Poor sitDiary

It doesn't happen often, but it still happens. Once again, funds are low for sitDiary (from our advertisers), so I must turn to the fantastic people of sitDiary to help us through this little rut. Any donation you make will help. $1, $5, $10, $3.72 .. anything.
Edit 2:45pm -------------------------------------------- Did I mention our goal is $4000 for this year? So far, we've received $25.00 in donations. Big thank-yous to: Jaiden Wylie - $5.00 Kyle Wilt - $20.00 Edit 12:26am (May 8th) -------------------------------------------- Now that we've received more donations, I think I will just keep an updated post here (with names, donation and running total) as well as the names of the contributors: Jaiden Wylie - $5.00 ($5.00) Kyle Wilt - $20.00 ($25.00) Ashley Hargrave - $20.00 ($45.00) NetGSC Enterprises - $5.00 ($50.00) Kathryn Mezzenga - $30.00 ($80.00) Anonymous Donator - $50.00 ($130.00) Melissa Joyner - $1.00 ($131.00) Michael Dudley - $10.00 ($141.00) Hsun Lee - $15.00 ($156.00) Aaron Hamilton - $4.63 ($160.63) Anette "Siamese Gun" Garcia - $10.00 ($170.63)
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Oh poor our dear SitDiary, I wanna help, but Im not able to donate any $ :(. Hope you will survive, yeah, you must survive! I love you here!
scott, i just mailed you some money and a short letter. i really just want my google color settings back. please? when i get more money, i'll send it, just when you recive my money, leave a short comment, i really wanmt you to get it. LONG LIVE SIT!
what is google ad settings? could you explain in your next update?
*thinks wonderful min numbing thoughts..* Oh hi reality!! umm I wondering if I click the google adds will that help with the money issue?
Please delete Google archives, et cetera, of blog "impressed" for me. Please. Any problems? mbeaith@yahoo.com to contact me. Just take care of it please. If you must, ask me if you may delete my blog.
Okay, I feel guilty


BUT the only way I could donate is via mail all the way from ye olde England to you. This means that I need an address however. Excuse my ignorance if you've already posted that, but if you could help solve my little problem, my guilt will be lifted and you'll have my lovely money to put towards your funds. And SitD will live a little longer.

And life will be good...

= )
hey i am still waiting on that password reseting man. please help me

P L E A S E H E L P ! ! ! !
Hello. I have a question for you that i'm hoping you can help me with.
I was wondering if you know how to get a picture at the very top, middle of your diary. I know you need some sort of code, but i have no clue what that code is and am hoping that you do. If you do GREAT! and could you possibly let me know?

Thank you, much appriciated.
i just almost gave you 10,000 DOLLARZ.
that would be a problem seeing as how i have 23 cents to my name.
hey there. i wanted to delete my diary. i've decided i want everything gone from it so if u would let me know how to delete myself from here that would be great. thanks.
hiiiii. delete me please.
okay, i gave my $16.84... your good luck that some money fell in my lap today.

and i don't even have any tech support questions to ask.
hey. erm. how do you put a link in a entry?
please. hm. thanks? :) or who can help me, if you cant?
nick, are you stalking my every turn?
i think a bigger more gaudier box should be placed in everyones diary. i don't have paypal, but i'll give you monies in an envelope. i'm sure i can. actually, i live in huntington beach and you live in orange. if i go bowling up there, i will give you money. not as much as the sexilicious anonymous, but some. luck!

Please help me. i cant remember the password to my dairy [Baki] the original email that created the account is "bakihanma2004@yahoo.com" please reset my password


heh thanks
mailed in donation today. arriving soon = big yellow looking envelope

Random pregunta... is there any way you could disable those dumb pop-ups that people put in their diaries? They are suuuuper annoying.

Case in point: http://www.sitdiary.net/musikx0x/

Much Love,
Hey, everyone... we should really click on the banner ads. Maybe that would help too? I think? And donate!!! I'll be mailing in whatever I can as soon as I get some envelopes and stamps. We here for you Scott! :)
Uh, my mozilla crashes whenever I visit my sitd site, so uh, I was wondering if you knew what that was all about.

Stay fresh.
Is there any way you can delete an image I uploaded for me? I believe the apostrophe in the original title, because both when I tried to rename it to my background and when I tried to delete it, it inserted a bunch of slashes before the apostrophe and said after confirmation said "image does not exist."

Thank you.
yeah im sad...my parents blocked sit diart from my computer but i had it added to my facorites so it didnt really work but then you moved it to .net and i didnt have it added to my favorites and now i cant get onto it except wwhen im on other ppls computers so..poor me..
hey...my diary is not showing my new enrtys at all...can you help?

