i loves it :) addicted too!
I liked the hangman until people started beating me. I was hanging in there in second place for a whole day practically.

I got hanged out to dry.

hang loose man,
closely knit

very nice, scott.
That is soo the coolest thing ever.
thank you for occupying me in times of desperate boredum!
can u delete my southernxti account i dont want it any more im making another one thanks
xxxxxxxxxxxx The Word Was: yeh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I PROTEST, SIR! What do you mean, "yeh" is a word?
I love it.
I suck, but I love it.
whoa-ho i like it
hey, so are you going to like reset my password for my boycrazy diary? You said you would and I would like that if you could do that asap. Thanks
hangman was suprisingly difficult. maybe just for me though.

the wikipedia thing is quite exciting to me. wikipedia and sit have to be two of the best websites ever.
SCOTT!!! What the flip is up with the Help Diary? Leo seems to have been procrastinating, and now he is gone for camp. Who in da world is taking care of "Help"? Ahhhhhhh!!!!

It's good. Brightened up my day XD
I do enjoy the man's snide remarks. I bet that's what you and Sarah say to each other when y'all are playing hangman, eh?

Good job.

I'm addicted.
Just a simple question... Is there a way to retrieve a password? I don't have the original e-mail which is sent with the username and password. I have two other diaries here that I can't get into because of this. Thanks :-)
I love hangman. and the things he says. It really isn't my fault I'm missing a few chromosomes. xD
and yay for wikipedia! but why is it being considered for deletion?
I like the hangman...

It's fabulos!

jo x
You might want to edit that link to Wikipedia. Right now, when I go there, I can edit the article at my leisure.
P.S. I see this new section of "interests", which I think is exciting. I'm sure you'll explain it in due time.
I'm hooked.

Thank you, this is wonderful.
the best remark from mr. hangman -[Goat? Baaaa.], that i've seen.

i am gonna top this leader board. the first step to ruling the world
I thought I was horrible at hangman until I realized that capital letters always count as a miss.

Use lowercase, kids. And be careful.
Just the other day I was looking at Wiki and I was saddened that there was no sitD article. But now, however, I'm happy.


i agree the remarks the man says are neat