10 cents.

"Not-One-Damn-Dime Day" In Protest of the Inauguration of George W. Bush Thursday, Jan 20, 2005 (Inauguration Day) Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in Iraq, since our political leaders don't have the moral courage to oppose it, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is "Not One Damn Dime Day" in America. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" those who oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms of consumer spending. During "Not One Damn Dime Day" please don't spend money. Not one damn dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for necessities or for impulse purchases. Not one damn dime for nothing for 24 hours. On "Not One Damn Dime Day," please boycott Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target. Please don't go to the mall or the local convenience store. Please don't buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the retail economy down. The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and that it is their responsibility to stop it. "Not One Damn Dime Day" is to remind them, too, that they work for the people of the United States of America, not for the international corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and funnel cash into American politics. Not One Damn Dime Day" is about supporting the troops. The politicians put the troops in harm's way. Now 1, 300 brave young Americans and(some estimate) 100,000 Iraqis have died. The politicians owe our troops a plan - a way to come home. There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" you take action by doing nothing. You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people. I know Scott will take this down, but it's worth a try.
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it wont work...i agree with the person who said that telling americans to not buy anything for a day is like telling them not to breathe..it wont happen..i agree with the idea tho...but boycotting wont do anything..riot in large masses at all the capital buildings..to hell with getting arrested,if it means that much to anyone then it would be worth it..thats my opinion..
i guess i wont be spending money tomorrow
I think that this idea has good intentions, but realistically I can't see it working. It would take a vast amount of people to make even the tiniest blip in Americans' spending - and that wouldn't convince the government of anything.
"It would take a vast amount of people to make even the tiniest blip in Americans' spending."

Just what I was about to say. =/
As much as I agree with the cause (and might even do this just for the heck of it), I don't know what difference it will make either.

I mean, if I am not even hearing about this until the day before it is supposed to happen, I am wondering how many people will actually get this message by tomorrow.

All I can say is that I hope this war is over soon and that the troops get to come home, because nothing has been accomplished by this war.
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No thanks.
Amen! It's time to stop this war! Count me in! (Of course, it helps a lot that I don't have any money to spend..)
i agree. i mean, even though i posted this and will try not to spend money...i couldnt think of a reason to not support it.

its to make you feel good about yourself. thats what most good deeds are for...that, or to get you into heaven, right?

im partly joking.

anyway, my cousin emailed this to me and i thought the least it could do was generate interaction between users.

participate or not.

be well, everyone.
Hey, if only to save the world from Presidents who sees the tsunami as a political advantage to boost themselves.
I shall do this.

I've wanted to protest this adminstration/war, and this is a good thing to do it by.

I'll let all my friends know too.

Let's not spend one damn dime!
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If you like Not One Damn Dime day, you should participate in National Buy Nothing Day.

If only more people would do so. o-o
YES!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Nothing gives me more joy than pissing of George W. Bush. I hate him with a passion. If I lived in D.C., I'd be like the people 4 years ago who threw eggs at his car on the way to his inauguration. And to those living outside of the U.S., I apologize on behalf of the 49% of the American population that didn't vote for Bush.
I wish this would work. But telling Americans to stop buying things, even for one day, is like telling them not to breathe.

I hate Bush though, so I won't be buying anything. I'll do what I can to help this idea work.
that entry was a tad bit opinionated..how is this war illegal? we did not start it..Iraq asked for it..in a way..they came after us..what will this day do to say anything? big deal 24 hours of not buying..not enough people would even do it, I know I'm not..I refuse to. Yes, our soldiers are over there, my uncle (who was like a father to me) was killed over there..but for a good cause..you guys think your helping the soldiers but really your makin
...them feel like there is no point in them even being there. No I don't support war..but what's done is done..Bush knows what he's doing..I hope Scott does take this entry down. people get so I don't know..anyways..these are just my thoughts they weren't meant to offend anyone..by the way I voted for Bush, and I have yet to regret it.
no thanks. i have to eat ya know.
its not like im gonna fast, bush is already elected its not like we can change that.
whoever "lookin4mypenguin" is, she's highly misinformed about many things concerning our current administration. Iraq didn't come after us, Bin Lauden did. Iraq wanted nothing to do with us. Bush just wanted to distract us from his failure in finding Bin Lauden. There never were weapons of mass destruction, and this war is oil-based. It's illegal and I think that it takes a coward to lie to the entire country like Bush did....
....However I don't blame the troops. I have a few friends over in Iraq, and more going over this summer. I wish them the best and I really don't blame them for Bush's undeniable stupidity.
i'm participating
bush sux ass
Also to let most of you know-

There is no relvance, or any correlation to 9/11 and Iraq.

Two completely different things.

Not the same person- two different people.

Both of whom hate each other.

