We may be switching servers soon (1-2 months, give or take a few weeks in either direction). Hopefully no one will feel the shift, except for the few hours I may need to synchronize the servers. I found a service that will allow me more control but I need to test it first. Getting to that stage might take a while. Once we have switched, however, I hope to make it so subdomains are available to paid users. Since I will have complete control over the server, this will be possible. Some of you might consider it a downside, but I do plan to switch diaries.suchisthis.com to www.sitdiary.net in the future. It might piss some people off, but it was where I was planning to go anyway. Let me know your thoughts. ----------------------------------- Note: There will be minimal risk of losing any data at all, actually. Less than 1%.
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scott, drop me a line tellin me how i can send some dough your way for the site man. i back you on all your decisions cus this place only seems to get better. my one comment on it though is that my user info is kinda gay lookin. i wish it was back to the way it used to look. peace
hey i'm kind of new to sitdairy, and i was just wondering how i can put pictures in one entry.
change is good
i want this account deleted, can it be deleted?
that link would be so much better! i hate typing in http://diaries.suchisthis.com etc etc... everytime. but i just added it to my favorites
I think the server change is an excellent idea, and so is the change to www.sitdiary.net, but it's going to take me ages to get my head around typing that in instead of the current address!
why will the image manager let me upload black and white photos?
How can we check out other people's diaries if they're not our friends? Is there anyway that we can message them or something? I'm still confused about this whole place..
so Ive been trying to figure out how to keep an image as your background, but no such luckI'd greatly appreciate it if someone left a comment telling me how to
how can i delete this account? let me know..
Sounds good to me!
You know you love me.
why does sitdiary shut down frequently?? It very much frustrates all of us who are obsessed. Anyways, I love it, but why does it do that/is it going to be fixed?
O_o maddie
ok i really want to know how to have a picture as my background...is there a special code or do you have to be a non-free-user? can someone help?
You may off this diary.
hey..this is stupid, but is there any way to make it so that ip numbers dont show up?
I love the new name. I have two questions for ya---how do I get pics uploaded, and how can I get my comment box as big as yours?? I still haven't found that young high school kid to do my dirty work...
Nevermind about the pics...caught up on the news and now I know. Still want my readers to be able to leavelonger messages though..thanks! Wendy
hi im kaylie and i need to find a way to get a password for my other diary sillygirl. right now im using blondebabe and i NEEED to get my password for sillygril. so i teh person who owns the site can e-mail me that would be great, or just leave a message in my blondebabe. thanks...
hey, i think thats a great idea..also, how much is a paid membership? im sure it says it somewhere on here but i was also wondering if youre a paid member, do you still experience the down time of the site?
..yeah and, the new server i think is a good idea. Just thought I'd add that.
Well, if this Move would Improve the site, then by all means do it, i suppose everything is at Risk of being Lost ??
Do what you have to do, man.
You've done too much for us bums as it is.
how soon? just curious. i've noticed the site being down a lot lately, this must be why. i'm so excited about getting a paid account. fo sho bro. anything i can do to support sitD because this place rocks. k bye.
1% is fairly good.

There's about 50% of my material here that I should probably lose on my own in the dark outside a pub on Bourbon Street all over the side of a brick builing anyway. So lose away, I say.
In truth, you'd be doing me a favor.
less than 1% is fine but if theres anything we can do we'll help! lol
I think that I like sitdiary.net better...
haha, I always end up typing in www.sitDiary.com anyway. until I bookmarked it. haha. I'm glad for the change. hehe. We love you scott!!! ~kuntrygurl
You should know by now that the chances of making EVERYONE happy is slim to none.
But whomever is not can get over it.
luv me.
Yesss. www.sitdiary.net I like that better than what we have.

You rock dude.
i, personally, wouldn't mind the site address change at all. anything to make the site better, i say.

take care

1% is awsome.. but there always is that one chance... but o well.. nd yea www.sitdiary.net will be so much eaiser.. later
I have complete faith in your judgement.

even if you've never left california.
I like the old/current url better, but it doesnt matter to me, because I have it under "sitd" on my explorer link bar.

Do whatever, because I dont care about the url as long as it works.
and you know what?
I still love you.
i think it's a good idea becuase i'm sick of it being stupid. plus, i like the title name. is that just gave you 10 points!
sitdiary.net is easier to remember anyways. And I don't know what switching the server means, but if it's going to benefit you and the rest of us, I'm all for it.

hey is there any way i can change my login name on here??????????
Hey, I think the URL change will be great. Whatever happens, I'm cool with it. ;D
Us sitDiarians will still lurve ya.
Greeny xx