New Server: #2

Yeah, I mean that literally. The new server took a dump the other day and the technical support is far from great. I'm going to get our money back from those jerks and invest in a better, more reliable service for the good of everyone. That is.. if I can afford to. Last week, I found out that my hours are getting cut in half for my job, so.. right now, I'm frantically job hunting as much as I can because basically, I won't be able to cover bills if I stay at this job. If you've read this far, you probably figured out that if I have to cut spending to survive, sitDiary will be one of the first things to go. I could put advertising up everywhere, but I'd rather just not do that. I'm not sure. I could do it for a while just to see how it turns out. Or we could just run sitDiary off of donations, but I kind of doubt that everyone would come up with the $100/mo each month. It's possible, but.. well, let me know your thoughts on that issue. Either way, the move is postponed for a while, unfortunately. That makes me sad but it's necessary to get things set up properly so there's no more diary downtime. I hate this just as much as you guys. Let me know your thoughts on the issue, if you have any. I would appreciate it. --Scott
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it makes me sad bcuz i just got started but you gotta do what u gotta do
Something with me, I just made mine, and I really enjoy it. That's too bad...guess we'll have to see what happens..
mm..well..okay..i would love to donate money..but the only way i could do it is if i like..sended a money order to some address..otherwise i won't be able to..but yeah...
does this mean that sitdiary will be off for a while?
I think it's definitely a good idea to put up donations again... it's the only thing you can do, right? Anyways, if every person, or every other person, on Sitdiary donates at least 5 bucks... then that would help a lot, right? PUT UP DONATIONS 4 PEOPLE TO DONATE!! if that made sense... :)

sitDiary rocks!!!

rock on,
X amanda X
hey i need help. i want to delete my diary and your help would be much appeciated thanx
well donating $ is i guess the only way. i would hate to see ads everywhere. maybe you could put some on the main page. but no pop-ups please. i hate those. but i could only donate $ if i send it in the mail. i cant use my moms credit card because she'd be pissed if she new i had an online diary. so donating would be hard for people who want to keep this a secret.
eff that. i think people who have a sitdiary should appreciate your work on this site. i would gladly donate my damn lunch money to keep this site going. would anyone second that? but anyway you should ask for donations!!! good luck
aw that sucks, but i understand. i'd be totally willing to pay $5/month, and i bet you can find nineteen other people who would too. maybe you could make it a pay-only site? i don't know how well that would work, but it would be fair at least. there shouldn't be a thousand free diaries supported by a few people's donations. but that's just my opinion.
good luck and take your time with the new server.
I totally agree endlesslove. I'd donate to ya. Just gimme an address. I can't use a credit card or anything, my parents would kill me. And they really don't need to know I have an online diary anyway.
But ya, gimme an address, and I'll gladly help ya out!
paypal worked before am i right?
id dontate jsut were do i dontate to ??
i would donate money, and i think with all the ppl who go on sitdiary everyday u would be able to come up with 100 per month, why not just try it. sitdiary is the best thing i have ever found on the net, i use it everyday it's a great way to get out how u feel and get ppl's comments back. please try and figure out something to keep sitdiary alive. thank you *Heather*
It's a great site. I really like it - I havent found a better diary site on the net. I think a lot of people would be willing to donate ~ and from their comments it looks like you could get the support. It must be hard keeping up with the site, so dont worry about it too much. I dont hate on you or anything. ^_^ Actually, its respectable that you've kept it going through all of this. I'd try to do the donations.
wow, i think i'd go crazy without this thing. literally insane. i really want to pitch in but money is scarce for me as well. i will if i can though.

i don't think anyone would mind advertising for a while. it's only temporary. i bet it's worth it for a while.
wow, i think i'd go crazy without this thing. literally insane. i really want to pitch in but money is scarce for me as well. i will if i can though.

i don't think anyone would mind advertising for a while. it's only temporary. i bet it's worth it for a while.
well this is an awesome site and we all wanna thank you for it! u have done a great job and still are!! there are a lot of people that want to donate that cant do it with credit cards and i am one of them. i would be willing to donate like 10 bucks each month but i can cuz i dont have a credit card and the parents wouldnt like that on theirs soooo....we need some way to get the money to u so hopefully u can think of that for us. thanx a bunch!!!!

once again can u please delete this diary for security reasons. i kno ur very busy and al with the servers and i love this site but can u please delete this diary when u get a chance thank you.

rock on rocker!
Well, I can cover half of that a month for awhile, and if we can get the rest through donations, we won't have to worry about much else, right?
It's scary to think about you having to end this thing. It has gotten me through so much. i really want to thank you. I really want to donate, but i can't barely afford summer clothes and i don't have a credit card. but i really want to say thanks for everything. you are truly a life saver with SitDiary. i would hate to see it go, but if it must, thats ok too :'(
Pop ups would not be that bad. For FREE you can download google toolbar and it blocks all your pop up ads.
You should definitely stick up the Paypal thing again, 'cause that seemed to work, and any donation is a good donation, yeah?