So don't confuse 9/11 with Iraq, because those are both two different worlds.
i htink its an absolute genius idea. if i lived in the US, i would definitely honor "not one damn dime day" and tell all my friends about it too! but since im in ye olde canada, i have to stand by and watch. will someone post on friday and tell us if it had an effect??
i know we've already been over this but...saddam houssein and bin ladan are enemies.


also, it will probably have a very little effect on the sales of these giant companies, but its better than nothing and even if they only notice a slight loss in revenue..theyve still noticed something.

as my british cousins always say, 'for an american to not shop is unpatriotic.'

and about eating: you can buy groceries tonight. hurry, go!
good job.
i'm glad someone else is posting this.
Man the Inauguration is some bull!
I'm about to take out my vcr and set the time and what not because I have to write a paper on Bush's freaking speech!!!! geez! Yes there are simply other important things like me taking my time to set this crap up and hoping that while I'm at school it will record!

BLAH! anyways. This has happened before. Immigrants did it not too long ago.
I know that sit carries a good amount of Bush advocates which well... *vomits*

but I really didn't want to be reminded that Bush will be in office for the next four years. I mean, I totally had forgotten we even had a president.

So in conclusion, tomorrow a certain someone should "take one for the whole team" and shoot Bush.

It's possible. Look at poor Kennedy :(

yeh, awesome idea. If i lived in america, id be in. in fact, im still in. i wont spend a single dime 2moro. at all. not 1. anything 2 try and piss bush off. coughhackcoughfaggotcoughcough.
I'd participate if a) I was in the us, and b) I felt it would make a difference. It's not that not spending money for one day is so hard, it's just that not enough people will know about it, not enough people will agree with it.
How cois it that even though I have a private diary, that only my friends can read, If someone else adds me to their friends list they can read my entries in the friends menu?
yaha, idk...i can't go a day without spending anything... i think that bush is doing a great job being president even though some ppl don't think so...He is a strong leader. Let me ask all of you this; if we never went into war, would u want to be one of the ppl (including children) that get beat up or killed because they don't believe in Sadam... put you life in there shoes and see what they have to go through...just makin a point...
My mother happens to be a manager at one of those business and I'm not very appreciative that just because you don't like what's going on the fact that you feel the need to take away their business.
i know i'm not from america or anything, but if george bush goes to war with iran now, then that is really out of order... he just wants to take over the world to be honest!
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gotta love you right now...
i won't spend.... i'll never look at certain users the same again though...
*sigh* so dissapointing....
but.... no good "but" is coming so.....
All of you have a right to like whoever you want.... just don't leave me rude comments on my diary!
This entry wasn't stating that Bush is stupid- generally stating to protest current adminstration and their actions because they don't find it reasonable.

Whom you voted for is your choice, and should be respected thusly.
Anyone who thinks Iraq was a good idea...
Israel has 20+ nuclear weapons on hand, and has denied more summons from the U.N. than Hussein ever did.
Israel recieves U.S. support despite over 300,000 reported humanitarian offenses recorded in International Law.
So if you think Iraq is better off, then let me ask you this--do we have the right to be hypocrites AND murderers all at once?
Ignorant and uninformed, as usual
First of all, it would be damn near impossible for everyone in the United States to refrain from buying anything for 24 hours. I'm not saying that people shouldn't stand up for what they believe in but that's kind of drastic & ridiculous. If you don't like the country then it's simple, get out and quit complaining. Nothing is going to change the world, let alone the United States and it's economy. Kthxbye.

If only they would assassinate Bush.
JFK wasn't that bad..Bay of Pigs, mistake..but honestly now, Bush needs to die. If I had nothing to live for, I'd shoot him.
okey dokey, I've been trying to be polite, but WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE????? Okay, so maybe the dime thing won't work, but face the facts: GEORGE W. BUSH IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT ALIVE!!!!!
so, basically, this thingamajig is saying we have to cut off our resources, not do anything or buy anything we want.... and on top of that... we have to starve... ok i hate bush with a passion but thats just crazy. theres no reason to like or depend on bush. so, it doesnt mean that we have to commit suicide in the process. buh bye!
SARAH AND SCOTT! this is awful!
please restore the peace. somehow. somehow.
JFK was one of the greatest presidents we've had. (Not the best ever, a title I believe belongs to FDR.) He's more than "not that bad".

You guys are missing the point. Of course this won't matter to the economy. It's just a statement, much like turning your back to the president at the inauguration. It's supposed to cause a little stir, not bring down the government.

(Although that is step 2.)
Iraq did nothing to ask for this war. We went to war to look for something that wasn't there after we knew it wasn't there. Oh, not to mention the clandestine economic reasons that Bush had. There was zero evidence of an attack from them in the future.

I contest Bush not because I'm a sour grapes democrat, but because he's incompetent. He's led us into a war which we have no place being.

