hey guys well Im new to this, I have a multimedia class in school so I basically just sit here and look at w/e online lol I will get a pic up on here soon. Oh yeah! katrina.
Yall sould really donate cuz It is really sad, I live in Houston and I see a lot of the ppl who came from over there, in school too. So yeah Donate w/e to them they are cool ppl.
Hey guys. I live in New Orleans, as do many of our friends here at SitD. I would just like to send my gratitude for your concern. It's a crazy thing when your life is unexpectedly uprooted, but we will persevere. I would also like to apologize on behalf of all of the New Orleanians who are not looters or drug addicts. Apparently, the news teams only visit crack dens. Anyway, thanks for the support. It means so much more than you can imagine.
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Back when you messed around with the friends, I think you made it so that people with private diaries don't show up when you go to your friends page, if you're not a friend of theirs...Thus making it imposible to delete them from your friends list.
I personaly liked it better when it just showed "this is a personal diary" or whatever it showed before.
umm yeah can youchange the title bar mess? I don't like the link showing up on the top. It looks messy. It really is bothering me. Before you fixed it. Please do so again.
hey guys
two teenagers were murdered just down the road from me. pray for them think about them and their family or whatever it is that you do as an individual
liv xx
how do i change my website?
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i hope everyone has donated, i know i have. i would also like to know News boy, if the we are able to pick the color of our google ads.

hope everyone is safe,
all i gotta say is that there are some strong ass people in new orleans and other cities.
those are some fucking balls there unlike a lot of people complaining in other cities for not having a MERCEDES OR THE NEWEST HIPPEST SHOES OR THAT AWESOME MAKEUP OR THAT KILLER NEW CD

You guys are doing your part by posting that. You guys care. Just another reason I love this site.
Hey, I'm from germany (vortex10101) and its interesting how different the news are here from what people hear about Katrina in the states.

We get a lot of detail and insights on the bigger picture...horrible reports of help that came in late, why that is, greyhound buses being returned to their departure states, etc...it breaks my heart.

"The city of New Orleans will never be the same...in this time" - Ray Nagin

Please Help!
I'm from Pensacola FL and last year we were hit HARD by Ivan. Thinking about how everyone chipped in to help us makes me incredibly grateful. Now it's our turn to return the favor. Anything will be better than nothing. A dollar could buy someone some water. I thank everyone who's set up there own donation/collection things. It's truly appreciated. Thanks for all of your help and support. Keep the people of the Gulf Coast in your prayers.
my house neighborhood and school have been either ruined or shut down because of katrina... being from new orleans right now sucks... please donate... it would mean so much to the people that didnt have a chance to get out...
I've actually started a fundraiser at my school. I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have 3 journals on here. Dreamsofmisery, Epiphany, and Wickeddreams. The problem is...I've forgotten my password for wickeddreams...if you could help it'd be wonderful. My email is ice_lighting@hotmail.com
if i had any money, i would gladly donate... unfortunately... i have nothing in my pockets and no bank account. i think that is really really cool that you put hte link up for it though. i know so many people who want to help. it is heartbreaking sometimes to see everything that they show in new orleans and boluxi, to see they still have faith, i wish i could be that strong. i wish so bad i could donate something to them.
Hey. I'm from New Orleans. . .I'm in Georgia until everything is straightened up, but I just want to say thank you for putting this up and trying to helping us that have been affected. On the news they show a whole bunch of people looting and killing. . .CNN shows the bad people stealing from walmart, but skips over the little old gran in the corner silently praying her rosary. Not all of us are criminals. It just irks me. Thanks for the help!
yeah i don't plan on donating any money. i'm such a horrible person
Thanks for putting that link up.

It's a shame I'm jobless and have to rely on my parents for money, but damn as soon as I can I'm putting every penny I can in there.

Thanks for showing concern, and not rolling it off your shoulders.
i would if i could...

and i will, just not through sit.
my school had a donation this morning from all the students, and it has about 1200 students.
we donated over 9,000 dollars.
and every extra dollar counts