Font Issues: II

Hopefully, by now, most of the font issues have been fixed and most everything is okay. I still haven't had much of a chance to do any more upgrading but I'm sure I will sometime in the future. I'm trying to reformat my code from last year and that's been kind of tough, as my methodology has changed and advanced. My old style makes me think "what the hell was this guy thinking?" Yeah. So I still have a list of things to add for both levels of users (all these are in theory right now, so bear with me). The ones that are crossed out have been implemented already. Here goes:
  • Customizable User Info (Paid)
  • More Image Space (1000kb Free/5000kb Paid)
  • "Who may read this entry?", "Who may comment on this entry?" (Paid)
  • New Image Manager w/ Image Browser (Paid)
  • Customizable Date Format (Paid)
  • Optional Friends Entry List (Free/Paid)
  • Longer Comment Text Area (Paid)
  • Ability to update/delete comments
  • Timezone Setting (Paid)
  • Account Manager (Paid)
  • Style (Diary colors/fonts) Selection (Free/Paid)
  • Template (Diary Format) Selection (Free/Paid)
  • Downloadable Diaries (Text,HTML) (Free/Paid)
  • Entry Hit Count (Free/Paid)
So that's all I have so far. If you have any suggestions concerning this list, let me know. -------------------------------------------- I have planned for these accounts to be from $2.00-$2.50 US (depending on how you pay). If you pay for a whole year, it should be $24 while if you'd like to go monthly it would be $2.50. Not a lot of money but it will help the site grow. Also, 'paid' next to the items above means it's for paid users only but if i have 'free/paid' next to it, it's for both but probably with some limitation for the free users. -------------------------------------------- The hit count at the bottom of your diary entries (amazingly) is how many people have visited that entry. -------------------------------------------- Yeah, there is a way to make it so you can log on to two diaries at once but I'm not going to do that because I'd rather people have one diary. -------------------------------------------- For all of you asking the question about the hits, I answered it already! Look UP!
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what is a "hit"?
scott, you are so sex.

and i appreciate all you've done already. +my font size in preferences, entry editing, image manager is very big. rah rah!
well my font is still pretty small but it's all good..i'm not that worried about it. But if you can fix it that would be great too:)
i must say that i like your new ideas a lot and look forward to the task being completed. please let us know when we will be able to sign up and pay.
I had my journal set to friend's only may read it and I attempted to change it to make it public once more seems that I couldn't. Is this due to the new changes? Because my journal is a free one.
how would i delete my current account to get a different name...because you can only have one account to a screename???
what do those "hits" at the bottom of my entry mean?
ack. i cant like...make it work. haha. i dont have any menu links at top, so i cant do ANYTHING! whats going on?
hmmm...ionno what this is. everyone was complaining there font size was too big. i cant see mine. i lied. i do have menues. but theyre so tiny, its just a little line. whats up with this bud? i messed around with the sizes...but it didnt work. uh. help!
Where does one go to pay for these diaries? Or has that not been put up yet?
scott my friends (XoCheergurloX) forgot her password is ther anyway u can tell me it???? please?
Hey Scott I was wondering how you get the picture for the add button!
how cool~!
thanks babes
lata dayz
i made my comment for you an entry because i thought you could use a reminder that people on here still are grateful for what you do even when you change fonts and stuff on us. keep doing what you do and thanks. much love

oops never mind.hee hee
is there a way that u can find out who is leaving the annoynomous commments on a diary?
I'm trying to make my diary "friends only" and it wont let me. Why is that???
For now im just going to make it private, but a lot of people i didnt want to see my diary have. Can you help?
rah, rah. the option of making my journal friends only is not acceptable, i don't know why. i'm sorry i made two journals :(
anyhow. also, i used css to mess around with things so that it doesn't show the comment count, since i turned the option of leaving comments off.

Hi...i was looking thru my journal entries as i was signed in, and i was wondering what exactly the "___hits" means, and why some have small numbers and some have huge numbers. thanks.
i just wanted to say thanks for the extra space for pics. so, thanks! and thanks for the other changes too

hey just a little suggestion...i think it would be great if we got an email whenever someone placed a comment on our would makes things alot easyer. thanx
how come i cant make my diary friends only? i click on it but it puts it back to "public"
y? when I put a link for a pic on my geocities account it does not show up?
This is a random question, but..
How do you get the picture in the left panel if you already have a header picture? The picture that goes above the "Age: ** Sex: **" ????
i still cant read waht ever my diary says. the font is tiny. its just a small line going across. thats like...purple. what the fuck is up with this. its pissing me off. ive messed wtih the font coding, trying to change the size, and thats not the problem.
i mean...i cant read anything. at all. wtf....its sooo annoying. its pissing me off to new limits.
i feel for u... some people are never happy. not meaning anyone specific.
o by the way can u make it so i can log into both of my hotmail accounts at the same time :-) cause if you dont i am going to leave :P
have a good day.
i loving the whole new layout...i think it would be great if we had little advatars for our emotions. Other than that, its all looking really good
that would be really awesome! that would make the sites look pretty lol.
Scott my diary still won't allow me to have new entries and it still says that I have a column error.
wut does (paid) mean next to it)
has the price of the paid accounts been established yet?

oh scott! I had this wild idea last night when I was hitting "random" about 400 times. Is it possible to have different search options (by age, by sex, by key words, etc)? Because I was looking for quasi-cool people to read, but I wasn't having much luck.

Oh, and by key words, I mean each user could choose key words that interest them, like bands, hobbies, movies, spiritual directions in life, where they live, etc. Then we could search as such
PS: maybe that wasn't a really "wild" idea, but I tried. It's something I've been wishing existed for quite a while.

You are cool scott, if you decide not to do it, that's alright too. I still dig you and stuff. ;-)
Sounds like a plan. :D

Pees. ~*Kristina
Yeah, what Callie said.

How much is this amazingly brilliant package going to be?

so yeah, on my diary at the end of each entry it says "1 hits" or "4 hits" or something... what are they? why are they there?
is there anyway to make it so there is two logon prompts at the top of the screen so we can log into 2 diaries at a time?
or somethign along the line of this
i guess this is an idea not suggestion

I think that there should be an extra setting type thing that lets you see whos read your entrys. I think it would be pretty cool :)
very good ideas and work at all, keep it on and make sure its payable via visa :P
my fonts still kinda messed up= sorry
good ideas tho....
one other suggestion, if i may, could the 500KB we have to store images on somehow magically go up to 1000KB. I was just thinking that maybe since the paid accounts have 2000KB that the free accounts could have 1000KB or half of it. This would be a great improvement! later
Is the help center (desk) coming back or are we just gonna use this? j/w
This is definetley the best diary (blog) site i ahve used yet. I intend to stay forever... (as long as possible) HEHEHE :p
O yeah, for all ou idiots out there that are leaving this site, good ridens with you! This is the best there is! Just because the entries list is yellow one day, doesn't mean you should leave! If you leave this site YOU REALLY SUCK!!!
what are these hit things at the bottom of my entries?
is there any way you can put a delete option on diaries? i know i've read a few that people wanted to delete, but couldn't. that way they could do it and it would take up less space on here.
just a suggestion.
Can you help me by any chance... it won't allow me to make my diary friends only for some reason; it doesn't save that way when i set it to friends only. The hit counter is awesome by the way, thanks!
hey, this is sweet...just gotta small prob. it's not lettin me post right now. mebe you could check on that? peace man, keep up the good work
do you back up your server? is it yours or is it a provider?
Ahh! What is this "hit" thing at the bottom left corner of each of my entries? And seeing from the comments in this, I'm not the only one askin. Please answer, hehe. -Chrissy