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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a safe and fun weekend. If you participate in making resolutions, then share them with us. If you don't, that's okay, too. You can share anything you feel compelled to share. Don't forget to donate to the Relief Aid for the catastrophic events due to the tsunami. Click on the link on the main page for more information. If you're online, you have spare change and you're probably several times wealthier than most people in the world. Every bit helps! Scott is working on a lot of new features for the paid accounts that should be around sometime soon. We'll keep you posted. Take Care.
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Not to make any resolutions.

Yeah, I don't make resolutions, as I don't have any work ethic in the first place. Although, it would probably be something like:

Play video games
Write more jokes
Do crossword puzzles
i resolved to not pester you people with annoying comments where-in i demand things of you after you went through all the trouble of providing us with a free site in the first place. also, i resolved to spend more time online naked.

i'm not sure which i'll be able to keep, though.

because, you know, sometimes life is just a bitch and you really have no choice but to demand things while wearing clothing.
i just realized, i have my diary as public but only my friends who i have on my list can read it. therefore, i am also on their friend list & they can read my newest entry simply by looking @ their friend list. well, when i am NOT signed in & i look @ their friend list, i can also see my newest entry. i was wondering if you could fix that because i dont like other people viewing her diary and seeing my newest entry in her friends list. thanks.
hey sry but id like to kno how to do a backround that you know stays in place? even wen i move the curser up n down..ya kno what i mean right? haha ok well thanks hope to hear form u soon
the same thing happens to me like guntomyhead said.
* cut down on smoking & drinking
* not say sorry when i really don't mean it
* not be as nice. back to bitch mode with those who take advantage of me :[
* get a damn JOB
* spend more time, way more time, with family
* & not be too stubborn
* appreciate how lucky i am for having the people i have in my life right now

Thank you a bunch Scott!! <3<3
Can you pls send me the password for blondeangelx69 agin becouse i had the blocker on my mail that only let ppl on my buddy list send me mail. Pls send me the password to

thank you -Jamie -January/8/2005
Ok, not to be annoying but why can't I change my background? No matter what it keeps going back to the last one I had saved as a .jpg, so I saved the next one as a .gif. But then I couldn't upload a new one because when I changed it to .jpg it turned into the last one I uploaded as that and the same for the .gif. If that's confusing sorry, but it confuses me too.
I kinda have the same prob as the other girl. ive requested for scott or sum1 to look into this but i dun think neone has. since the server change in October i have not been able to sign into my account. ive tried to make a new account to just transfer all the entries but i only have one email. i really enjoy sitd but since Oct ive had to restort to other diaries. so if sum1 could please help me get my account back up n runnin

Omg im so sry i dont mean to be a pain in the ass! but i had a filter on my email thingy and i just took it off could you pls email the password to [Blondeangelx69] to one more time pls...Thank you so much! rly u have no idea how much it helps thanx so much!
-jamie( a loyal sitd-er)

oops! Well it would be really cool if you could click to make an entry friends only instead of just private. Ya know? Id like that a lot!!
Im trying really hard to be a better student, and to lose 5 pounds, and to stay single until spring. Those in themselves are like impossible but my last resolution was to be more positive about things.

okay, ya know how when u write an entry, at the bottom u can click "private entry". i really really think there should be a "friends only entry". that would be awesome.
My main was no more procrastination.

But I haven't gotten around to it yet.
----(continue of the other comment) Pls contact me if we can work a way out to get my password. if you tell me which email i used since i have aol i can restore the deleted email...I need it much i will provide you with any info you need thanx so much

a loyal sitD-er
excuse me i dont mean to bother you, but i have 4 diaries on sitD and my first diary was blondeangelx69 and it was my most dear diary, the private entries on there i need very bad. But i had mis placed my password. I created a new diary but i would like that diary back, now im pretty sure my old email was which is the one i mite of registered it with but im not 100%.i did delete that email but i can restore it----
hmmmm My resolutions
1. Devirginize Ryan
2. Get decent grades
3. Be more outgoing
4. Lose 15lbs
5. Get out more with friends
6. Learn how to play video games
This year, I've resolved to be a more compassionate person, to do more for others.
Well its not really a "resolution" but i kept telling my self that as soon as i dyed my hair id call my friend katie, well i dyed my hair...
don't talk about drinking
stop eating when i'm full
be nicer to my sister

if you owned all channels youd be like turner or clear channel...and youd be the same as them. that doesnt make sense.
Have a lot of sex with Hugh Laurie.
too keep on being the coolest kid that ever lived

Mine was to make a resoultion next year..
Conquer the world.

Bring down Superman.

Kryptonite gun.

Lose weight.

1. Do my homework once in a while.
2. Bring my Grades up.
3. Quit Neopets.
4. Add content to my website.
5. Stop making resolutions I'll never live up to.
my new years resolution is to find a nice guy who will treat me right...and make things right with my