JFK was honorable. When he attacked the bay of pigs on faulty intelligence, he said, "The buck stops here. I wen't on faulty intelligence, and I admit my mistake. There's nobody to blame but me." Bush has yet to admit that he's made a mistake. He continues to stand by his decision with faulty logic and lack of common sense. Bush has politicized not only this nation's greatest tragedy, but also the deaths of thousands of soldiers.
i did it!! not one damn dime. yay for me.
i think the lesson is here is an age old one:
politics in conversation can only cause conflict.
same applies for religion.
As long as people are mature enough to carry a respectable conversation, religion and politics spark great discussion. Problem is, we aren't.
God. Give up. Stupid Democrats! How many people are really going to do that. It won't change anything.
i love reading all these comments. its so cute that you guys all feel strongly..no matter what you believe.

about boybotting marc jacobs and apple..or anything for that matter:

i didnt follow this. i went to staples and got office products and i also went out to eat. i kind of forgot about it. also, you can regularly stand up for what you believe in. you dont see vegans stopping because not many people are vegan......
... like i tried to point out earlier..doing things that are 'good' are really only selfish things. i feel good about not buying anything affiliated with estee lauder. mac cosmentics included. estee lauder supports isreal in the mid-east conflict and i dont think thats right.

am i doing much by not buying mac? probably not at all...but i sure feel good about it.

ideally, grassroots could make some sort of a difference, but in reality...
..we just like to do nice things to feel like we are compassionate. sucks, but as far as i can tell, its true.

im only 20, though and ive much to learn as an adult...but for now thats what i think. maybe itll change.

im also surprised that scott didnt take this down.

ps- this isnt a 'democrats cant get over it' thing. i posted this and im not a democrat. its good for us, the youth, to discuss these things more than once every 4 years.

the point in boycotting large corporations is due to lobbying. check it out.

also, im really glad you didnt do it if you thought it was hypocritical. you should always think critically about any decision you make.

by posting this i thought the users of this site, most anyway, would just express a thought, not go out and do what theyre told.

i mean, we told you not to vote for bush and look how that turned out...
I am so confused...the 'help' under the image manager doesn't go anywhere, and I can't find any way to figure out how to do things on this site.

How would I put a picture under my name? How do you hotlink so that there is a picture in the middle of an entry? How do you make things bold and italic? I am lost, so please help!

lookin4mypenguin said exactly what I was going to say. Iraq was askin for the war. If Pres. Bush hadn't gone into Iraq, all you ppl would be complaining that we didn't. There is just no way to make you happy. We did what we had to do. America is a self-centered country, that thinks they think about others. But if America hadn't gone into Iraq, those people would be suffering terrible. peace ~ charlee
I participated in this yesterday. It was awesome!

I participated in this yesterday. It was awesome!

PS The jump function doesn't work.
korex=a very smart person. Like I said, bush is an idiot!! At least JFK admitted his mistake. That is something that more men should do. It is, however, an especially honorable quality in a politician. Great, an honest man that didn't deserve it was assassinated, and Bush hasn't been killed yet. Disappointing.
ok, this is the last entry. And I'm going to simply say this:

Bush knew Bin Lauden was attacking before it happened. He didn't even attempt to stop it. When we went to war with Afghanastan, we couldnt find him. So then, to cover his ass, Bush turned his eyes to Iraq. The rest is history.
I agree with Andre--the jump function totally does not work at all.

Have a great day.

