Many of you have been requesting a FAQ page or How-to on a lot of different things. I thought it was time you got your wish answered. That's why I asked Robbie here to create a FAQ for everyone. If you have or have had a question in the past that you want answered, leave it as a comment on this diary and it will be answered in the upcoming FAQ. So, in short, ask anything about the diary site, ANYTHING. Okay .. go! -------------------------------------------- That's ALL you could come up with? 31? And not even all 31 were actual questions. Come ON, you can do better than that. Oh also, could someone tell Stasis to leave me her e-mail or AIM name somewhere. Also, if you're going t leave an email anywhere, make sure it's like 'ren at stimpy dot com' instead of 'ren@stimpy.com' so you won't get spammed to death. Yeah, so.. leave more questions.
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Be glad there's only a handful of questions. That just means the site's easy to use. ^.^
ummm umm ok this just came up in my head

1. does an lj cut work on sitdiary
2. are we going to have a major search engine as sitdiary progresses? where you can search on different basis?
3. is their anything i can do to help sitdiary? like ... you know..?
I left my question right on robbies actual diary, where I think a lot of people did (considering he had 211 comments). So thats where some of them went!
korex, could you please stop quoting me on the news diary?

i think you'd be wise to skip all basic html related questions. there are plenty of resources available on the web already, and if people are to stupid/lazy/whatever to go online and search for them, that's their loss. i guess, maybe provide some links to some html help sites or something. i'd stick to the basics questions, most of which have already been asked. the how do i get a background/top left/comment picture, delete my diary, make my --
--tables see through, put links in, change the name of my diary, save my entries to a zip drive, delete friends, add friends, add myself as a friend, get friends, convince added/gotten friends that i deserve benefits from them, stop someone from commenting me, change my password, recover my password, donate, buy a paid account, what is a paid account, what do i get with one, will i get one, can i keep a free account, block an isp address. etc.
Why is it that almost every time I try to update my header info, it deletes all of my HTML and wont let me save anything new?
how do you get a border up around your entries?

"korex, could you please stop quoting me on the news diary?


No. :D.

sit cuts off my entry...

and sometimes doesnt let me put my background on here...

it can be gayyy sometimes..but other then that i still use it..

can u fix that???
Well.. here's a suggestion.. You could add a Admin/User communication system somehow. Such as private messaging or some type of news ticker at the top or something. Something to help you connect and talk with the users of SIT better if they have a question.
Provide a link to www.silencefading.com / We'll try to help with the HTML..
i know how to get the words to bold... but then i dont know how to get them to "unbold" once i'm done with bolding.

can you help me with that?

so yeah. that might not have made any sense... but whatever.

3. What is the history of sitD? When is sitD's official birthday? Why did you decide to start a diary site?

What kind of content is allowed? I know this site is PG 13 but what exactly is PG 13? "Some content may be inappropriate for children under 13" is what a movie rating of PG 13 means. Is it the same here?

why can't i upload a pic into my image manager? i have enough space.
Ren and Stimpy kick ass!
private messaging is a really, really awesome idea. but then it'll make the site all weird and php-like, right?
can you delete theses diaries?
garbagestarr - googoodolls
dramaqueenat13 - umustdie (i think)

thank you very much
ah I have a question for muh robbie. You kno how sum ppl get da pic like under their name and age or above it, how do you do that?
Urmm.. how do you delete a diary?

I am NOT leaving..
I repete I am NOT leaving.

I just got a new name :)
Can you report people for harrassing you? -_- What about anonymous people? Can their IP'S be blocked?
To cover all bases, make a list of all basic HTML commands that will alter text.

basic scripts for layout would help most of the newbies
things like making your entries on the left or right side of the screen, how to get borders, hover links, where you can get pre-designed layouts, etc.
uh yeah. i have an email address that has two consecutive underscores and it won't take it. why? can it be made so it can be two consecutive underscores? like call__me__butter? uh, yeah that's all. heh.
please do not connect me [Mel, Melissa], with the other one down there... because its not me.
this is the only account i have.
thank you
Im sure other people have asked this question but how do you delete a diary you are not use'n anymore? It's not this name but another one so PLZ! help..
how do u retrieve a forgotten password.
i have a new background i want to keep. i already erased the old one and each time i rename the new one to [my_background.jpg] the old one keps showing up as the new one. what do i do?
I cant upload pictures into my image wizard. Help?
can you please delete user [xsunshinebabix] the e-mail, xsunshinebabix89atmsndotcom
thank you
bottledregrets lost her password

theamberjade at hotmail.com
Is there a way you can delete old diaries??
how to change the color. you know if you want one word to be red and one to be blue and one girl had quotes and stuff under her age and sex

*thinking of a list list list o' questions*

Picture renames.

comment pictures.
upper left corner.
oh...pretty please!!??

i'm sorry so many people keep bitching about this, but could you please do something about htmlandgraphix
it's causing problems on our friends pages...

thanks for all you do scott!
I'll get the easy ones out of the way:

How do I put in pictures?
How do I delete my diary?
I changed my topleft pic, but the old one is still there. What's wrong?
how do i get people to stop stalking me?
how do i make it so that when i come upon an annoying diary, it automatically transfers me to one that is not quite as annoying? and so on and so forth down the line until i actually come to a diary worth reading?

after uploading an image onto image manager rename the following like so:

-- a left corner picture: "top_left"
-- a comment picture: "comment_pic"
-- a background image: "my_background"

also, give robbie his boxers back... dammit.
how does winter and/or summer know to respect the actions of a solitary groundhog that is forced out of his hole on a particular day?
are you going to start a help line for sitDiary addicts?

it might be time.
what are you wearing?
oops. sorry. wrong box.
i don't actually have any questions. i just have a job that requires me to do alot of nothing.
I just wanted to thank you for sit diary. ^^ I love it and it's a great stress reliever and a good place to interact with other who might have the same problems as you. Thanks so much *hugs*
Does anyone know how to change the mouse pointer thingy, and like getting borders and stuffs like that. PLEASE answer.
how do i put a link in the text? all i can do is paste the url right now.

Robbie... here is my question: I have oploaded some pics in my image manager, well, when I go to look at them it says: "Warning: filesize(): Stat failed for Bob (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/httpd/vhosts/suchisthis.com/subdomains/diaries/httpdocs/temp/image_control.php on line 198" So then, I go to delete them and it says: "File Does Not Exist"! How the hell do it get them or get rid of them, either way!
how do i delete a friend after htmlandgraphix?? after that particular user everything is screwed up and the delete option isn't available
how do you get a picture above your name and age, etc. on the left menu?
when and how long ago did this site start up?
and was it hard to get going?
oh and i have had google as my webiste for a while now. Sure hope it helps in some way.

how is one to put a pic in the upper left corner by age sex

you should go in detail on how one is to cumstonize their diary
um sometimes when i try upload a pic it says "uploading" for ages then says "unable to upload file" any idea why?
1. I think Nick's question about a sitD addict help like is totally legit and should be instated.

2. My question--How do you keep sitD free for people to use? And when can we expect paid accounts?

[I'm only asking this to illicit donations...bwahahahahaaaa]

That's all I got.

the sit diary user getalife (not you, that's her name) has been harassing me and several others, cherrycola22 and
magster27. So i'd appreciate it if you could either get them off of here, or talk to them about it. thankies
This isn't me talking here, but...


thanks for fixing the htmlandgraphix thing!!
Now you're famous Robbie! And you are just the man to handle this job. YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. Congratulations!