I reckon ads could be alright on the main page, but ads on diary pages would just be too far and I (and many others, I don't doubt) would be seriously crappy to see. Popups would be annoying but bearable if that's what it takes to keep this place going.

I'm right behind you, dude. I fucking love this place.
lets donate!!!
will so give any money to this thing i have meet some great people and hope to still keep on meet them so... this is the best diary so far i have been on may but the people here are great and so it this site so i will give what i have
Hey Scott. I'm sorry to hear about your job. I wouldn't mind advertisements as long as they weren't pop-ups. I think I speak for everyone when I saay that pop ups are annoying
First off, I would just like to say thank you for sticking by this website for this long, though things have been tough.

I'm very sorry about the job. I love sitDairy, it would be a shame to have it go. I would have to agree with the others; it's the best online diary site I've seen. I would totally be willing to contribute to the site.

I hope all goes well.

well, thanks scott for keeping with the site

its good you recognized your priorities, and realized that a guy needs to eat before he hosts a website

at any rate, believe me I would help
but I have no money

we should do a bake sale!

,...actually right now is not the time to be facetious.

i hope all goes well, i love sitdiary
I'd love to give some money, but the only thing is, I could only send money orders to somewhere.. yeahhh anyway, thanks for keeping this up, its the hottest online diary place Ive met so far..<3 Tricia
Does it make more money if I click on it!?!?!? **is ready to start frantic clicking**
the clicks aren't supposed to be motivated at all, so don't make any entries about it that will pop up on the main page or anything but yeah, click once a day and that would be very helpful. PASS IT ON#!%*!#%* :)
Ahh yes, then I shall become a professional clicker. I've always enjoyed clicking. One of my favorite hobbies. Clicking and drinking. It's like they were fated for each other, or something.
how do i know ur e-mail so i can delete two diaries i don't even want anymore? p
(continued) please help me!!! thank you
It's amazingly generous of you to continue serving this site.
I think that if you made it only open to paid users that you wouldn't have any users at all. I know it has to be hard to run a website but I don't think people are going to want a diary that bad if they're going to have to pay for it. I hope everything turns out well though because I love sitDiary and hope I can stay a member for a long time.

you would have less users if it was paid, but there are people willing to pay. i know you already realize that, but in response to the last comment.
If we all sent in even one dollar, it would add up...
I still want to contribute. Money order, check acct deposit... my fiancee is in the US so she'll be able to help me send some cash. Let me knwo how can I help. Peace.
is there a way to put music on the diary? thanks
please delete my diary!!!

- madeincali

thanks much...toodles
you are the bestest person in the world for keeping this site running. any money that have made has been going to college expenses but perchance i have a little extra, i think you should post a little mailing address or something so that it can be sent to you.
Hi, I was just wondering if maybe, if you get a chance, that is, certainly no rush whatsoever, but could you maybe post all the little things you rename pictures to get them on the diary pages? Like how people have the pictures that come up with their comments, on the sides of their posts and things like that. Thanks a lot, you're doing an awesome job!!!!
i'd spend any amount of money to keep the site running, i hate not being able to get on it.. it's wierd how a website can become such a big part of life.
It's amazing how this website has grown, and I can't thank you enough for keeping it up. I would donate if I could, I swear, as soon as I get some money . . . but I'm just a 16-year-old girl who has no method of payment but cash. So how could I donate? Could I ask you for an address to send it to and just send an envelope?
yeah, is there a way we could send money by snail mail...cuz...i can't send moolah ne other way...sniff...but this site totally rocks and has totally helped me through hard times...

so this advertisement thing...we just click on it...we don't have to sign up for anything or buy anything do we?
heyya can you delete this diary? thx a bunch
i agree with angelwalk, there is alot of people on this site, and even if people sent in one dollar each, that would be a ton of money, since there is alot of people here, and with the advertisements, if you did that, could you keep them minimal? a few ads wouldn't be bad, but i hate sites with a ton of ads.
i hope you can keep the site running though, because i'm in love with it. it's better than any other site i have used.
:( this is not very happy news...but i wouldn't mind putting a couple of extra $ on my visa...this is the best online diary site ever...i don't know what i would do with out it...::sniff:: so yeah...everyone donate some cash so we can keep up the awesomeness that is sitDiary!
Dude seriously, as soon as I persuade The Cooperative bank to let me have a Visa, you have my undevided service.