I have to agree with lookn4mypeguin and blondie18. I think what's done is done, and this kind of thing wouldn't matter much. Besides, do think of the troups. Honestly, how many of you would like to be over there fighting for your country and to protect it if everyone was against what you were there for? I think it'd be pretty dang hard. I wish people would just drop the arguement and support people. We'd get a lot more accomplished that way
that is ridiculous and will accomplish nothing. if you oppose the war, theres no point in acting out against it because it wont change anything. instead of thinking about the people who are dying now in Iraq, think about the people we saved from Saddam's torture chambers and rape rooms in his 40 royal palaces. war isnt always the answer but i cant see how we're making anything worse than it already was.
Wow, it's scary to see how most people will believe almost anything they're told. But humans are free to have their own opinions. I don't think it would have made much of a difference anyhow. I participated on accident. If I had known this "Damn Dime" boycott thing ahead of time, I would have participated anyway. So there's my 10 cents on the topic.
I’ve got to say, I don’t agree with what endlesslove and kaylsxbear are saying. First off: every protest taking place now doesn’t have to be against bush’s re-election. However, it is still not wrong to protest the election results now, because keeping quiet about your beliefs is admitting defeat, and not defeat in the election, but the defeat of your principles.
By not protesting, you are saying through your actions that you agree with what occurred, and that you support it. Now, this does not mean taking to the streets every time you disagree with something, but making sure others know how you feel. On a private level, this can be simply talking to someone about what occurred, which also has the added benefit of hearing what they have to say.
Protest, however, is on a larger scale. It can tell the world about how either you or your community (not your geographic community but moral community) feel. Also, protest isn’t always about changing the government immediately. It can also be used to create more thought about a certain issue.
As long as the protest is in the public forum, someone will hear about it, and maybe they’ll start to think about what the protesters are saying. Overall, you should not just lie down and take it just because your task appears daunting. If everyone had always thought, “Well, my single voice won’t make much of a difference” we may still live in a segregated nation.
Secondly: it is completely possible to support the troops but be against the war. First, let me state why I believe that we had no business going into that war. Saddam had no WMD. He did not attack us. He had no connection to 9/11. We were not prepared. We did not have a plan to get out. It diverted forces and resources away from the war in Afghanistan and the hunt for Bin Laden (both of which I believe were justified).
If you say that he was a threat to our security, what of North Korea. If you say it was a terrible humanitarian crisis, what of the Sudan. Bush went into this war fully aware that a conflict here would utterly destroy our ability to intervene elsewhere in the world, fully aware that it would not be a quick fix, fully aware that his top generals all recommended against it.
He had been planning for a long time to go into Iraq. This was even confirmed in an interview by Rumsfeld. He admitted that the president had asked him for a renewed war plan for Iraq, but no other country. The date of this occurrence: August 24th, 2000 (check this if you want). Before 9/11, before the war on terrorism, Bush had his eye on Iraq.
This could have been because of many things; oil, the fact that Saddam had attempted to assassinate Bush Sr., or maybe just a desire to finish what his father had started. Whatever the reason, I do not believe that it was good enough to lead a country to war.
However, I do support our troops. I want them to do the best they can, because they represent us. I want them to survive, because they go through hell for us. Their sense of honor, patriotism, and duty should be respected and celebrated by all. The troops have our support because they are not fighting and dying just for this one cause, but for America itself.
Oh brother!
Oh and as for the assasinate Bush comment by "romance"... you are an terribly insensitive nimrod. If you only stopped for just a moment to think about what you just typed... people like you are taking up valuable air. Not Bush.
actually I'm not finished yet. Because I rarely just get on here and put the record straight. All of you anti-war goons make me want to send the IRS after you. Be thankful that you have the right to say the stupid immature things you do. I think that anyone that has such a limited perspective as any of you in your swivle chairs in the basements of your parents' house making grandeous statements about justice and life should just go stand next to
Also, I’d like to say that I think it’s a good thing that they would post something like this, and that it was left up for so long. In my opinion, it would be cool if they would do this kind of thing more often. It inspires thought and dialogue about an important topic, and that is rarely a bad thing.

Also, sorry about the long chain of entries. I had a lot I wanted to say.
re: endlesslove's "instead of thinking about the people who are dying now in Iraq, think about the people we saved from Saddam's torture chambers and rape rooms in his 40 royal palaces."

i think they only thing to be said about that is "Abu Ghraib".

iraqis are worse off, by far.
an active volcano and spare the rest of us your limited an uninsightful opinion about something you will never understand. Or write a pathetic little letter in your best handwriting to your Congressmen and don't ever EVER EVER... think that any of the service men and women over there think of you as sincere or even worth their time. Give up yet?
Or... you can just go fill up your Nalgen water bottle with vinegar to swig down the rest of your bitterness. We have one of the most compassionate Presidents of all time in office and you want to tell me that the man that stood on ground zero of the World Trade Center is willing to give up one more life for a cause that he doesn't who heartedly believe will change the face of this planet. America will move on without your dime... put it in the
pocket of your dirty cargo pants and leave the rest of us alone to recognize that some of us just get it... and some of you... just don't. I love W and I love this country and I love the fact that I just have more common sense then the average smuck out there.
I cast a ballot for the first time this November and I would give up all material wealth to ensure someone in Iraq that same freedom. Okay you media brainwashed egomanics, go read Webester's to find a new word for what you are; which is a combination of everything irrational and detestable. In the mean time I'm going to find a nice cowboy hat and celebrate that a Texan named George was re-elected.
Obviously, stasis, you don't have that much more common sence. This is obvious because one, you like bush. two, you aren't interested in the facts. and three, you don't see that all of "W"'s compassion is for PUBLICITY!!! I for one would like to have a president who actually knows english and doesn't try to use fancy words incorrectly in the hopes of getting a vote from a few gullible losers that can't see the plain facts in front of their faces!
I'd love to call you an idiot, but I'm sure that's not the case here. The case, I believe, is that you, like I said before, don't know the facts. We had no reason for WAR with Iraq. Yes, Saddam was a vicious and horrible man, but he could have been taken out of power without a war. The millions and billions of dollars spent on the war could have been better used to lower the deficit, which was non-exsistant during Clinton's 8 years.
And all this crap about bush being the "compassionate conservative" is just that, crap. If he were so compassionate, he'd spend less money on his inauguration (which was in the tens of MILLIONS of dollars) and give more money to the people who really need it: the tsunami victims. Yes, 35 mil.(or 350, can't remember) is a lot, but america, as selfish as we are, is giving the least amount of money per person. The RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD...
...is giving the less amount of money per person than any other country. I find that pathetic, not compassionate.
Ok, Stasis, if you’re so damn smart, and if Bush is so damn compassionate, provide some damn evidence. Is that fact that he went and stood at ground zero evidence of his compassion? Get fucking serious. What the fuck was he supposed to do, stay at the oval office? Or should he have hid at his ranch? The only reason he went there is because he knew that if he didn’t, the bad publicity would be enormous.
All that you said in that whole fucking spiel is, basically, “you suck, I’m smarter and better than you, shut up.” And you say we have egos? Also, that bit about us not understanding? I think that you’re the one who doesn’t understand.
the "find diary" button doesn't work.
Bush may whole heartedly believe what he is doing will change the world for the better. I really don’t know. But what he believes isn’t that same as what actually happens. He could have the finest intentions in the world, but a well intentioned idiot is still an idiot, and idiots shouldn't lead countries.
I really don't want to get into an arguement, seeing as how I more then likely won't be able to vote when I turn 18 (its a complicated stupid governmental thing...) But I just want you to know almost, that when you basically said "They were better off when their women and children were being raped, and everyone was being tortured." Was the strangest comment I've ever heard... their free now... but you think they were better off?...
Please don't give me hate mail by the way... I don't really care. In 3 years I won't even be living here, so don't go into your "I hate bush so therefore for I hate you and the rest of the republicans" crap with me. Ok? I'm tired of america being torn in to over different views on life.

