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Hey guys, Check out this service we're trying to implement- If all goes well with it, we may also add it to sitDiary for when you get comments and things of that nature. -Scott P.S. Let me know how it works for you. (Bugs, improvements, praise, etc.)
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that's cool.
Wow that sounds great there. but it doesnt work with me here in Vietnam :-).
Nice weekend!
IM DESPERATE. Ok, i've said it. Please Scott, tell me what's going on !? I really want my diary back. The background is the same, i've created a new account with my old nick but there's no entries. PLEASE HELP ME.
Thanks in advance !
i don't really understand why we would be getting this though? Like to tell us someone commented? In a way it would be cool i guess. Sitdiary is getting a lot better now we can edit backgrounds again :]

its blockd. y r u gettin new service?
i havent been able to get on to my diary for like a month now. a white scrren pops up and says some kind of error and access denied. at first i thought it was something wrong with my computer but i have tried it on other computers too. what can i do? please email me at

dear scott;
how do i make a new diary?
it was so simple before.
I was having login issues earlier today, it kept logging me out right after I logged it.
login is being annoying. rawr.