Spam Be Gone!

Hey guys, I just spent a good hour getting rid of over 50,000 spam comments. If you find any I missed, please let me know. I hate that. Thanks, Scott
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This is why i love this site so much. thanks Scott!
all my entries are dated august 13, 2008.

what is going on
@pyroclasticlux: np.

@morningat12: you're very welcome.

@freckled: you didn't; i'm going to make the old dates viewable soon.
all my entries say that the date is august 13th @ 3:51 pm. did i just lose all of my dates??!!??
thanks for that! and making this site even more awesome!
ps. ^ and <-- : i am not older than you.
wow. that's dedication. (=
thank you tremendously for that.