Happy October

Meh. I'm getting tired of the old sitdiary code, so I'm going to re-do it before Q2 2006. Also, there are a lot of accounts that are just sitting idly, taking up space and good names, so I think I'll go through a clean-up session. On a sidenote, either the e-mail address in the "sitdiary re-design" entry was rejecting all email as spam or (and most likely) no one submitted designs. This leads me to think that sitDiary is on a somewhat steep downward trend in popularity. Therefore, I have to make time for a general make-over myself. Seeing as how I have very little time as it is, that may take months, so .. whatever. -Scott
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could you please delete this account as well?

i love sitdiary, it helps me express ,myself, it helped me confess to my friends i am gay, thank you sitdiary.
umm, the hangman game doesn't work...is that just my computer?
btw dont delete me just because I havent updated in a while, I'm totally active.


sitd = ♥
I like sit diary and I have about 5 friends on here... so i really hope that it doesn't become so unpopular that it becomes no-existent
umm, i could attempt to help... what kind of stuff you looking for?
i dont really understand the whole HTML thing but i am willing to help with ideas...
i am good with design...
got an A for my Graphic Communication Folio...
Let me know Scott...

I can't program, but I'm more than willing to make graphics.
so maybe this isn't the correct place to ask you this but could you please deactivate/delete my diary?

if I wasn't supposed to ask you here I'm really sorry, I could'nt find your email address..perhaps I'm just an idiot?! Anyhow, when you've got the time, please do!
Have fun making yourself over (:
heyyyyyyyyy scott.

don't know if this has been requested before, but you know what would rock? if, when signed in, we'd see our "friends only" friends when we clicked "friends." does that make sense? for instance, my friends have to guess when I update because my "friends only" status means I don't show up on their friends page.

the majority of the people I read are friends only and this would just be... I dunno, rockin'. Thanks!
could you please delete this account?
I noticed a decline in popularity too. I think it's because compared to a lot of other blog sites this one doesn't have as many features and isn't as friendly to older users. Older like people older than 13.

dear scoot i know i have many sitds that are not in use but i would like to keep them up because of some of the writing in them are really close to me if you can spare them is there any way i can get those entries transfered all to one easy so you can just delete all the nonuse ones :]
how come you dont have a password finder? i lost the password to one of my accounts, the one that means the most to me. and now im stuck and cant get into it.
Your not gonna like deleate peoples diaries are you? I mean if we write updates like every other day, you won't say that it is using up space will you? 'Cuz that would realy sux. Well thanx 4 ur time and 4 hearing me out.
oh no! ive been working, but i promis to update often just dont delet me, kay? maybe no one knows how to make web designs, i mean i cant, besides i like sit just the way it is i dont want it to change
Hiya, Scott...um...There's no possible way to change my username, is there?
how are you going to be going thru the accounts to see which is idle, etc.? are you going to send emails to the email accounts or are you going to go thru the sitdiary accounts to see which are still good? please comment back as i am unsure about my email account (we dont have internet at my house anymore) and would like to continue using sitdiary.
Thank yous. well im sorry to hear that- i bet its livejournal- another online diary site. but sit is way better- live is just too complicated to customize. it doesnt even take HTML! what a joke.
Hey, Scott!

I love sD! I'm trying to get more people to join...

Is there any possible way I could change my username?
If you are going to go around and delete sD's that aren't being used; skip over antichrist. Please do not delete it. That diary is still a way that we "talk" to Atilla, even though she has passed.
Is it supposed to be displaying $_GET[cmd] at the top?
I hope you don't delete my old accounts. I don't know the passwords and the guy who's supposed to help hasn't yet!
You should go back to the old school green and white right before you switch to the new new one. I saw a picture the other day of me in front of my computer which was on the sitD main page, the green and white one.


I love SitD. And I would gladly help with the redesign, but I am a web design idiot.
I can barely do html. It took me days to figure out how to make words bold.


Sorry Scott....
Hey [claire], are you implying that because we don't know how to design web pages, we're not intelligent?

Because I think that's kind of a silly implication. Just kind of.

Anyway, Scott, I don't know why the layout needs to change at all. I love it. It's really one of the major things that made me fall in love with sD in the first place.
The problem is not a decline in popularity, but a decline in intelligence.
im trying to delete this person off my friends list but they have their diary set to private so i cant delete them
If your going to have a clean up, are you just going to get rid of those that haven't updated in a long time?

I'd do a web design if I knew how to.

Sit-diary is ace.. don't see why people move.
Oh, no, no, no.

Ah, well. We may be loyal to SitD but I have no idea how to web design, I don't know about anyone else.

i love sitdiary! i would so make a design thing if i new what to do. the one down there is cool though..i just checked that out. yeah...don't delete me. hangman now.

my design:

i like your design, scott.

and i don't know any web design.

well, I know (and really I speak for myself here) many of us don't know how to make a new design for this site. We are not all web geniuses like you Scott.

Aww...everyone went to xanga...then they went to myspace...its like a massive train thingy, maybe everyone will come around?
help was updated so you better get on your toes cuz!

leo :]
fine scott!
I'll do the design myself but that shit better get posted otherwise I'll murder you!
I'm not sure what you want though!! :/
since you took the entry out! geezzz
Scott, I don't think it's that the popularity is going down, I think it's more that the sitdiary community feels that it isn't always about layouts, and the way it is provides enough to change the few things that matter, and people who really care, have the codes, and change it themselves.

That's at least how I feel. You have an unmaterialistic crowd, and they prefer to get out the expressions and creativity through writing. love
ehh, who cares if sitD isn't as popular as, lets say.. myspace?

i like having a little community where everyone expresses and relects on their days.

its cozy. :)

(better than xanga) muaahhaha! :)
the only code i know is the code of the 26 year-old virgin. which is: i can't get any.
i like the layout idea with the field and bird...its relaxing...except maybe change it to a different bird cause yeah that one reminds me of jeepers creepers when put with the field and all. =)

i heart sitdiary
i think you should make it easier to put up pictures..
and to maybe add groups that you can join.. and maybe to fix up the prefrences page juss a lil.
thats my thought..
but other than that.. i love this site...
hey could you tell me how to delete someone from my friend list if they have a friends only diary?

please help!! :(
help! i forgot the password to my other diary [burnbook]
Both this, and my new 'iamdante' journal are both in use.

Love sitdiary.
aww i love that bird one on the blue background. its so cute AND it is original compared to all the other diary pages.

what does that mean?
hay , do you know of any way you can block just one person ...so you can still have it on public but they cant see it ...or something ... coz theres just a few people i dont wanna read it ...but i want comments from everyone else...or can you do that pleae...
You are so awesome! Thank you so much for making that friend manager!

I love this site more and more everyday.
if you'd like a design to use then i'd be happy to do it for you. Tell me what you need (like size) and i'll create