guess what i'm doing!!!

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! only five, technically four, shopping days left people. if you celebrate christmas (secularly or religiously, i dont really care), share with your peers what you will be doing. if you don't celebrate christmas, are you jewish? muslim? buddhist? what? tell us what you celebrate and how you do it. lastly, no jesus bashing, youll be deleted because scott isn't cool with that. let's be respectful and converse. commence...
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My family isn't religious at all, for us, xmas is eating good food, exchanging gifts, and just hanging out for two days. xmas eve is spent w/my dad's family, the 25th is split between my immediate family in the AM and my mom's in the PM. We always have fun, just seeing people we dont get to regularly throughout the year. A Merry Chistmas to everyone on Sit!!!
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I'm Australian.

We didn't want to get a Christmas Tree this year, so we went out into the street and ripped off some branches from a Eucalypt.

Now how Bogan Aussie is that!
i have a question... is there anyway to get a forgotten password?

Lauren <3

I am a la Muslim!

Eid el Fitr was about a month ago.
Basically what you do there is eat a lot, and pray.
Ha, familiar sounding, eh?
(More to it than that. o.o)

And January 10th, I believe it is, is Eid el Adha.
Basically more eating and praying.
(More to it than just that, as well.)

Pretty sweet, pretty sweet.

Holidays, even not my own, make me so excited!
Happy (belated¬) Holidays, chickos!
I visited family, and it was glorious to see them.

I've been away and thus have not had time to do presents and such. They're waiting for me under the tree.
i went on holida skiing in austria for christmas. so we did the whole present thing on the 23rd which kinda sucked. it didnt actually feel like christmas on christmas day :( so yeah. i spent christmas on top of a snowy mountain. yay!
I went to my great friend's house on Christmas Eve and we did a sort of play thing with all of his family of the Nativity. It was really fun!

In the morning, my mom, dad, and I opened presents and had a jolly good time. We ate dinner later with the extended family, then I made Christmas cookies while talking to my brother in Seattle on the phone.

Christmas is wonderful!

Merry Christmahanaquazaka/Winter Solstice!
My christmas was awesome. Nothing special. Saw the family. Ate good food. But it rocked...I loved it.
my house is lazy in the wee hours of christmas morning. we spend our time opening presents and yelling at the dogs to get off the carpet.
next my uncle comes in stoned with his new wife, then my grandma, and we all enjoy another round of yelling at the dogs to get off the carpet. we eat a dry turkey; i hang out with the familia; we listen to live old time music; and if i'm lucky i'll get smashed at a friend's "cosby sweater" party
right on.
We aren't doing much.
mum's working 07:00 - 19:30
i'm working 14:00 - 20:00
we shall open presents tonight
other than that, new year is our night :)
we proper celebrate more in scotland than most places i'd say
roll on the 31st!

I'm a Christian so Christmas day involves a church service and the run up includes narrating the nativity and seeing my cousins.

I love Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all! It is a family tradition of mine that on Christmas Eve we all have Clam Chowder or Chili and then we open one present and save the rest for morning. Typically we go to the Midnight Christmas service and light candles. In short I love Christmas. God Bless!
First of all, happy Christmas and Hanukah Eve! Just wanted to be the first to say it (at 3:13 am)

Well then. This Christmas, my family will do what we always do: Get together at one person's house (this year, my aunt's), have a big dinner, and give gifts to one another. My religious aunt will insist upon a prayer before the meal, and we'll have a gay old time.

I will most likely be found babysitting the children. Oh well :p

<3 Beth
On Christmas Eve I am going to have dinner with my friend Kristen and her family. Then working overnight. Then sleeping. Then the next day I am having dinner with Dania's family. Then going to work again. :-)
on christmas eve i go to my uncles house, where my WHOLE family will be and it'll be crazy cuz everyone wants to eat at 7 but the food is never ready and everyone wants to leave early cause they want to open presents!
then on christmas i open my presents in the morning, then go to ANOTHER uncles house, where everyone exchanges gifts, so theres a MASSIVE pile of gifts under the tree, then all the kids open them and wrapping paper litters the floor
This year's gonna be weird, both my elder sisters have moved out, (one married) so it'll just be me, and me two brothers. I will be goin to church on Christmas Eve, then again on Sunday morning. hehe! And then I is having a Christmas Party for my youth group on the 27th! Wahoo!
I will be going to mass on Christmas Eve, then eating my favorite dinner of the year, and visiting friends and family. On Christmas day, we open gifts at my parent's house and eat MORE food. After all that, I sit on the couch and try to recover from the 24 hour gorge I just participated in.

Yay for Christmas!
Boo for the extra 10 pounds!
i'm not buddhist, but i celebrate with buddha.
I plan on going to church on Christmas Eve, and then watching Patrick open his oodles of presents [and play with the boxes and paper and ribbons and bows] on Christmas day. And then for Boxing Day, we're all going to Austen to spend the day with JD's Uncle Dale and meet Uncle Dave for the first time.

Everyone have good times!

I don't celebrate Christmas, and my celebration is actually today. (12/21). I'm Wiccan, and so I celebrate the Winter Solstice. There are a few different ways to celebrate it, but they're all solemn rituals we do to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of a lifeless season.
I'm going to play manhunt with Jessie, and then invite Christina over. Maybe on New Years shes inviting me over so that we can party (:

my keyboard is broken. or, i just broke it.
i celebrat christmas in the nude, because, like jesus, i believe the nude way is the right way to do things.
This year Christmas is going to be really different for me. This will be the first year that my dad will actually be sober, that and my older brother who I love very much is comming to spend Christmas with us.

We're going to be the usual for us. Which is on Xmas eve we're going to order chinese food and then watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Then the next morning we're gonna open presents and just spend time together...

I ♥ Xmas! :D
je vais à le maison du ma grand-mère pour noël.

or something like that.