Before we can have peace in the middle east we must have peace in the United States.
peace out -charlee

you shouldnt name call. its not ladylike, especially if you're trying to make people understand your point of view.

also, when i said that the iraqis are worse off i meant it for several reasons.

-now that saddam is gone the muslim extremists can toss women around. they didnt have to wear veils before and now they do.
-militants far outweigh any iraqi that likes america and what it stands for.
-violence wont end....
see what happened when the US got involved when it didnt need to...please read about bosnia herzegovina and isreal for just a little peek at what shit we can stir.

also, back to stasis, fdr said it himself.. as a citizen its your job to constantly question your leaders.

its passed the time where you can actually think that bush is correct. hes fucking you all over and its a bit sad. he used gay marriage to get re-elected but just last...
Is there a way we can take Friends off our lists? And can you change what you've done to the Friends link? Because now, you can read everyone's entries, whether they had a private diary or a private entry. It's not so private anymore. Could you please change it back to the old way?
..week he said hes not going to ban it in the const. ouch for all the people that voted for him just for that.

i think that i will try and post more political atricles..if not here then scott and i will think of a good diary to make for it. the only rule will be that you cant be rude. you can be witty and sarcastic, because i like that...but being blatantly rude, no matter whose side you're on, is tacky.
to think that the iraqis are 'free' is incorrect, in my opinion. they arent at all.

on a broader scale the whole country ont be free. bush broke them as a nation under false pretenses and now hes going to make them depend on us. nice of him, huh?

do you think we wouldve attacked iraq if they DID have wmds? why arent we attacking isreal, iran or north korea? because they reallllyyyyy have them. bush knows not to fuck with people that do.
maybe the political article diary will be friends only with the membership fee being manners. thatd be cute.
this is not cute: "Or... you can just go fill up your Nalgen water bottle with vinegar to swig down the rest of your bitterness" nor "people like you are taking up valuable air" nor this, my personal favorite "Okay you media brainwashed egomanics, go read Webester's to find a new word for what you are; which is a combination of ever...
..ything irrational and detestable."

Freedome doesn't come overnight, but they are going through a process of freedom, a process that they were FAR from just a few years ago. They may never be totally free because of all the things going on over there... but they are a lot more free now then they were. All I know is that the Iraqis that I know who are over there are glad we came in. And I know Cuba is hoping we'll do the same... even though we can't.
peace out -charlee
I'm sorry if I was rude at all. I just get so worked up over political issues like this. And I think the political diary is a good idea!
im sure if there is some gain for us we will 'free' anyone.

the mid-eastern way of thought is against western mentality. they dont like capitalism, they dont like us, they dont like they way we operate. by they, i mean the majority.

right or wrong, its how they feel. america is good. i live here and i like it. if you have money in america you can be anyone and do anything. all it takes is cash. but it doesnt mean everyone needs to be us...
..theyve been a certain way for thousands of years. weve been a nation for 200+. imagine how difficult is must be to have some country you dont even respect telling you how to run your own shit.