-meagan (mdfender67)
hey...i uploaded some pictures but they wouldnt show up. when i went to delete them it said file does not exist. how can i fix this?
excellent. now we have spam comments.

anyway of finding out who left those last two comments on that entry and murdering them?
Hey listen, i'll give you money if you GET MY ENTRIES OFF GOOGLE!!! lol. My friend found it the other day and got really pissed (i just put the last name of a teacher there and WHAM eveyrone in school was reading my diary.) so pllleeasse.. get my entries off google! i'll do anything!
oh but dont delete me.
nick means this entry. he doesn't need home loans online.
Yeah, that spamming isn't just on nick's diary. I've had to delete at least five spam comments like that about home loans and online poker.

I don't even know if there's anything you can do about it, I'm just letting you know.

hmm.. it def. looks like it is time for a F.A.Q section somewhere. It looks like a lot of the same questions often arise. Especially about image uploads... Well.. That's not cool, people are starting to spam on SITdiary. Hopefully they didn't block their IP addresses and I hope there's a way to block these morans..
yeah. what [stereo] said.

i don't know why 'spam' didn't show up as a link to that entry. probably due to my intense levels of retardation.

how do you delete your diary? I apologize for being stupid and not knowing. I just need to delete this specific diary.
i'm trying to give you money, but paypal is being an asshog. says i don't have ten grand in my account and that my card is already in my account, but also that if i want to use the card selected, i need to add it to my account... bastards. i shall return, with fistfuls of pesos and lira.
Well, if I get a mac card. I'll be sure to donate.. But if I don't sadly. I'm terribly sorry.
thank you.
i I donated a dollar cause I only have 1.56 in my checking account when I get more in ther next weekend I will donate what I can. I wish I could help more I used this diary site for a while now, but I have a brand new infant that is still taking alot of my time and money! Melissa
seriously, asshogs.
no tengo dinero ahora.

but i will donate in about two weeks. i promise. i should have more money then, after selling back my books.
If I had a PayPal, and thus money, I would be donating up a storm.
I would also own one of the snazzy logo teeshirts. I'd wear it with pride.
Scotty-Scott-Scott-Scott. I have a rather sadistic request.
Could you delete the user "scarlet?" She joined nearly a year ago and seems to have no entries, ...and I want her username.
I'll trade you, if you want. If you delete her so I can have her name, feel free to delete my other diary [andnbsp] as payment. I know you are strapped for cash, and I'm not quite sure how the whole website thing works. Bandwidth, whathaveyou.
But we all win. :o)
hey, on my diary [baki] i cant sign in cuz i forgot my password.. heh. can you change it for me? the original email i created the account with is bakihanma2004@yahoo.com

please help
Is there anything else we can do to help? Delete old diaries or whatnot?
on the real

gimme address like right now

how do you put the picture in the left panel?

also, how do you put picures in entries and make certain letters bold/italic?

please, anyone help/
I'm dropping by the OC next week accompanied by a huge load of cash.. don't ask if it's bootleg or not, I got my ways around.
ok ok ok

so i was suppose to mail you my lunch money or send you my check or perhaps even use my card, but i always delay. so i promise that if almost leaves me the address again i will send it ASAP.

on the real yo
left you $20.00. Enjoy it.
as soon as i get my packcheck ill donate...im low on funds...:(
i would loooovvveee to make a donation, but i am only 15 and no credit card or anything!
No tengo dinero. Estoy muy triste y tengo verguenza. Lo siento.
im sorry, but i lost my job... once im back on my feet, i'll hook u up like last time... Muazzzzzzzzzz....
other things you can do?

spread the word about the problem!
advertise sit - tell your friends!
click! click! click! every day!

(to name a few).
donations can be sent to:

Save sitDiary
2076 N Nordic St
Orange, Ca 92865

if its cash, make sure its concealed well.
..well..i am not able to donate money. would it help any if i clicked on all the adds? i have to help somehow..
I will definetly donate via mail, had I known that sooner I'd done so years ago. I can only give few bucks now, ut I promise within the next month or so I'll send something in.

Hope all stays well:O)


I can send a check to help sitdiary, paying over the internet makes me nervous.

Do not make fun of my Disney Checks though!
Ok, so I donated all of the funds held in my paypal account.... sorry it was only $4.63.... sometime when I have money I will try to help more! Take care and thanks for all you do for us, the users of SitDiary!!

I'ma going Clicking CRAZY!
why is it exactly that u need a whole $4000? isnt that an awful lot of money?
hey umm i cant make donations im only 15... but uh i was wondering if you could delete this account(chic)... thank you
can you delete the account...thisis2cool4me.
Okay Scott, now I realize that you need donations. I perfectly understand that completely. But if you're going to advertise it on our diaries, at least do it a little more tastefully. The big hideous black box is not the way to go. Make it somewhat smaller. And more attractive.
I'll send money when I get some <33
DUDE! You fuckin kick ass!!! I think it is AWESOME that you made this, thank you VERY much!!!! I have made some AWESOME friends on this site!!!!

I have a q, when I try to make a heart, some times it comes up as a question mark..how come? jw?

Im gonna go ad clicking crazy for you...It's all I can do at the moment, hopefully it helpz