Auto Save & Draft Mode & WYSIWYG

That's right, the following two changes were made to your editor today:

1.) As you type, your posts are saved every 30 seconds (this may be extended to every 1 minute, depending on server load)

2.) Posts are now 'draft' by default and can be switched to either 'Published' or 'Private'

Ahhhh progress.


-- Edit --

3.) You now have a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE).

That is all. :)

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need to delete/access old account (cryinginside). forgot password. please email
what happened to my old sit diary DEAD POETIC?!?!?! hit me up SCOTTTTTT
The comments page is not working. Can you make it work?
Question: How can i delete my diary?
I don't know if that other comment went through or not, but nevermind either way. I worked it out.
Scott, I hate to ask, but is there a way to filter out some of this spam. This site used to be about people, now it seems to be about cheap computer parts, women's tee shirts, and attractive Handbags. I'm all for letting people talk about whatever they want, but I think their ought to be some kind of line between a blog and free advertising.
Scott, we love you dearly. But can you fix the comments list and friends list please?
Thx <3

Also I've been wondering, will there ever be a way that we can download all our entries so that we can keep them in case something happens to the site?
good job scott
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Will you delete my account? I don't want it anymore.
Thanks for the changes Scott.

Still wondering if there is any way we are getting the old dates back on our posts? All my posts are STILL showing the 13th August 2008, even though a lot of them were written between 2003-2006. :S
I have a question and im guessing you can probably help. Awhile ago there was a spot to type in names to find the person you were looking for? is there anyway i can type in a name and find someones diary?
i was wondering how to get my old log-in information it was for this username (guntomyxhead) when i got back on here there was nothing ?
But how do you access your drafts?
there a way to change passwords?... I think someone got into my account.
Eek, just so you know:

Working autosaves certainly would be amazing.

And I agree with advertisement -- the spacing nonsense is killing me lol. But I like the update -- thanks :]. And emailed notifications on updates and comments, yes, would also be nice. Glad to know you are still working on it.
Scott, I need to change the email for my user account but cannot figure it out. let me know if I should email the change to you?
I feel really dumb but is there anyway to turn OFF the rich text editor? I cannot for the life of me figure out the formatting for my hard spacing. whatever i type into the editor comes out the same EXCEPT there are no hard returns, which is driving me bonkers. I adjusted the html a little bit and added hard return tags but then everything had too MUCH spacing.
great progress but dont be a tool i need to be notified when friends update so get on it