if bin laden fucked us up and then made chix wear veils and took all women out of any jobs i doubt we'd like it. thats what were doing, except the opposite...with no period of adjustment for them.
sorry if i was rude too, but stasis got me worked up. also, it would be cool to have a seperate site for political discussion. maybe one in which the main viewpoint would alternate between each side from week to week. i dunno, just throwing ideas out there.
Eeh, you have a good point. We do need to excersize our right of free speach. But we've also got to remember what gave us that right. Even though what we see may seem right, and maybe it is, it doesn't always mean that it's best. There isn't a whole lot we can do about this war thing. I don't think that Bush would call back the troups if every single member of sitDiary rallied at the whitehouse, and the other 49% of the nation that voted for
... for John Kerry. Sometimes, we've got to just put our trust in our president and have faith that he knows more about these things than we do. He could be getting information that we don't know about... there are certain factors here that you can't judge by what you read on the internet, hear on the news, or read in your political magazines. But now that we are at war, wouldn't it be the same as your 'admitting defeat'?
I'm only sixteen, and I may not know much, but I have faith in our president. You're probably all going to think "Ah, some 16-year-old bitty doesn't know what the heck she's talking about." I may not, but I take it a lot of you people liked good old Abe Lincoln, correct? A Nation divided against itself cannot stand. I know that this political arguementation is what makes the US great, but how for how long?
How long will it take before we're having so much arguementing over something like this? Think of the civil war! People didn't a lot of the people didn't like slave trade and slavery, and that it was wrong, but other people thought it was right! The country started to fail. We started to fight our brothers and our families in bloodshed. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
How long will it take before we're out there on the battlefields of our own, beautiful nation fighting against our brothers? The south couldn't see what was wrong, and they hated Lincoln for it. But do we know now that slavery was wrong? Instead of fighting like this, we need to work together to help our troups. They need our support, no matter what we believe. Sometimes, it's better to shut up, swallow your pride, and help someone else.
Why doesn't the header info work anymore? I entered 100% correct code into it for a background picture, and nothing happened, on 2 accounts, I even copied the code from another user I helped and her background is still up, and it still didn't work. wtf?
Okay, for one last time:
There are absolutely,
correlations between
So, whatever respect you might have for Bush for 9/11, is fine by me.
But, I have a feeling that everyone whom respects him for what he did for 9/11, has become proverbially "blind" for what he's doing to/over in Iraq; this respect essentially made everyone confident in this president and his endeavors.
Though as foolish as they are.
And plus, I don't care what you say, but the draft will be reinstated.

And in that sense, I'll see you at the battlefront.
Umm... The civil war wasn't started over slavery. It was started over states rights. And the north was wrong in that aspect. So thats why people started saying it was started over slavery, to make teh North look right through the whole war... anyhoo... thats all I got.
peace out -charlee
That is a good point, about how leaving Iraq may be admitting defeat, but that all depends on your morals or what you think of the war. If you think it was right in the first place, then leaving now would be going against your beliefs and admitting defeat. However, if you believed that the war was a bad idea, leaving now wouldn’t be admitting defeat but rectifying a mistake.
I, personally, think that now that we are there, we don’t have the option to leave. After toppling their government, just up and leaving would be slightly douchebaggy. However, protest against the war is still necessary. Bush needs to know that everyone isn’t behind his actions. He has said that the fact that 51% of the population supported him rather than Kerry constitutes a mandate.
Imagine his reaction if all protest against the war stopped. We would have troops in five more countries within a week. Politicians already live in somewhat of a bubble, especially when they only let people they know support the president be around him (loyalty oaths during the campaign and that sort of thing).
The man leading our country needs to be firmly grounded in reality, not his own little world. And it is true, that those who do not learn from history repeat it. However, sometimes history needs to be repeated. If the north had kept quiet about how they felt in order to promote unity, there may still be slavery today.
I am not saying that we need a civil war to resolve this conflict, but only that we can’t keep quiet about what we aren’t happy about. Thomas Jefferson once said “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” This belief has been stressed by countless presidents after him, from FDR to Monroe. I think that if men who have stood where Bush stands now express this belief, it can be trusted as accurate.
Also, as for the draft, I think the only way that it could be re-instated was if we invaded another country, such as Iran (which may not be too unlikely). This just reinforces the need for protest. I know that there isn’t an ‘undo’ button for the war in Iraq, but hopefully he’ll see that invading somewhere else wouldn’t be too fantastic an idea.
I don't think he'll invade another country. It seems really unlikely to me. And if he does... we shall see.

Thanks for sharing your opinions and views. I love these political discussion when they're handled in a mature way, and if I may, you are very mature with your responses. It makes seeing two sides of the story so much easier, and funner, for that matter.
Well I tried my best to stay out of this argument but it seems I have found my limits. First of all just because someone has a different view from you own that doesnt make them a idiot.Its stupid to say such things. And all you ainti bush people he's the president so aparently the people have spoke as to who the majority wants to lead. I personally voted for Bush. If you dont like Bush thats your right but what is the point in argureing over it
For the next 4 years he is presdent so deal with it. Its also stupid to blast those that serve this country, and if we just up and pulled out of Iraq what would those live that were lost fighting for it mean. I leave for basic training in the morning and look forward to serveing next to my fellow americans to preseve freedom and if that mean fighting in this war I will be honored to do so.
My sD refuses to let me have a comment_pic. :( I think that I am cursed. -Len
all right so this is when I come in and say "HOW ABOUT A TOP 5 HUH??"