That is, untill they start taking my stuff away... Damned student loans...

But seriously, this site rocks my ass off, and anything I can do to help, I will.
i would help but alas, no credit card is in my possesion at the time. can i send in some other form of payment check, money order,ets. im sure if you allow other methods of donations youll get more donations. good luck with that.
what if you can't send in money? Cause your parents don't know you have a journal diary thing and you don't want them to because you'll get in trouble of they'll want to read it? lol Keep the site running! -Heather
A lot of pictures won't delete when I try to delete them to upload more. Is there anyway I can get them deleted?
Hey. How do I put a picture in a diary entry? Like not for the background or top left, but a picture inside a diary entry? Please let me know.
Hey, Scott, you know you've got 10 bucks out of me anytime you ask. There's got to be others like me out there who love sitD and want to keep it. I like Beth's idea--it's not really fair if a few people only pay for it for everyone. I wouldn't mind seeing sitD a paid-only site, but then it wouldn't be the same great sitD. Like I said, you've got ten bucks whenever you ask.

Keep on rocking in the free world.

I was wondering, I've noticed alot of people giving up their diaries, saying that they're making new ones and just dumping their old ones, couldn't you find a way to reuse those diaries? Maybe ask people to send you their names and passwords if thay are giving theirs up? Just a suggestion.
You have got ti fix this diary sick of it crashing all the time....
How do I make my own curser? Like the ones that can have words and swirl around when you move your mouse?

Can you please delete this diary?
i think we should all pitch in a buck! that would do the to figure out how??
I think a couple bucks a month from everyone that is a part of this would be more than enough to keep this alive.
hey i was just wondering, do you know how many people total are members of sitDiary now? anyways that sucks about the server, keep up the good work tho ;-) either way dude i still say sitDiary rocks.
if you were to shut this down, will there anyway to save our entrys. aside, of course, from going through them all individualy?
why does the server never work during the day? :(
i think if we all pitched in, it would give you more then enough to run the site.

where do we send our username and password if we want to delete a diary?
hey how come the server just stops workin sometimes? ive talked to other people that have these and sometimes it just doesnt work.
same question .... how come the server just stops workin sometimes?
ill pray for you
i no you need it
we have to keep the site going!
Im not sure if it'd be okay, but could you not just put up advertisements to pay for the bills? I know of one site that was free before, and ended up putting ads to pay for the server charges.
maybe you should make it so anyone who wants to make a diary now has to get a payed one... ive noticed theres about 50+ people a day and just until the problem is solved the new people should have to pay... that may seem unfair but oh well its a suggestion.
i like coconut's suggestion. although it is unfair, it still might work.
in response:
why should the new kids have to pay and you guys not pay?

also, about not putting up ads. reach into your pocket and send a few bucks. you don't realize that SOMEONE has to pay, you just want to make sure it isnt you.

the good ideas are that EVERYONE pitches in. not just ashley and nick everytime the site needs money. scott has 15 other bills that are much more important than making sure you get a free online diary. be smart.
Hey, I don't have a checking account or anything, so the only way I could get money to you would be to send you cash in the mail, I can't afford 100 bucks a month but I could send something at least. My diary is private and my e-mail isn't working so if you want to respond to me just respond back on your journal. As for the ads I don't see why that would be bad. Anyway I'll try to help if I can.
not to be picky, but i don't think you can generalize that ashley and nick are the only ones who ever send money. every single time scott has asked, i've sent money and i know i'm not the only one who has done so.
could you delet this diary plz pretty plz!! thanx alot!!
hey how do you add people to your friends list? please and thanks!
I jsut want to say that im one of lilbits friends and i love this diary! its liek a part of me if that sounds gay sorry. but really i think the adds would be a good thing. its not fair to make new people pay, plus, and if u did make them pay they would probably jsut go to another site so that is defnintly not the answer. u should make a P.O. box that everyone could send whatever they can to. i mean its a start. and im sure everyone will pitch in.
and at least give what they can. and the good thing about a P.O. box is that noone can get ur real address out of it. get the word around. i just found out that this page itself was a diary. i didnt kno that. so maybe try by word of comment. something has gotta work i know we can figure this out cause i dedfnintly dont want to see this site go. and if all else fails we can do the ads everywhere.
thanks for doing what you do.

~ThE pRiNcEsS~
hey guys,

i just want to make sure you understand that no one will ever HAVE to pay. as long as i'm running this site, free diaries will always be available.

that's not to say that upgrades won't be -offered-. you *will* be able to upgrade to a better account with more features, space, better stuff, etc. when i get the time to implement the change.


im having MAJOR problems.i have NO idea how to get this thing started. i NEEDDDD help.please email me the instructions:

please include:
how to make your first entry
how to make the background
how to get the font
how to put pictures on it
and other information

PS- ive seen other diaries-they're AWESOME...nice job scott!!


