for some reason, a bunch of you kids keep leaving me weird comments saying i'm added to your friends list and it must be some kind of glitch. rest assured, it's no glitch. i decided to steal the idea from myspace's tom and add myself to every new friends list so you wouldn't feel so lonely. aww how nice. happy new year, kiddies. what were your resolutions? -scott weaver
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ahh, was gonna say the hangman game doesn't like me but i saw imhappycrying's comment

so does that mean we're all friendly and stuff?

my resolution: keep to diet. and stop beeing such a foo'
resolutions make me feel bad.
'tis better to look back at what you've accomplished at the end of the year.
happy new year! (and twelve days.)
i don't bother with resolutions anymore... it's not like anybody ever follows through with them.
Hello there. This has nothing to do with resolutions, but I was wondering if it was possible to purposely delete a screenname. Please comment on my most recent entry (whatever that is) as soon as possible. Thank You.
first year i didn't make any. i never go through with them so why bother? i said i was gonna cut down on smoking yet, i probably have lung cancer now.
how did you get so stupid as to take something from myspace?!
Hey Scott. Whatever happened to the help diary thinger? It hasn't been updated in a long time.
P.S. I didn't make any resolutions. I always break them within two weeks, lol.
hey how do you get forgoten passwords, i forgot my old one and had to start this one. is there anyway or is all that stuff gone for good?
i have resolutions! Do homework BEFORE internetting, get into a shape that is neither round nor stick-like, and stop biting my fingernails.

not that anyone cares but yeah. i wanted to participate.

and why WOULD you want to steal an idea from myspace? it's like saying myspace is better. which it's not.
Be healthy (mentally and physically), don't start smoking the second that I turn 18 (well, constantly that is, I still do that now...) and uhhhmmmm...stay on track. Be a bartender, get a job. Something like that.
Hey-how can I delete my page? I don't have the time to write on there anymore so I figured I'd delete it. Please let me know-thanks!
okay, "tom"

i thought sitdiary was supposed to be more than just another myspace?
I say for like the fifth time....

My resolution: hide the bodies better.
ummm. I know that it's just like a little added feature thing on the mainpage with all of the new entries that people add, but some of them are private or set as friends only, so they kind of don't want them to be viewable by everyone else...is there a way to fix that?
'ello. well, not to sure if you read the comments for this one any more (it was a bit ago, but as a note. not to complain, just fufiling a promise. aparently,
[tutorgrrl] is harassing [allief1987], and i was asked to say something if it continued. sorry for the news, and i imagine how it probably is a little... er... well, i'm sure you probably get it alot, so its probably annoying. but, well, enough rambaling

Patric Nuttall
The Half-Mad Poet
You weren't on my friends list.... =(... sO I'm gonna add you.
I have lost my password is there a way to get it back. I don't see a place where I can have my password e-mailed. Please help.
yo! i did not leave you no comment, but ill eb yer frend anyway! peace.
yo! i did not leave you no comment, but ill eb yer frend anyway! peace.
All I want is to delete my diary b/c I've now at xanga. And, as for the mastersage/allief1987, there is no "harrassment" on either part. I'm sure if you read what is still on allief1987's diary & in her comments, you will see that I have commited no violation and there is no case with them. If anything, it would be against them, except that I've deleted their comments. Please just let me know how to close this account to put this all behind me.

1. Ignore what stupid people say; they're stupid.

2. Refrain from getting angry while driving.

3. Enlist.
Hmm, these new ad's are kinda annoying. But oh well. Whatever gives you funds, I guess.
That's actually the problem. Neither are taking care of funds.
hey, i have a request that probably a million other people have
can you please please go back to those other ads?
cuz these new ones are screwing up the dimensions of my diary...
please? ♥
I lost my other accounts password. please email it to helena0517@hotmail.com
my username is helen
Considering I went a little crazy with Mr. Jack Daniel's on New Year's(i.e, 5 large shots, 3 Jack and cokes) my new year's resolution is to put my lover to rest. *sigh* I hope your New Year's wasn't spent vomiting and trying to remember when New Year's was. ^_^
is the image manager broken? mine wont work
my resolution is not to make any!

BUT i need to stop smoking and drinking and need to loose weight.
i know these wont happen though,
ummm... my resolution is... to make my SitD more interesting

Lose Weight, get better grades, be nicer to my friends. (:
get drunk less...woop
I'm doing like pushups and stuff I guess, but it's not much of a resolution.

And, "be chill" is basically my always resolution.
My new years resolution: To destroy the world just alittle more.
please delete this diary, thank you =)
i think Sit Diary is Amazing, just thought ide tell you :)

I resolve to put in less effort in school, and more into getting my headteacher removed, cause no-one likes her=P
to put more effort into my uni work, and start exercising.
to ERG six days a week.

(erg stands for electroning rowing, really difficult excersizze....)

And by the way, the hangman game is brokenn....I love it, please fix it.
i'm lonely :
you didn't add me, i might cry
for real?
i just feel out of the in crowd now
lol :) hi
yea, i figured thats what it was. Happy New Years to you also... hmm revolution.. *thinks* I guess being the best gf I can and stop making such big mistakes. sounds good to me. much love, l8r.


some guy left a weird comment on my journal. he does it to others. dammit i forgot his screenname.
Aw how nice of you.

My New Years resolution was to... Well, I don't know, exactly. There are so many things I feel like I should do this year that I didn't last year.

I'd really like to improve my writing. Maybe read a thesaurus? Hahaha.
Happy new years i guesss.

Well my new years resolution was to get in the best shape possible :-D so i can break some records this year in track.

Woo and i just did yesterday. This is the first resolution i havent broke :-P
very cool.
My resolution?
I only have a few.

+ stop being so giddy
+ get over whatever this weird emotion is
+ stop thinking about him.
yay go myspace!


go ahead add me kids!

yeah kay so my resolution is too eat more veggies because i don't eat a lot of them. yep.


p.s. read my story im in need of comments
No soda, for a whole year. Come on, man.
Hmm, what else, play more video games. I'm not even kidding. I've been lacking in that area.
I am giving up all carbonated beverages
yes and I was wondering
Plagerizing is only illegal if the stuff is copyrighted right?
Resolution: to be nicer.
to get better grades and not to attack the bus river. Go me and my mood swings. woop!
Tooo stop having dreams about my IPT teacher.. lose weight.. and focus more on the acedemic side of school. :)

please help me hun. I forgot the PW for my acct. Jamster70shippy. Could you some how help me please? It's much appreciated

Ahh this year I plan to once again be a part of the population that's employed... a.k.a.: stop being lazy. Hehehe