Let's leave our political differences behind and our weak arguments.


in quoting my teacher:"something like that makes perfect sense to me"

Music and politics today suck.
Okay, for the exclusion of a few bands, today's music sucks.
But I agree with ehh on this though, protesting war is a good idea- but now, we can't leave when we've brought more trouble to that country then we've fixed.
We just can't leave right now- they have no government.
We can't pull out currently due to our recent screw ups.
Hopefully elections will go a little more according to plan.
ha. according to prestigious critics, THE BEATLES aren't that great of a band young lady.

by "today's bands" what are you referring to?

Ok trying to further hurt our economy isn't going to kick Bush out of office. And disrespecting the president doesn't make any one look cool, which is what it seems to be these days its cool not to like the president. It doesn't make us look good as a country to disrespect our own president. I don't claim to agree with every decision he makes but there isn't a president yet that I have agreed with every thing.
i agree with you that disrespecting your president doesn't look good, but also having a president that has done the stupid things he has done doesn't look good. Other countries were beginning to hate us in his first term, but electing himself for the second term, makes us look even worse. I would like a president that other countries actually respected us for.
I'll leave one last comment to rebut a whole bunch.. so listen carefully. I went off on a select few that advocated someone assassinating Bush. If anyone had read carefully they would have seen that's what started my whole spiel. How does someone get to the point that they wish someone would kill another human being? It's called hate and hate starts with much of the discourse that I saw here on this site. I think that calling people anything
is justified when it's true. I think that anyone that would say something along those lines needs therapy, considering history has shown what assassination does to a country. I meant what I said about people that so blindly following hating a person, rather than believing in the good of democracy is buying into a belief that they themselves are all knowing, above everyone else if you will. Okay... all of you out there are going... geez what
about the Nazis... think of a more original arguement. Masses are able to make change through freedom. Serfdom was toppled, Communism fell all because the masses wised up. 'Masses' in the United States have worked to change political rights and freedoms and it wouldn't have happened if a majority of people hadn't changed their minds. So I am telling people out there that so narrow-mindedly think they can run the world with all of their
theory about 'don't kill, don't impose morality' are going to wake up one day as the slave of something far worse than what I believe in... they will have bought into nothing. So I apologize if you aren't one of the nimrods that should fill up a Nalgen Bottle of Vinegar to swig down more of your hatred. But for those of you that are... I think that I was pretty polite using language that I reserve for people that don't understand anything other
than "f**k you". I knew that wouldn't get my point across. I am a lady and I will prim and properly stand behind people that believe in honorable and just causes.
If I met any of you in person, you could see that I am anything but rude. The fact that I bothered to read your comments and not dismiss you completely because I think most people on this site have just decided to be anti-war because it's popular to appear active and political. I don't actually think any one of you has actually gone out and carried a sign or taken my advice about writing a letter. I appreciate that we have this site.
In fact I am going to take a moment of not typing to honor Scott for making sitdiary; _________________. Thanks. And with that I leave you all to make good choices the rest of the day.

I agree with you to the part assasination. Assasinating the president would be going to far, and wouldn't solve anything. And more choas would be created. Awhile ago I would have said i hated bush, but since then i have changed alot. I wouldn't go as far to say I hate him, but i don't like his decisions. As for the letter/sign thing, I actually have done thigns. I have been in front of the whitehouse and held up signs
i've handed out flyers, and all sorts of things. the problem with that, is it doesn't solve anything. sitting here doesn't solve anything either. As much as i don't want bush in office, i realize i'll have to put up with it for 4 years, unlike alot of people.
"Bush knew Bin Lauden was attacking before it happened"

I'm only curious as to where some people are getting their informtation.
I am not going to state my view on the subject either way, (though I must say, John Kerry is one creepy looking man), but the fact that people are getting so involved in this topic is quite impressive. Now if only it could be turned into a mature discussion, and not a slinging of threats and profanity. . .
yah, bush knew. even clinton knew.

the 9/11 commission published the report. you can get it at any bookstore.
How does it do that? I mean the banner ads. I'm catholic and in a band, and my banner ads are always on Rock bands, and Catholics... How does it do that? Its just so weird! I mean a cool weird!
stasis. i wrote a letter. i carried a sign. don't underestimate people. in the last couple of years the youth of this country has gotten exremely involved in politics.