AIM SN:xiixbrunettexiix
**if anyone else will help, IM me PLEAS
oh iiiiiii see how it is- you guys are too good to click on the banner now?
if you need any help with money im here. wont be much but i will help
Clicky clickie, kiddies.

Seriously though, were you going to put the PayPal donation machine back up? Or you can just email me with the info, but not at the email this diary was made under because that email is dead, so if you want, you can address all pertinent information to me at nickkulfan@yahoo.

Thanks man.
I would like to delete my journal and username. Could I please have your email address to send you my password?
Thank you.
alright i was wondering if there was a way to make the entry background color a little transparent. i thought i had seem something like this before but it was a long time ago.

i know this has nothing to do with the server but if you have an answer id love to know thanks
ok, i ran into a lil problem. I used a html code for no right clicks and it sorta screwed up my diary. I put the code in my diary entry and i like cant delete the entry now and dont tell me to press the delete button bc that dont work since i cant see the delete button.... the entry is titled babies if u go to my diary and look at it wat u see is wat i see when i sign in PLEASE HELP!!!
Hey, i just wanna say i admire what you do. Not only did you take the time to make all of this site yourself.. but you payed for it for so long too. Just so some kids could get stuff off their chests. I know it made the difference for some kids. I know theres a lot of people that dont want to see this thing go, and it looks like u racked up a decent amount of followeres for urself too.... keep it real.. thanks for the diary bro. lol.
hey uh i want to delete a diary that i made by acident... uh someone told me that i had to tell u so... the adress of the diary that i want to delete is sweetlovexox okay thanx...bubye
hey, if i get this new job im gettin soon, il chip in $50 a month no worries
that's good, because we've only gotten 1 donation this time around for $5 from Jon Roche.

donations are welcome and you can make them on the front page, people.
im just wondering if you could please mention me in your next entry or something if its at all possible. I need this diary to be helpful to all and i want everyone to know about it!

thanks a ton..
-Advice For You

ps. got any problems?
Hey there, i was wondering how to delete an old diary, i made a new one, and i wanna get rid of the old one
my ass itches like fire....FUCK SITDiary!
I made a $5.00 donation!
why isnt my comment pic working? arggggg
I want to delete my entire journal... what is your email address so I can send you my password?
hey scott, little question...
on two different computers, ive gotten the same internet viruses. the only site ive been to is sitDiary, and no ones downloaded anything. so it seems like sit may be spreading some virus. the shortcuts on the desktop show up as o, CS4P028, silent, and a lycos sidesearch icon. i dont know what it is, but it sucks.

so i dont know if its actually coming from here or not, but is it possible?

hey i dont want my diary ne more so can u pleez erase it 4 me...thank u kindly!
Are we ever going to have
I am also a broke college student, so I can't donate. But I wouldn't mind putting an ad or something on my diary for a little while, if that's what you need to do to stay up and running.

::Sigh:: Money...
scott, i have a question: i have the code to add background music to a website, but i tried it and it doent work. is this website blocking the use of music on it. or is there a special code i need to use for it to work. please contact me by email at, aim: xashamaley49x, or leave a message in my diary: xashamaley49x
Oh, I just noticed the paypal thing there in the corner. I should make use of that sometime soon, I suppose.

So anyway, nevermind my other comment way down yonder because it just makes me look like a bigger idiot than I typically look like.
sitDiary won't let me make a new diary!
well, would we still be able to save our entries? or would they be completely gone? and if so..if you can't continue running sit d, then maybe you could let jared take over...i dunno just a suggestion...hopefully things look up for you, not just cuz of sit d, but because i just well dude. and good luck.
i could send you a couple bucks but i wont be too much help. SitDiary is amazing and i would hate to loose it.
thanks for everything.
Scott i'll talk to my mom about sending you money to help keep sitD up.. i would hate to lose sitD its like .. a home on a website. and no other journal site's as good as this one.. so i'll see what i can do to help :-)
yeah, it sucks that sD is always down, i'm sorry about your job and all, i really hope that sitdiary doesn't have to go, i love it so much, i love being able to read my friends diaries, and i love writing in here...i understand your problem though. advertising would totally suck, but if its necisary...i would gladly give a donation if i can scrap up the money, where do i send it to?? thanks for keeping us posted on whats going on.
you should look into for some amazing technical help! im sure theyre more than willing to give you a boost! Also, how are your servers set up? and what Raid types are you using, Livejournal uses Raid 1 and 0 , seems to be efficient for them... *shrugs* im not a technical genius though. i jsut know a bit about computers and such...