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hi everyone, we still have a long way to go. if you love the site then donate!!! donate as much or as little as you'd like.
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if you don't have a paypal account, dont worry. email scott at and he'll send you his address. we'll take any form of money except coins. don't depend on a few people to pick up the slack for a site you all use. that's uncouth. if you have any questions feel free to ask. you can IM scott at 'decyphex', email him, or leave a note. donations of $10 or more will receive 3 months of paid membership for being cool thanks. ---------------------------------------- UPDATE we've received a total of $45.00 so far! we still need $255.00 to meet the goal of $300.00. thanks so far to everyone who's contributed. i know that some of you are donating via snail mail and thank you too. keep it up, guys. -scott
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GREAT! O just discovered I have no cash to spare! Arrrggghhh! If I won the lottery, I would send Scott all of the money he needs! If he needed 200 some then I would get it to him! But I didn't win and I am broke!
its me, the one who said she'll donate the rest of the money....i think i want to! please send me ur info again when we are online..thanks...
email me yo addressio and ill see what i can do
Hope that helped some.

i'm going to donate money as soon as i get it.. i hate to complain but when i posted an entry it said "connection refused(111)" it still posted it, but i've never seen it before. so yeah.

i'll probabley have to mail money in because i don't have a creditcard.. i get paid on friday, so i'll send money then.
I wish I had money to share but there is nothing I have that I could give. Sorry, I hope more people donate.
I wish I had money to share but there is nothing I have that I could give. Sorry, I hope more people donate.
can you delete mine as well.
thank youu. love this site. thanks for everything.
could you please delete my diary so i could make a new one? thanks a bunch!
Sorry to tell you that I can't even afford postage right now. I had ramen noodles for the past six meals..But I've heard that investments in gas and oil companies right now would be a good thing...if you have a good discount broker. With that 45 dollars, including commissions, you might have enough for one or two shares.
you can delete this dairy because i dont use it anymore. and you can delete tulipsarbetter and pinupgirl as well. i already talked to you about this on AIM. thanks bubye
I can't donate at all because I have no money to spend. Will I still be able to use the diary in the future?
Uhm. I can donate some money but it'd have to be with a money order or something... don't really have a credit card or whatever.
would like to help. =)
e-mail me please?
So when does that three months start?

Just wondering.

hey scott, I only access internet at my school library, and don't usually have my credit card with me in the library. But I remembered to bring it today! BUT for some reason I can't find the hyperlink to click on for PAYPAL. I am assuming "donation amount" is supposed to be the hyperlink, but it isn't clickable from where I am. I don't really get it. I guess I'll email you and get your address or something. grrr.
Made a new comment pic as you can see above this text. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! [Message is to everyone, not just Scott]
Hey, can I have an adress to mail money? I love this site and I want to donate.
How far off are we? I might be able to send over some money...
Class is about to end and I am bored, listening to my headphones. O joy the Ipod just died on me! N/M that idea!!!
k i donated again, because i really really love sitD. i'm broke, but we can't expect scott to pick up all the slack to pay for sitD, none of us are exactly rolling in the dough. donate $5, that's one less value meal at mcdonald's. c'mon people, be cool and donate.
Wow...I guess the UK>US exchange rate is pretty good right now...I can afford to donate twice! Yay!

How far off the target level are we?
I would donate but i'm only 13,i cant.

I couldn't write more below, but I just wanted 'ta say thanks. ;D I love this place. =^^=
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You have sent a secure payment of $15.00 USD to credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *SITDIARY". You will receive an email receipt for this transaction shortly.

$15.00 USD
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stop sD from going down 4974293 times a day!!!!
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$15.00 USD
I would donate i just cant, only have cash & have to keep to a tight budget with that, sorrry.
i will donate again soon... promise... i just have to get all my bills paid all that other stuff first. you understand right? soon promise....
Whats your address so I can mail you some money? Thanks.