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I still want more ideas for the sitDiary logo. It seems like a lot of people think I mean just a graphic in general. Perhaps I was too vague. By logo, I meant something like these: or or or I'm revoking the size limitation on the graphic. The dimensions can be anything you want. Here are the rules: - Make the logo using a vector-enabled photo program (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) - If you create a logo, KEEP the vectorized version. - If you have tons of ideas, send tons of logos. Just make sure you keep the vector version. ______________________________________ On a sidenote, the graphics I've been getting have been pretty cool, so if you want to just send me cool photos you've taken, you can. I might have other uses for those on the site. ______________________________________ Update: I just made this logo in like 5 minutes, but just so you get an idea of what I'm looking for: I took that from this:
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I actually really like that recliner thing! It looks comfortable, like i feel writing here, it looks inviting, like i feel here, and yeah i dunno, I do like it. Even if its not the final logo! :)
if you can't afford anything vector-enabled, don't worry about it. if it comes down to it, just remember the process you used.
man what I SENT YOU was similar like that and ten times better. sorry, but man. :/
hey that recliner is actually really cool... i vote thats the one to use!
OMG if you're making t-shirts i would totally get one!!! just dont make shipping to canada too expensive, pretty please with a cherry on top????
xox csquared aka watsername

I can't send in my graphics if you require a vector-enabled program. I cannot afford photoshop :'(

I've been making graphics in MS paint for several years, and they are quite good.

Then again, it may be vector-enabled, I just have no idea what that means. So much for me being a tech geek.
i know, i liked that one. easy tiger.
I liked your example actually. I think it would be cool if daily or weekly or something like that we could put something or someone in the chair. Like we could put a cat on the arm rest and then another month we could have the Grim Reaper sitting there. I dunno. It would be the back drop for a whole lotta fun.
haha. oh you know you rock scott.

but man!!! :]
Scott, mah man.
I've been really, really busy. Hence, I have not been able to make a logo. However, I'm defs all up ons the logo idea. So, I ask that you kind of make the logo thing so as to not rush the creative process and so tha tI can get mine in.
no worries. :)