and to those who are saying "he's already been inaugurated, deal with it for the next for years without complaining." that's ridiculous. political debates and interest shouldn't only come around every four years. i'm personally pissed because i can't get married in the
in most states, and i know that i don't have a leader who will support my interests and freedoms.
Yeah... Its like the gas thing... boycotting for 1 day won't do anything... it doesn't hurt them for one day! The only way to actually boycott something is to do it till things change. Plus how is hurting the stores going to say "President Bush Sux"? I mean... its so stupid. If you people are going to boycott... you should do what your forfathers did when they boycotted tea. Do it till they make a change... But then again, you'll have to suffer..
... by not buying anything for a long time! OMG! Can you do that? Can you really without buying that purse or belt or cd that you need so bad? OH NO! You Just might have to wear perfectly fine clothes that you've only had for 2 months, but are out of style! OMG What a terrible tragedy! How will you ever bare it? Good grief! You people who said you couldn't go 1 day without buying anything! I got weeks without buying anything. C'mon! get a life
Please, get this into your heads:

The point of this protest was NOT to drastically affect the economy of the United States.

Please stop saying that it didn't do anything to the economy. Yes, It didn't, but it wasn't supposed to.
Then what was the point of it? If no body even notices a difference, then its not really a point in doing anything...
It doesn't have to have an economic impact to be noticed. Korex said that the point of this wasn't to alter the economy. It was to create awareness. You say that no one will notice, but just look at the site.
This has been commented on 155 times now, I think. It has been at least seen by everyone who has visited this site within the past week. I don't know exactly how many people that is, but it has to be at the least somewhere in the thousands. So i don't really think it can be said, that no one will notice.
first off, i thought long and hard about not spending anything that day, and concluded that it would only hurt small businesses and such, and i have no intent of hurting those trying to make a living, just corporations getting rich off of bush's tax plan.
secondly on the topic of the war?

as stated in the entry, 17,000 iraqis dead, vs. 3000 americans dead on sept. 11. no there is no link between the two, but some people subconsciously do so. i think it's amazing the output of support when AMERICANS die but if iraqis die, 6 times more iraqis dead, yet people say they are better off.

as someone commented before, if its nuclear weapons, korea's got those, genocide, you can look at sudan.
Heres the facts. 50 people not buying Taco Bell for a day is not going change the fact that Bush WILL be our president. Whining and balling over the situation just because Kerry didn't win only makes us looks pathetic as a country.Furthermore,the idea that this thing "supports" our troops,has to be the biggest oxy-moron I have ever heard. By not supporting this war you don't support the troops. So please, quit your bitchin and show some pride.
woot goonerkid!
"By not supporting this war you don't support the troops."

Yeah, false. I support the troops and not the war. I support them being over there, I wish them the best, I hope they don't die, and I commend them for the service they're doing for their country. However, I don't support the decisions being made by the president regarding the war. Just because I disagree with the president doesn't mean I want all of the troops to catch the plague.
President Bush is the one that makes us look pathetic as a country, not democrats.
thats basically asking us to not live for a day.

not spending money really has nothing to do with support of the troops or anything.

Stupid question for all:
What if i wanted to go and buy one of those "Support Our Troops" bumper sticker things? Does that not show my support of the troops?

although an occasional idiot, bush is still the president and atleast 1/2 of his decisions are right.
hmmm...not quite sure how well that would turn out. or how many ppl would have actually done it. lol. i think i already messed it up. :P
I'm sorry..i don't mean to be annoying or anything but when you have the chance could you please delete this diary? I don't use it and i don't think i will. sry and thanks.
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For every idiot who's saying "Bush won, get over it"---READ THE CONSTITUTION.

If you have that attitude, then you're less patriotic than the people you're accusing of harping over something 'they cannot change'.

Personally, Bush's so-called Moral Agenda has nothing to do with murder, so I have no idea why Americans are dying on his watch and call.
I didn't spend anything to show how much I detest Bush. He's a stupid idiot that is warhungry and promotes discrimination. Bush has fucked us over, and every other country labels the U.S. as FOOLS! Lets see what the next 4 years has coming, and see if his little brain can handle it.

so how about a new entry? :)
Those who were protesting by not spending anything on that ONE day, should have worn a sticker or something, so we had a way of knowing that they were actually, in a weird way, protesting against bush, by not spending any money for just one day. C'mon ppl... its so stupid! It only arouse awareness in here. and the majority was ppl saying "I don't think I could go one day without spending $" Which the ppl who said that are really sad...
So all the democrats have gotten pretty good at complaining about Bush. But not once have I ever heard an alternative to what hes doing. Yea you can bash him, but what ideas do any of you morons have to change it? Ok, so we just leave. But where does that leave Iraq? So we "never should have gone." I'm sure u all would think differently about that if one day u woke up and saw your city blown apart with remnents of an airplane in your backyard...
I purposefully went out and bought every snack I wanted on that day. I think I spent over 100 bucks on computer parts and video games alone, along with the snacks and drinks.
I purposefully went out and bought every snack I wanted on that day. I think I spent over 100 bucks on computer parts and video games alone, along with the snacks and drinks.