Bandwidth Problems

Okay guys, Our wonderful server here gives us 100 beautiful Gigabytes of data transfer every month. When I purchased this package originally, I thought "what on God's green earth would take up 100gb/month?" Well, guess what takes up nearly 150gb/mo? sitDiary. So, here's the thing - we may experience some down time for a couple days while I work out the upgrade with my system administrator. This is all coming out of my pocket though and it aint cheap. So if any of you would like to donate, or set up your paid accounts early .. just let me know, and once we're upgraded, everybody should be back to being happy. Let's hope. -Scott --------------------------------------- Don't worry, you WILL NOT LOSE YOUR DIARY ENTRIES. --------------------------------------- P.S. I'm disabling images for a while - let's see how long that preserves bandwidth. ---------------------------------------
Donate Any Amount
------------------------------------------- Note: Donations aren't mandatory, but very helpful in any amount! A BIG thank you to Aaron E, Ashley H, Kristin V and CHAD!!! I won't forget. Also - the disk space isn't the problem people, it's the bandwidth. Explanation: Say you were limited in the amount of water you could get pumped to your house, oh let's say ... 10,000 gallons per month. Anyway.. so let's say for some odd reason, you start to use 500 gallons a day. Uh-oh! 20 days of supply = stinky ~10 days of no showering in a 30 day month. Same thing, pretty much.
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lol i don't have any xoxoxo Tiff
okay, i dont care, all i need to know is HOW DO I WRITE ON MY DIARY!?!?!?!?
please some one write to me @ thankya-bye
Actually removing some of the older diaries that haven't been used might help a bit. I know a lot of people that use the random function and that would bring some of the older ones up using up the bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth saved might be too minute but its just a thought.
I just wanted to add that maybe, hopefully, you'll have more people who would like to contribute. I really enjoy using your site, and think it's worth it, considering how user friendly it is.
I have some (what I consider) very valuable information on your server. You are welcome.
hey scott how come you daont have any friends? o well ill be your friend;) i like what youve done with the site and i hope your not killing yourself trying to make it work


dude i would love to donate let me get some money together.

hey what are the aother fonts i can use
how do I donate?
Hey the money from Noelle S was from me, I just borrowed my friends card bc she is cool like that. Alrigt later. -Chad
cant i just send you like 20 in the mail or something... i cant get it to you any other way.
feel free to delete this diary.
How would one be able to pay for an account..? I can't use paypal, I don't have anything except cash. No checks, no credit cards, nothing.
i agree with many people on here havent updated since november..and if you send them some kind of email warning them that their diaries will be closed then it should be fine...

other then much would it be if you had to pay for sitD?
noooooooooo not a fee! *cries* i love this place...theres no place like home, theres no place like home, *click* *click* *click*....
I wish i could donate.I'm 14 and maybe i'll get a paid account when i turn 15 and get a job and can actual have money to pay,if my parents let me.

yes as i failed to mention before.. i don't have any money either. :(. it sucks how i'm a lowly 15 year old girl no job or anything, who isn't supposed to HAVE a journal b/c her parents believe rapists will find her out. well.. luck to you wish i could help
ahhhhhhhhhh i ok with that but there no chance we can loose are diarie entrys
how long will the images be down for? b/c you can't even read my journal w/ out them.. i understand theres problems but yeah
i could live without images as long as i can still write.. but as a 15 year old with barely a job.. donating is kinda hard. i'll still try though. how much is a paid account?
...I don't have a header picture and i can't post pictures on my blog and i don't have a comment picture
dood gotta disable comment pics tooo!
Hey I just sent you 20 bucks. Hope that will help some. How much is a paid account?
just from looking at diaries, some people havent updated since december. some even from november...maybe if you clean these diaries out that arent being used it will clear up some space? just a thought so the site can stay up i would die without it :D
*growels* stupid bandwith
:( :( :(
thats okay..
i can do without i guess
take care
I got ya covered, friend. *wink*

You make my life happy with this site, so I'm always happy to help out when I can.


I was going to ask you about the disabled images thing, but unlike many people, I read your entries word for word, so I am now not going to ask you.

We like you bunches scott, because you run a great site. I'd say I love you, but lots of people might get jealous and beat me up. heehee.
nooooooo scott!! im nothing without my images!! i just made a new one you bastard!!

just kidding, you know i love you, boy.
how long will they be disabled?
heyyyy heres smthing else i see a lot if dead diaries wher peopl make em and dont use them becuse there a bunch of panzies u should give em like 3 day to to write in the diarie if not KILL THE ASSES DIARIE i was just thining maybe that will free up some bandwth
hey i could donate like $10 i just take my moms credit card hahahhahahha
i like what you guys are doing but please what ever it comes to money wise donot turn into a gayass xanga with amazon!!!! lets type in are diarie and buy a book on amazon asses
keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!