Scott's birthday, no joke.

Did you know the #1 searched term on is 'joke?' Neither did I. It's scott's birthday today, so wish him a happy birthday cause DAMN he's cool. You may also donate money in honor. :) -Scott
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Happy Birthday Guy You rock This World!
happy birthday scott!
Happy Birthday

Mine is also on the first.
Happy birthday Scott. Thanks for making SITDIARY, appriciate it.
happy birthday scott!!

Sorry this is a little late, but Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for running an awesome dairy site!
happy birthday
Hey Scott Happy b-day. I dont have any money so sry. Happy b-day anyways
so youre finally getting old?


happy bday
Happy Birthday, Scott!!

Hope you have a great one!
Hey whats up.....happy birthday!!!... i hope u have ton of fun. love that quiet girl in the corner.
Feliz cumpleanos a tu!
Happy Birthday, leader of sitLand!


happy bday :)

If i wasnt poor...Id give u no munies unforutanely...
Happy Birthday =D

I'd donate money if I could!

happy bday bro
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!! hope it's a great one man!!
Just wanted to let you know, when you hit the cancel button to change an entry, it changes the entry neway.
help help help. some person is still leaving creepy comments on my journal, and i don't want to set it to friends only. can you please find out who achewood is and tell them to leave me alone because they are scaring me? please!!!! laura michelle* (giraffebaby)
happy birthday to youuu!!
Happy b-day!!
happy birthday, scott