been mentioned so far, and the ability to block certain users from seeing your diary or commenting etc. Also, like in LJ you should be able to have one entry no friends only so people can request to view your diary. Just a thought.
hey, is it possible to boot someone for flooding ur comments? i got about 20 from one anon person saying the same thing over and over and over....
i will upgrade solely to give you my monies. and to remove the ads that seem to insist that i have bad breathe, or need to click a link to fix it.
i got a sit cos i wanted soemthing different.its not that unique anymore...
but i would upgrade
i live outside the US.
so i can still upgrade right?
i would upgrade.

no ads would be awesome. i cant think of anything else cool right now, maybe more image space?
I'm sure the majority of people with SitD accounts would be happy to see the ads removed from their diaries. The ads are ugly and they get in the way of things, if a paid account would rid us all of that problem then I would most definitely buy one.

I also noticed that the delete option is no longer avaliable under 'friends'. Is this just a temporary problem?

P.s. I like the whole "Delete My Comment" thing.

It's actually quite nice to have. Keep it!
Upgrades are nice.

If a paid account is cool enough I might upgrade if the cost is not too much..
Also, I like the ads. I think they are funny. Sometimes, they match what people write about. I don't think there is nothing wrong with the ads. And please delete this diary
Alrighty... I would like to delete this diary because it is a waste. Help? PLEASE ANSWER ME!
Why upgrade? it's perfect! I am just fine with adds, cuz then it's free! well, it's perfect except for the friends thing-do you know how to delete them?
I want one.

However, that will be impossible if they are:

01) Too expensive
02) Only available if you have credit card facilities
03) Only otherwise available if you live in the US

That's my scope on it.
will ads be taken off of the paid users' journal's?

also, prices??? methods of payment? a barter system?

i'm meeting you for lunch in 19 minutes. i love you. bye.
Hey, just wanted to say that I dont mind the adds in the least bit, dont see why everyone complains, I mean they keep the site going guys....

i got a few bugs i have seen, i rather not tell about them, is there a email i can send one it too?
It all really depends on how much it is. This is the only journal site that I've actually kept going, so it does deserve soemthing....

*happy dance*

Finally. Sign me up.

The paid account thing is cool too, though if it's a kabillion dollars, then I can't afford it..

Though I agree with whom said it below, I joined sit because it was unique, keep it like that, it's much different than the average livejournal.
Hmm... paid accounts is a wonderful idea, and raises the much needed money for sit. Maybe you can give them unlimited writing comments wordage? And how about a higher image storing capacity? Also, how about different urls? Like "" sorta thing? Diary templates are a good idea, especially for those of whom are html challenged. Also, how about like a calendar or poll feature? I dunno, I think that'd be pretty cool.
i dont really want to upgrade that much because i can barely do anything cool with mine anyways. But Despite what my parents say i will send you some money for support. :) Maybe if i send enough you can just get the ads off but not upgrade me. :D

Alrite say if I upgraded rite now.....btw: how much is it? or are we allowed to donate as much as we want? Because I have a Gift card Visa that has 5 bux on it i aint gonna use so was thinkin of donating that. Anyways but if i upgraded now and you added new features to pay accounts would i Automatically get those? maybe its a dumb question but heh i'm havin a blond day.....Sitdiary Rocks Majorly! this is the best site for journals
the ads dont do shit for te site unless you click on them.
i dont want to upgrade..and i have a question: how do i get the ads off of my diary?
o yeah never mind i dont have a paid account so yeah i dont matter
how about you also add time like when people leave a comment you also leave the time and date or something like that
two things.

how much is it to upgrade? is it just the donation thing or what?

and whats with the double ads? i hate being a pain and asking but its unalligned everything.
im sure you guys will figure it out. sorry for being a pain.
Uhh... is scott working on some stuff? Cause my site is totally haywire. Its like the backround is gone. And if you scroll down, everything gets mushed together. If he's working on something, I'll deal. But if its not, and there is just a problem with my site, please let me know! peace out - char
Yeah...sorry about that...^^;
I plan on upgrading, big time.
Scott, I need help deleting friends...can we not do that anymore or?