I didn't really know how to follow the last entry. So here is this... Too shy to voice your feelings? Let your message bloom in a bean Wed Jan 26,12:08 PM ET TOKYO - Japanese people who are too shy to work up the courage to say "I Love You," or at least want a little surprise, have a new option: a bean plant that sprouts to read a special message. Japan's second largest toy maker Takara will on February 10 start nationwide marketing of the gift cans, which hold soil and the small plant bearing a message that sprouts up in about five days. It offers six different messages, which are inscribed through a laser beam, with one side of the bean carrying words such as "I Love You" and "Good Luck!" and the other side a smiley face. Known as "Ma Mail," a pun on the Japanese word for bean "ma-me," the product can be used as "a new type of message card to convey your feelings to your loved ones," Takara said in a statement. Another toy maker, Tomy, offers its own version of message beans set in a calcium-made white egg that "hatches" soon after it is put in water. "You can have the fun of fortune telling as you don't know what message will come out until the bean sprouts," Tomy said, adding the egg would also be suitable for a gift as this is the Chinese zodiac year of the cock. The bean cracks open through the egg and shows French-language messages such as "Avec toi!" ("With you!") and "C'est la vie!" ("That's life!") on one side and Japanese words of encouragement on the other. The bean splits open to grow true leaves which usually cling to the stem for about a month, Tomy said. The egg will go on sale on February 24. Aww, cute, huh? No?
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I think it's cute. Sort of.

When do they start selling in America?
I think that instead of having cheery messages, they should have really upsetting ones. Such as "You have one week to give us the money or you'll never see your kid again". Then, the people would be like, "Oh man! Where am I gonna get $250,000? Wait, haha, how do they DO that?"

It breaks the awkward mood.
It suits the Japanese culture I know. And I was an exchange student at one of their schools.

I think it's kinda cute.
hey, cool! I want one.... sounds interesting.
I actually think it would be funny if they came in pairs, one with a cheerful message that takes five days to bloom and the other that says "just kidding!" that takes six.
In Japan you are not allowed to enter the VERSACE store if you're wearing sandals, shorts, and some plain t-shirt.


I want one I want one I want one now!!!!!!!

Uhm, yeah, the 'find diary' feature doesn't work. Still.

Just being pesky.

Cute, I suppose.
That's kinda....strange. Cute I guess, but mostly strange. Where do they come up with this stuff?!