Registration Is Open!

People of Sitdiary- Registration has been officially re-opened! Last night, I sent out the email blast to all the people that signed up on the Sitdiary mailing list (on your left) but I thought I'd also follow up by letting you know via the news page! If you want to register, just go to the main index, and look at the right side. You'll see a small join box under "create a diary." Tell your friends. Sitdiary is back! Scott
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I'm so excited... :]
Errrr, it may just be my computer, but the Christmas Tree is blocking the 'create a diary' section on the main page.
Though I love the fact that SitD is all up and running. I have missed it. I do detest those Turkeys :(
thank you Scott.
ps update your age, dude. if i didn't stay 22 for two years in a row, you sure as hell didn't! =P
hey, scott, just wanted to say CONGRATS!!!!! you and sarah are going to be the best parents ever. (= looove to you both, tara
completely off subject.. but i've been trying for about a year to delete my dairy to start a new on on a clean slate and the "delete diary" button still says "being built" when i click it. how long does it take to build it?

those numbers are the views/hits. :)
scott this is the best thing of my life. I remember getting a sitD when I was 14 years old and I thought that you were so cool. You were only my age! I mean, not to say that you're not still awesome. Cause you are.

Question-- on the main page where you can read the most recent entries, what are those little numbers in parentheses next to the entry title?

im so happy you got sitdiary up and running again :)
i still can't edit my name &webpage.
i've been trying to;
but it won't work.
&thank for getting sitdiary back up again!
i tried to reset my password but i dont use the same email that i signed up with =(

can u help!!?
yay!!!!! Thank you! I knew you'd pull through. Thanks for everything you do, offering and maintaining this free service for us. much obliged. :)
hey scott, i have been using sitdiary since 2003 and for a little while i was MIA and hadnt written anything. after about a year or so i signed on again only to find all my entries deleted =( is there any way you can recover them for me?? if you could email me back letting me know that would be great: thanks-dez
scott, you are fantastic.
scott, it was about time
Hey guys, if you want to reset your password, there's a link on the main page on the left side where you normally log in or sign out.
Hi scott..I used to have an account a long time ago I started in 2004 and I used to write all the time. For awhile I didn't get on my username and I forgot my password but I would like to use my old username instead of this is there a way you could tell me my password? I don't remember what email I used to sign up it was years ago. You can email me at Thanks!! =)
Hey thanks a lot scott.
You don't know how long I've waited for this thing to get back up and running, but hey everytime I try to log in it says I have the wronf username/passward and I know I don't so I have to get a new password everytime I wanna log in.... Can you help?
thank you, scott! (= you are awesome. times a billion.
You are truly a God among men! Yay SitDiary!
hey, scott, i was wondering if you could help me out. i can't seem to log in under my pyroclasticlux diary; i tried the password reset and that hasn't helped either. any advice?
scott, you're awesome. (= also, you really should allow line breaks in comments and fix the apostrophes ('). i only say these things because i care. =P --tara!
Thank you, Scott.
Holy crap, sitD looks normal again. I'm so happy!

Thank you, Scott, for all of your hard work. It's greatly appreciated.