i have a suggestion. i think that if there isn't an option already, there should be a privacy option that pretty much allows only signed in users to view your diary, so that you at least have to have a password to look at it, but you can still let people look at it. Just an idea. :o)
uhm, i sort of gave the wrong e-mail, how do i go about fixing it?

Daysleeper, regarding your image problem, refresh your page. If that doesn't work, clear your cache. That should work almost no matter what.
thank you so much for fixing the friends list/private diary thing!! many many sitD-ers are gonna be very happy now :)
thanks again!
to daysleeper:

yeah...well this isn't a fucking political system so we will not protect the "minority" and rather, I see more people worried about other people viewing their "private" entries. So how about pleasing the majority. An as for your friend, sorry. But I'll see you complaining when you make it private and others see it.

sarah- sorry for bitching ! If you can get that fixed I would really appreciate it.

Oh, and I disagree with deadpoetic about the fixing of private entry viewing through the friend list. You should keep that.

One of my best sitD friends made his diaries private before he killed himself and it comforts me to be able to read his last entries - I only wish I could read more.

I miss him :(

~ Beth
I just wanted to say thank you.

I was amazed at how quickly you fixed the friend's list errors. I truly appreciate your changing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I think the site has an image caching problem, in the same way a person could have a drinking problem - it does it too much.

I deleted my previous background, top left, comment, and header pics, uploaded new ones and fixed the names, and the old images are still showing up.

So I deleted every image I had on here and will try again in a week after the server has had time to get used to no pics.

Can you fix this please?


I was just wondering about the pay accounts. Are they up? How much are they? How do I get one?

Thank you so much for changeing it so I can delete friends who have ne entries. muah!
Congrats on the baby, and thanks for the pics on your diary - seeing little hands and faces brings me smiles.
Congrats to Ashley!

oh, btw, is there any way to delete htmlandgraphix ?
i dont get what anyone means about not being able to delete friends. i can delete friends easily. just log in, go to their diary and delete them from the option in the top right.

about the entries showing up. i think hes working on that. i hate it, too. but dont eve be rude nor demanding because he wont listen to you.

the site's free...he has no gain from you bitching him around. just thought id remind you.
oh thankyou thankyou for fixing the friends only and friends list thing!
ah what the fuck. people can view your private entries if they go to fucking "friends" man. NOW I fucking now what people meant. eesh!

go fix that now!

Awwwww, I feel so honored!

Thanks to all for being so supportive and awesome. sitD is such a great community, and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Yay for babies!!!!!

Again, I'm asking for help. It seems that no one ever listens to the important comments around here.

When I go to my friends list, it doesn't show one of my friends because this person doesn't have any entries on their diary. I NEED to delete this person. I NEED to delete them off of my friends list. PLEASE help or tell me who CAN help me.

PLEASE and thank you.

is there a way to block certain users from reading ur diary?...i want mine to be a public diary i just don't want 2 certain people to read it...and can u add more feelings to the list like important or somethin like that?...thanks...laters -kim-
hey scott, update!! haha jk, congrats with the baby tho esb!!!
cool beans! babies are cool! lucky for ash!! :)

Hi Scott, Thanks for putting together such a great website. Please delete my journal though. Its been a pleasure
congrats on the kid
When I go to my friends list, it doesn't show one of my friends because she doesn't have any new entries. I NEED to delete this person because she is threatening to print off my entries and things like that. I NEED to delete her off of my friends list. PLEASE help or tell me who CAN help me.

PLEASE and thank you.

hi, i started a new diary on here.. But my old one someone must have figured out my password and changed it and made my diary private... Is there anyway you can help me to get my diary back or something?? it happened like maybe 2 months ago, and i really want that diary.. can u help please???

im happy for u and ur baby!!! yea!!! their so cute hehe, but i have a question, i want to delete htmlandgraphix as a friend, but that option doenst show up under the "friends" link, and i cant read any entries past that name, is there any other way that i can get rid of it??? it really bothers me!!! lol if you could reply, that would be awesome!!! thanks!!!
Yay for Ashley! This makes me happy!
Yay, babies! =D
Be a good mums!
and I hope he stays a healthy muffin.

That's all I gotta say.
aw thats great! congragulations!
what'd ya name him?
awww babies!!! Congrats Ashley!! I'll babysit for you...if you live near me :D